plesk on gcp

Custom and purpose-built for security
Honed and refined over decades of experience with products like Search and Gmail, and new innovations such as custom-building their own server with purpose-built chips and software stack with cloud-specific protocols, Google’s credentials as a security forerunner is widely acknowledged and highly reassuring.

Infrastructure for the future
Backed by Google’s reliable global infrastructure, you’ll definitely find the right combination of price, features and performance to power your current business and projects needs, and the flexibility to adjust it whenever you’re ready to grow and scale.

Powerful data and analytics
Get the insights you need to build better products and innovate faster. Based on the same Big Data and Machine Learning services employed across Google products and apps, expect dependable, instantaneous and contextualized information that’ll help you arrive at better decisions.

Integrated workflow
Deploy a domain, DNS, SSL, and simple PHP application in just a few minutes, or deploy a multi-services, multi-stack application in the same time

Enhanced agility
Ready-to-code environment with PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, .NET support in an intuitive interface, deploy websites by either pushing it to a local Git repository or by pulling from a remote one, or run continuous delivery pipelines with Docker + Plesk

Increased productivity
Move from a release cycle from every quarter to deploying changes on a minute-by-minute basis.





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