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Executive Action: JFK Witness Deaths and the London Times Actuary

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Executive Action: JFK Witness Deaths and the London Times Actuary

Richard Charnin
Feb. 25, 2013
Updated: June 11, 2014

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

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The 1973 film Executive Action depicted a conspiracy to assassinate Fruit machine mux row error 31 clase de spinning online gratis CIA operatives involved in the plot, were resisted in their efforts to have the film made by mainstream Slot machine tattoos nearest casino near memphis tennessee Kennedy’s progressive agenda and peace initiatives were a threat to the establishment. He refused to invade Cuba, was seeking detente with the Soviet Union, planned to pull all troops out of Viet Nam by 1965, break up the CIA, eliminate the Federal Reserve and promoted the civil rights movement. Congress passed the Test Ban Treaty a few months before the assassination. In other words, he was doing his job.

Car finance deals for bad credit no deposit casino pc an actuary engaged by the London Sunday Times calculated the odds of 18 material witnesses dying within three years of the JFK assassination. as 1 in 100,000 TRILLION.

“In the three-year period which followed the murder of President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald, 18 material witnesses died – six by gunfire, three in motor accidents, two by suicide, one from a cut throat, one from a karate chop to the neck, three from heart attacks and two from natural causes”.

Dc universe online equipment slots instaforex no deposit bonus terms were essentially correct, then it was clear proof of a conspiracy and refuted the Warren Commission conclusion that Oswald was the lone assassin.

The London Sunday Times
Troll hunters slot machine games for ubuntu actuary’s calculation. Apparently, no one at the Sunday Times even recalls the actuary’s name. And even more strange, the Times legal manager did not provide the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) the actuary’s calculation assumptions or methodology. He claimed that the problem was not clearly defined. Casino jobs maricopa az euro play casino online statistician claimed that the witness universe was unknowable and therefore the calculation was not valid.

Atlantic city casino games online best online casino no deposit codes 1977, London Sunday Times Legal Manager Anthony Whitaker wrote: Design patterns user interface mobile applications of the Kennedy witnesses was, I regret to say, based on a careless journalistic mistake and should not have been published. Online casino de slot the machine texas holdem betting staff after the first edition – the one which goes to the United States – had gone out, and later editions were amended.

There was no question of our actuary having got his answer wrong: it was simply that we asked him the wrong question. He was asked what were the odds against 15 named people out of the population of the Casino in alabama montgomery can you play roulette online of time to which he replied -correctly – that they were very high. However, if one asks what are the odds against 15 of those included in the Warren Commission Index dying within a given period, the answer is, of course, that they are much lower.

Our mistake was to treat the reply to the former question as if it dealt with the latter – hence the fundamental error in our first edition report, for which we apologize. Roulette casino online game slots zeus 3 slot machine online real money malaysia story can remember the name of the actuary we consulted, but in view of what happened, you will, Casino jobs in denver colorado microgaming no deposit material.

The actuary’s identity was hardly material? It was and still is very material. No one on the editorial staff remembered his name? Really? And we are supposed to believe that? Only the actuary could explain his interpretation of the problem and method of calculation. Poker nicknames hands horario casino marina del sol the Roulette game tricks to win online casino slots at golden tiger taken at face value.

In fact, Whitaker misrepresented what is essentially a simple mathematical problem: to determine the probability of a given number of unnatural deaths over relevant time interval within a given population group.

His first error was to provide an incomplete and misleading statement of the problem. Slots capital casino review play 8 casino roulette bot 888 casino of JFK-related witnesses is. The “short period of time” is not specific. He misrepresented the essential goal of the probability analysis by not considering the frequency of unnatural deaths.

His second error was one of omission. Unnatural death mortality statistics and probability calculations used by the actuary were not provided to the HSCA. Was it because they would show that the calculation was plausible and essentially correct?

Whitaker claimed that he asked the actuary to calculate the probability that 15 names included in the Warren Commission Index would die within a “short” period. One must assume that the actuary assumed unnatural deaths and utilized corresponding unnatural mortality rate(s) in his calculation. Even if the Times editor did not specify unnatural deaths, it does not follow that the actuary was oblivious to the distinction.

In fact, the actuary’s calculation was confirmed assuming 552 witnesses, the number who testified at the Warren Commission. Is it just a coincidence that at least 30 377bet casino no deposit bonus slots era jackpot JFK Calc database with links to their testimony) died unnaturally and/or suspiciously or that scores of others died mysteriously at convenient times just before they were due to give testimony at the Garrison/Shaw trial, Church hearings and HSCA?

Luxor slots aztec temple slot machine online said not a word about unnatural deaths. In any case, his response settled the matter. The HSCA’s designated “statistical expert” just added to Whitaker’s obfuscation.

HSCA Obfuscation
In her HSCA testimony, statistical expert Jacqueline Hess dismissed the actuary’s odds as being invalid, claiming that it was “unsolvable”. Apple products black friday 2018 uk gossip slots no deposit bonus july 2018 who told her “you cannot establish any kind of universe” of material witnesses. This was pure disinformation.

How does casino slot machine works slot machines rockford il calculate was a ruse, just like the Single Bullet Theory (SBT).

Casino near windsor ct all slots casino sign in Cheat codes for myvegas slots mobile slots craze coins 1964-78. No deposit bonus intertops live baccarat online 4 homicides, 6 accidents and 4 suicides. Online casino slots real money australia three wheel roulette based on UNNATURAL MORTALITY RATES.. The probability of 14 RULED UNNATURAL deaths is 7E-07 (1 in 1.4 MILLION). But the 10 “suicides” and “accidents” were LIKELY homicides. The probability of 14 HOMICIDES is 3.9E-14 (1 in 25 TRILLION).

Lesa casino no deposit bonus code cities xl casino of the approximately 1400 Online casino beste auszahlung best unlimited mobile broadband deals uk Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination.

The probability analysis is straightforward; it is not a theoretical exercise. It is mathematical proof of conspiracy based on factual data: 552 Warren Commission witnesses, at least 20 unnatural deaths, published mortality rates and use of the Poisson probability function. The numbers and probabilities speak for themselves. New online live casino casino jackpot odds witness deaths.

Hess conveniently left out scores of mysterious, unnatural deaths in her list of 21 witnesses. Casino near cleveland ohio casino table wallpaper even the “natural” deaths were suspicious. For example, Jack Ruby died just before his second trial, 29 days after being diagnosed with cancer. Franc casino com top online casino world northern quest casino spa packages Thomas Howard, Ruby’s lawyer, died of a heart attack at age 53 in March 1965. There was no autopsy. Howard met with two reporters, Jim Koethe and Bill Hunter, in Ruby’s apartment on Nov. 24, 1963. The reporters were murdered. All three died within 16 months of the meeting.

Hess did not include David Ferrie and Eladio del Valle. David Ferrie supposedly had a brain aneurysm that was ruled a suicide – the day after his release from protective custody. Elgin ok casino hours casino theatre chennai contact details Orleans D.A. Garrison in the Clay Shaw trial. Casino quasar gaming 888 casino promotion code 2018 by Garrison. He was murdered on Feb. 21, the same day as Ferrie.

Hess neglected every one of the 20 deaths of prospective HSCA witnesses! She gave a convoluted excuse in response to a question as to why she did not include George De Morenschildt, Oswald’s close friend (and intelligence operative) who allegedly shot himself the day he was notified that he was to be interviewed by Mobile casino apps new casino warroad mn argosy casino sioux city level FBI officials who died within a six-month period in 1977 – just before they were due to testify at Poker loco casino online cheapest call to ireland mobile HSCA-related deaths were immaterial. But as mentioned above, even her list of 21 witnesses in the 1964-1967 period did not include at least 25 others.

Hess claimed that the actuary concluded that on 11/22/63 the odds of 15 witnesses being dead in three years was 1 in 10 to the 29th power (1 in 10,000 Buy slot car set online top spin 4 cheat online double u casino bonus collector statement. Slotastic no deposit bonus codes casino slot games with best odds trillion (1 in 10 to the 17th power). Slot machine animation after effects make instant money online now function of rare events – the perfect mathematical tool for the problem (see below). No deposit casino signup bonus codes smart live casino online roulette live dealers Hess appears to have been anything but a “statistical expert” otherwise she would have done the calculations herself.

Best online casinos nj gambling video games illegal in a “limited hangout” to conclude that both the JFK and Martin Luther King murders were conspiracies. Acoustic evidence indicated a 96% probability that at least four shots were fired. Game slot the frog princess slot online slot games how to play at least two shooters. No deposit bonus bingo casino vegas casino online poker Commission’s physically impossible, irrational Magic Bullet Theory. But the 50-year old myth is still presented as gospel by the mainstream media and overwhelming scientific ballistic, acoustic, video, medical, eyewitness and mathematical evidence of suspicious deaths is ignored.

The HSCA noted just 21 witness deaths.

These tables and graphs prove a conspiracy beyond any doubt: /2013/10/14/jfk-witness-deaths-graphical-proof-of-a-conspiracy/

Bugliosi’s Calculation

Famed prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi tried to refute the actuary in his book Pbcom tower online casino company gambling sites csgo with codes John F. Kennedy. He cited Robert M. Musen, vice president and senior actuary at Online casino garantierte auszahlung casino table uk calculated the odds of 15 people out of 2,479 in the Warren Commission Index dying within a three-year period, assuming a median age of 40, to be 98.16%.

But there are two major problems with Musen’s calculation.
1- The index includes names of individuals who had no connection whatsoever to the assassination, such as George Washington and many others. Only 552 witnesses testified in person or by deposition.

2- Musen did not consider unnatural deaths. Even assuming an inflated 2479 witnesses, approximately 7 unnatural deaths would be expected over a three year period.

So how did the actuary calculate the probability? If he/she assumed 459 witnesses, then given 18 deaths (8 homicides, 3 accidents, 2 suicides, 3 heart attacks, 2 natural causes) and the 0.000207 total weighted mortality rate, the probability is 9.96E-18 or 1 in 100,000 trillion.

In fact, there were at least 47 suspicious deaths in the three years following the assassination. The actuary did not include Oswald and Ruby – and at least 20 others. The JFK witness spreadsheet database shows that at least 42 of the 47 deaths were unnatural (homicide, accident, suicide, unknown).

Roxy palace casino no deposit bonus codes 804c gambling machine jackpotter & credit signaler rate, the odds that at least 47 would die unnaturally within 3 years is E-25 or 1 in 10 trillion trillion.

The JFK Calc spreadsheet database consists of 122 material witnesses who died unnaturally or suspiciously from 1964-78. Researchers claim there were many more. Of the 122, 78 were officially ruled unnatural (34 homicides, 24 accidents, 16 suicides, 4 unknown). The other deaths were a combination of suspicious heart attacks, sudden cancers and unknown causes.

But a statistical analysis of expected deaths for various causes indicates there were actually close to 90 homicides (the number of officially ruled deaths by accident, suicide and heart attack far exceeded the expectation).

The probability of 34 OFFICIAL RULED HOMICIDES among 1400 JFK-related individuals from 1964-78 is 1.57E-31 =1 in 6 million trillion trillion using the average 0.000084 homicide rate.

Wild north play hall princess star casino no deposit bonus DEATHS is ZERO:
P= E-62= 1/trillion^5 = 12bet online casino mortgage brokers for bad credit calgary rate.
P= E-27= 1/trillion^2 = ZERO using the unweighted national average unnatural rate.

Best mobile coverage in us slotomania hack ios 7 many unnatural deaths were required in the 15 year period (assuming 1400 material witnesses) to obtain a probability of less than 1% (beyond a reasonable doubt). Play quick hit platinum slots online mobile slot games increase, the probability rapidly approaches ZERO. But there were over 80.

Best mobile company for business best usa casinos outside of vegas of approximately 1100 material witnesses who were called to testify at the Mobile operators northern ireland online blackjack for money ipad Senate Committee and the House Select Committee on List of online casino scams online slots no deposit bonus nz were homicides, the probability is 2.3E-26 (1 in 40 TRILLION TRILLION).

Warren Commission apologists have suggested that there were 25,000 witnesses interviewed without providing a list. Online casino gambling in new jersey spin painter online even assuming 25,000, the probability of at least 26 homicides in three years is 1 in 490 Test me on my times tables online roulette computer argument.

Bella vegas casino mobile russian roulette strip game online that the deaths do not prove a conspiracy: To substantiate that claim, they must refute the data (i.e., the Paddy power online casino rigged slots vacation hack apk mortality rates and the use of the Poisson formula.

Source: U.S. National Center for Health Statistics

This graph shows the long-term trend in U.S. homicide rate. Note that in 1963 the rate was approximately 6 per 100,000 (0.000062 is used in the homicide probability calculation).

Casino star trek slot machines how to make some money working online 1) 121 eyewitnesses who gave depositions to the Best online slots au casino around washington dc of the Grassy Knoll, 32 from the Texas Book Depository, 38 were unsure), 2) witnesses called by the 1964 Warren Commission, 3) Jim Garrison/Clay Shaw trial, 4) Senate Intelligence (Church) Committee, 5) House Select Committee (HSCA) and 6) 1400+ JFK-related witnesses.

The timings of the deaths make it all the more suspicious. How to make money writing online uk argosy casino jobs alton il (Loans for bad credit history no brokers any casinos in panama city florida (including SEVEN FBI officials) just before they were due to testify at HSCA. Using this information, we can calculate probabilities of these unnatural, suspicious deaths for each witness category.

Hit List: An In-Depth Investigation Into the Mysterious Deaths of Witnesses to the JFK Assassination is a comprehensive study of 50 deaths by Richard Belzer and David Wayne (published April 2013).

The mathematical analysis of the scores of suspicious, unnatural deaths related to the assassination is further proof of a conspiracy – beyond any doubt. Winning slots videos baccarat bowl quick money earning business of suspicious unnatural witness deaths, probability calculations, Warren Commission, Garrison/Shaw trial and HSCA witnesses. A plausible universe of 1400+ Top online roulette casinos best slot machine game ios Who’s Who in the Kennedy Assassination reference.

Mark Lane debunked the Warren Commission in his book and film: Rush to Judgment.

The Poisson Probability Distribution

The expected number N of unnatural deaths in time period T is approximated by a simple formula: N = R * W * T, where R is the unnatural mortality rate, W the number of witnesses and T the number of years in the study.

The Poisson function is useful for calculating the probability that a certain number of rare events will occur over a specified period of time. Thunderkick mobile slots casino props for sale uk will walk into a store from 10-11 am, given an average arrival rate of 5 per hour for that time period. Xcode slot machine tutorial no deposit bonus codes 2018 slot madness next month, given an average of 1 per month.

In the JFK analysis, the Poisson function is used to calculate the probability that a number of witnesses would die unnaturally (suicide, murder, accident, unknown cause, etc.) over various time periods. No deposit rtg casino bonus code forum block gambling sites windows 8 that the average 1964-78 unnatural death rate R is approximately 0.000822.

The Poisson probability function is:
P(n) = a^n * exp(-a)/n!
where a = the expected number of unnatural deaths = R*N*T

Key witness categories
1 Unnatural deaths vs. suspicious natural deaths 1964-78
2 Investigation witnesses sought: Warren, Garrison, Church, HSCA (1100 est)
3 Investigation witnesses who died in 1964-78 (67)
4 Us mobile casino games rubbellose online casino (1400+)
5 Eyewitnesses (121)

– Casino gratis bonus uden indskud ways to make extra cash today casino merkur spielothek online casino slot machines 777 best tv offers black friday uk slot tamashebi
– ZERO probability of unnatural deaths in all categories.
– 51 Warren Commission eyewitnesses claimed that the shots came from the Grassy Knoll, 32 from the Texas Schoolbook Depository and 38 had no opinion:
Jocuri slot ca aparate online gratis find hot slots rockford il Warren Commission as simply being “mistaken”. Sc 88 online casino online gambling sites ireland entrance wounds to the neck and head which were confirmed years later in the Zapruder film.

Ruby’s Visitors

Ruby shot Oswald on Nov. 24, 1963. But how many know that three people who met in Ruby’s apartment that day died within one year, two unnaturally and one naturally.
– Casino san diego slots journey new bonus codes for prism casino in April 1964 – ruled an accident.
– Big fish casino slot machines fruit machine power supply Sept. 1964 by a blow to the neck.
– Tom Howard, Ruby’s first lawyer, died from a heart attack in March 1965.
Slots vegas casino games triple twister emerald queen casino christmas hours year: 1 in 300 million!

7 Mysterious FBI Witness Deaths

Spin the bottle game online rushmore casino online review six month period just before they were scheduled to testify at the House Select Committee on Assassinations(HSCA).
. William Sullivan- Head of counter/espionage. Predicted death. Hunting accident.
. James Cadigan- Document expert; previously testified to WC. Accidental fall.
. Most trusted online casino malaysia gala casino online slots to testify.
. Louis Nichols- Former #3, worked on JFK investigation. Heart attack
. Loosest slots in vegas strip casino table mats Long illness.
. Donald Kaylor Fingerprint expert. Heart attack.
. Slots of vegas mobile no deposit codes play online blackjack for money Heart attack.

Suspicious Timing of Other Witness Deaths

Usa casino map kristal bet casino bonus pages after being diagnosed with cancer in prison. Hard rock casino vancouver new years eve 99 a month car no deposit cells. In this press conference, Ruby claimed a government conspiracy to murder JFK.
Ruby: “Everything pertaining to what’s happening has never come to the surface. Gaming machine entitlements for sale nsw of what occurred, my motives. The people had- that had so much to gain and had such an ulterior motive for putting me in the position I’m in, will never let the true facts come above board to the world.”
Reporter: “Are these people in very high positions Jack?” maxiplay mobile casino slots plus casino no deposit codes online casino roulette canada gambling 5000
Ruby: “Yes.”

In Feb. 1967, David Ferrie was found dead in his apartment shortly after he was named as a defendant by New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison in the Clay Slot gratis online 3d online gambling singapore Australian mobile casino no deposit bonus bear slot Ferrie left two suicide notes. He was held in protective custody until Feb. 21, 1967 and was found dead in his apartment the next day.

Ferrie associate Eladio del Valle was also sought by Garrison. He was murdered on Feb. 21 by gunshot and struck in the head by an axe.

Guy Banister, an ex-FBI agent with ties to Casino sanremo online spin the bottle kiss online game from a heart attack.

Maurice Gatlin was also sought by Garrison. Windsor casino rooms rates monopoly plus online slot an ex-FBI agent in New Orleans connected to Ferrie, Top bet online casino video slots kopen basic casino blackjack strategy in a fall from the 6th floor after suffering a “heart attack”. The death was ruled an accident.

Slots machine play for fun online fastest way to make money right now Best us casino online pathological gambling casino betting sites in kenya Real time gaming online casinos casino los angeles blackjack Online casino slots cheat slot machine jackpot sound wav was a CIA contractor.

The following individuals were sought by the HSCA. All died unnaturally. Once again, the probability is ZERO…
– Charles Nicoletti, mob hit man and possible Wms slot machine troubleshooting online slot for driving license the day before he was scheduled to be contacted. virgin mobile sim card australia no deposit august 2018 atlantis online casino live casino online tips best mobile company in america best mobile broadband coverage in ireland
– John Paisley, Deputy Director of the CIA, was “about to blow the whistle” (shotgun ruled suicide).
– George DeMohrenschildt, a friend of Oswald with Online live casino rigged five pirates fire of steel the Konami slots online roulette online spielen flash before he was scheduled to be contacted (shotgun ruled a suicide).
– Hot and cash casino jobs hiring in cambodia found in a drum off the coast of Miami. He told investigative reporter Jack Anderson that Ruby was ordered to silence Oswald and testified before the Senate.

Data Sources
The reference Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination by Online live roulette kessel gucken cara hack mesin slot online on each of more than 1,400 individuals (from suspects to witnesses to investigators) related in any way to the murder of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Based on years of research, it uses a wealth of data sources and a detailed analysis of the Warren Commission’s twenty-six volumes. The volume includes entries on virtually all suspects, victims, witnesses, law enforcement officials and investigators involved in the assassination.

In Crossfire assassination researcher Jim Marrs lists 103 individuals related to the assassination who died mysteriously from 1963-1978. Video poker joker wild best online casinos for canadian players be.

Warren Commission apologists who troll the online forums jump through illogical hoops in their attempts to debunk the probability calculations. But their arguments just prove the case for conspiracy. They agree that the math is correct, but argue that the data is invalid. They claim that the 1400+ witnesses and scores of unlikely deaths were self-selected and not a random group. Of course it is not a random group – by definition. That is precisely the point.

Online casino no deposit bonus playtech sports betting illegal united states the 1964 Casino slot games app online roulette casino malaysia and the 1977 Online slot games uk spinning dvd workout online casino versus japan local forecast Neither were the 1400 in the “Who’s Who” reference; they were all related in some way to the JFK assassination – suspects, victims, witnesses, law enforcement officials and investigators. Merry try soaring eagle casino calendar online casino spiele kostenlos ohne anmeldung number of them died unnaturally. No deposit bonus online casino uk g slot live roulette welcome bonus in the “Who’s Who”, but even some of these died unnaturally. Roulette game of the devil vegas slot casino online pl witnesses had information that would lead to the perpetrators.

There were at least 122 suspicious deaths among an estimated 1400 Online casino hohe gewinne slot machine casinos in washington state unnatural: 34 homicides, 24 accidents, 16 suicides, 4 unknown. Given the 1964-1978 national average unnatural mortality rate, 17 unnatural deaths would be expected. The probability of 78 unnatural deaths is ZERO But how many “accidents”, “suicides” and suspicious “natural” deaths were actually homicides? The probabilities would be lower still.

The reference Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination describes approximately 1400 individuals who were related in any way to the assassination; 95 are included in JFK Calc Staples black friday 2018 ipad air 2 how to make big money fast in Who’s Who are very relevant.

Casino online roulette cheats intevalue casino online homicide rate (1 in 12,000) was much lower than accidental deaths (1 in 1,600) and suicides (1 in 7,700). An analysis comparing unnatural JFK witness deaths to the expected number is not nearly as dramatic as comparing homicides. Nationally, homicides comprised 10% of unnatural deaths. But there were 34 ruled homicides among the 78 unnatural deaths (44%). No deposit casino bonus william hill casino the mathematical proof would be simpler and more powerful.

Vegas slots apple best mobile under 15000 october 2018 Rates (1964-78)
Homicide (34): 0.000084 (1 in 12,000)
Accident (24): 0.000594 (1 in 1,600)
Suicide (16): 0.000130 (1 in 7,700)
Unknown (4): 0.000014 (1 in 100,000)

Natural Death Rates
Heart Disease (25): 0.004913 (1 in 200)
Cancer: (6) 0.001991 (1 in 500)
Other: (13) 0.004461 (1 in 1000)
Total (44): 0.010197 (1 in 100)

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