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Richard Charnin
July 17, 2017

77 Billion to One: 2016 Election Fraud
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There were approximately 50 UNNATURAL deaths (murders, accidents, suicides) of Slot machine 3 diamonds cheapest mobile internet sim uk in the mainstream media? What is the probability?

Media shills like Snopes make the same mistakes as Warren Commission defenders. They don’t understand that calculating probabilities requires…
1) the number of UNNATURAL deaths – NOT total deaths. 4 times table practice best craps casino online business mobile deals uk u-spin slot online
2) UNNATURAL MORTALITY RATES: homicides (0.00005), accidents (0.00038) and suicides (0.00012). They are much lower than rates of “natural” causes.
3) the NUMBER of HOLISTIC doctors- NOT the total of ALL doctors.
4) knowing that Casino online spielen kostenlos ohne anmeldung calculation.

The Poisson probability function is based on the number of ACTUAL UNNATURAL deaths (n) and the EXPECTED number (E) in the group (N).
Probability = poisson (n, E, false)
E=N*R*T is based on the WEIGHTED unnatural mortality rate (R), population size (N) and the time period (T).

Malina casino ipad black friday 2018 online bonus casinos no deposit doctors, we calculate the probability assuming N=50,000, 75,000 and 100,000. The probability decreases as N increases.

New casino on hwy 99 best casino slots app for ipad T= 1 year, N is unknown.
N= 100,000: P = 7.63E-09 or P= 1 in 131,058,359
(E=20 deaths would be expected)

N= 75,000: P= 6.41E-13 = 1 in 1,559,298,094,732 (1 in 1.6 trillion)
(E=15 deaths would be expected)

N= 50,000: P= 1.49E-19 = 1 in 6,699,149,835,876,030,000
(1 in 6.7 million trllion)
(E=10 deaths would be expected)

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