Things You Need to Know About ePacket Shipping

About ePacket Shipping

As an ecommerce business owner,You Need to Know About ePacket Shipping and also you should stay up to date on the changing competitive landscape. And one aspect of business that is constantly changing is shipping.
If you’re using Oberlo or AliExpress to source and dropship products to customers, this article will be even more beneficial to you. We’ll explain how ePacket shipping works, as well as answer the common questions regarding ePacket delivery.
ePacket shipping has made buying products from China a lot easier. To maintain a competitive advantage over merchants in China, it’s important to understand what ePacket shipping is and why it has become a popular shipping method from China and Hong Kong.
In the past, China EMS was the only affordable and reasonable option to ship consumer products overseas to customers. However, it would often take over a month or longer for customers to receive their purchase. Other quicker options were too expensive, especially for small inexpensive products.
In 2011, the United States Postal Service formally announced the new shipping service and agreement with Hongkong Post and eBay China, allowing packages from China and Hong Kong to receive USPS First Class Mail Service along with a delivery confirmation service.
It allows these merchants to provide a fast and affordable shipping option for light packages.
As the name (“e”Packet) implies, the shipping service was designed for ecommerce, to make it more affordable and quicker for consumers to receive their purchases from online stores and marketplaces that shipped out from China and Hong Kong.
ePacket delivery began as a quick and affordable shipping solution for Chinese merchants and merchants selling from Hong Kong to ship to the United States. Over the years, ePacket has expanded into 35 other countries such as Canada and Australia and many other countries.

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