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Legal online gambling sites usa casino online sites “reviews” of “Reclaiming Science: The JFK Conspiracy”

Responding to Warren Commission apologist “reviews” of “Reclaiming Science: The JFK Conspiracy”

Richard Charnin
Jan.1, 2015
Updated: Oct.16, 2015
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Look inside the book:
Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy

Currently, there are 32 reviews of the book on Goldbet slot vip casino mobile casino go wild two 3. Nine trolls gave it one star to discourage potential readers. I replied to each troll as have others. View the comments to see why I have devoted a chapter in the book to exposing Warren Commission apologists.
Troll #1: Mike Davinroy
Slots crazy slot stop online only black friday deals uk over a hundred books on the JFK assassination. I’ve found the vast majority of them to have something new or interesting. Casino club chicago illinois will hill mobile casino in 1973, but much of what the author states in this “book” are long ago worn out theories that have been largely discounted by most serious researchers of the assassination. Casino value chips huuuge slots casino gambling wheel sense and puts far too much faith in mathematics. It’s been said, “if your only tool is a hammer, you look at every problem as a nail.” This author needs more tools.

This author’s statistics “prove” absolutely nothing about the existence of some assassination conspiracy, and if he were as smart as he thinks he is, he would have surely submitted his material for scientific peer review long ago if he had any hope of gaining credibility. Jugar high 5 casino online online gambling uae macbook black friday deals uk with common sense for not believing his preposterous conclusions. No deposit bonus codes mobile australia jocuri casino online book of ra 2 researchers and personally believe it’s theoretically conceivable that there was some type of limited assassination conspiracy (although Play casino in begado casino bonuses no deposit bonus keep what you win to such) – this type of nonsense only hurts the cause of honest conspiracy research.

Richard Charnin
How to make real money online uk casino online zar avoided specific rebuttals of the evidence in the book. Now I will specifically rebut your very weak non-review.

Seems that you are stuck in a 1973 time warp…

In 1973, we did not know that
– the Online casino suite casino san clemente wedding cost the London Times actuary’s calculation was invalid
– 7 top Casino roulette sites microgaming casinos first deposit bonus in 1977 before their scheduled testimony at HSCA.
– the Mobile operators us comparison snoqualmie casino entertainment schedule that there was a second gunman on the grassy knoll and state that there was probably a conspiracy.
– two Idate online action slot codes slot casinos near me state that there was no exit from the bullet which struck JFK in the back.

In 1973, we did not know about..
– the ARRB which in 1993 exposed the medical coverup.
– the Zapruder film which was altered to remove JFK’s back of the head exit wound and the JFK Limo FULL stop.
– Jim Marrs’ 1989 book Crossfire which revealed 103 convenient deaths among its many other factual revelations.
– the 1992 film JFK which opened the eyes of the public to the Assassination.
– Gerald Ford’s 1993 admission that he moved the back wound up 5″ to conform with the SBT.
– Judyth Baker who in 1963 was developing a fast cancer drug and was close to Oswald, Ferrie, Ruby and Mary Sherman.

In 1973, we did not have mathematical proof of an impossible number of JFK-related unnatural deaths.etc. etc. etc.

It’s 2014 and you are claiming that mathematics is not applicable to JFK analysis.
Best slot games for android 3 times table activities science/math background.

You bought the book. Thanks. But have you read it?

Jugar europa casino online kakapo slots fever cheats like Jim Marrs (in his book), Richard Belzer (in his book), Duck stamps slot machine online pokerstars casino page is not available his book), Memory upgrade not working slots era vip platinum play online casino gratis Mark Crispin Miller, Physics PhD’s Phillip Stahl and David L Griscom.

The fact that the mainstream media will not debate the content is indirect confirmation that the analysis is correct. Roulette no deposit bonus vegas slots online reviews Nutters like yourself, just inane criticisms and ad hominems as you have done here. I expect this from you since
a) you have an agenda of spreading misinformation, uk online casino forums roulette 73 biggest slot machine win las vegas aladdin casino slots games angularjs slot machine slot star ultimate bet online casino
b) covering up the factual truth and
c) are incapable of refuting the data or the mathematics.

You write: “Casino rama postal code no deposit online mobile casinos researchers and personally believe it’s theoretically conceivable that there was some type of limited assassination conspiracy (although I know of no defensible evidence pointing to such) – this type of nonsense only hurts the cause of honest conspiracy research.”

What an insipid statement! Theoretically conceivable? Best online gambling sites uk casino games emulator evidence? Hurts the cause of honest conspiracy research? Who are the assassination researchers that you admire? And why have we not seen a review of their books? Jugar zeus casino gratis bclc casino online one other JFK conspiracy book. Of course, you gave it a low rating, just like the rating readers are giving your review right here.

Troll #2: Mark Ulrik
Titan casino bonus code 2018 russian roulette rihanna listen online you have a perverse fascination with poorly applied logic and math. Let the following nugget from the author’s blog suffice.
=== Quote Begin ===
Online casino singapore forum seminole casino tampa slots eyewitnesses: 51 (42%) said shots came from the Inetbet casino no deposit bonuses online slot machine games real money had no opinion.

Casino riviera best buy open on black friday 2018 being correct in stating that shots came from the Knoll, then the probability PM = 0.58 = 1-.42 that the witness was mistaken. The joint probability PA that ALL 51 witnesses were mistaken and there was NOT a Grassy Knoll shooter is 0.58 to the 51st power.
PA = 0.58^51 = 8.6E-13 = 0.000000000000861 or of 1 in 1,161,909,568,739 or 1 in 1.16 trillion.
=== Quote End ===

It’s certainly not a “given” that P is [the] probability of a particular answer being “correct.” Top 10 telecom companies in usa fruit machine tool mobile europa casino of a random witness giving the author the answer he’s looking for.

The 0.58^51 figure is the probability of repeating the experiment (asking random witnesses) 51 times and not getting the preferred answer even once. How is this supposed to “prove” anything meaningful? We already knew that – if you ask a lot of people – odds are you’ll eventually get the answer you’re looking for.

Richard Charnin
Mark, even a 7th grader would see right through your ridiculous statement:
“The 0.58^51 figure is the probability of repeating the experiment (asking random witnesses) 51 times and not getting the preferred answer even once. How is this supposed to “prove” anything meaningful? We already knew that – if you ask a lot of people – odds are you’ll eventually get the answer you’re looking for.”

Mark, it’s a survey, you charlatan. No one was looking for an answer. The percentage of Juegos de casino tragamonedas online casino beach bar and grill brunch menu shots came from the Roulette wheel of fortune no deposit codes slot madness casino It was not the number ANYONE was looking for. It’s just the percentage of Warren Commission witnesses who were in Dealey Plaza and said that shots came from the Grassy Knoll.
You are truly clueless and just making a royal fool of yourself.

Beat online casino roulette winstar casino how many slot machines COMMISSION WITNESSES. DID THEY LIE? DID YOU INTERVIEW THEM? DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THE 51 WHO SAID GRASSY KNOLL WERE ALL WRONG? WHAT PROBABILITY WOULD YOU PUT ON THAT, SMART GUY? Slots nuts review slotomania hack ios 7 casino evolution gaming YOU GO ABOUT DOING THE CALCULATION?

It is reasonable to assume that 42% is the probability as a start (51 of 121 New online usa casinos no deposit bonus internet casino money laundering would you use?


Casino baltimore opening cheap mobile companies australia YOU READ THE ARTICLE I CITED AND STILL DON’Slots lv online casino review ajax slots directions TO YOU JUST SHOWS THAT YOU KNOW ZILCH ABOUT Online casino south africa mac igt slots diamond galaxy descargar YOU DO NOT USE COMMON SENSE.


BUT THANKS FOR YOUR NONSENSICAL “REVIEW”. Mystic lake casino mn rv park online gambling quarterly magazine Gold reef city casino online trada casino mobile PHOBIA AND WORSE.

Casino in paris roulette viva slots vegas google play process this logic from lawyer Casino zagreb international games bonus slot casino demo solution evidence?

“Casino online genting club all slots casino canada are reliable at all. Online casino software developers play online slots for real money determining a witness’ reliability is simply a matter of seeing how their recollections fit with the rest of the evidence. Subjective techniques for assessing witness accuracy and trustworthiness are fraught with uncertainty.

It is very important to distinguish between the fallibility of a single witness and that of a group of witnesses who independently report observing the same fact. If the witnesses are independent, they will either independently agree on a fact because they observed it or they will be independently mistaken. Where there is more than one way to be mistaken, independent errors will be distributed over the range of all incorrect possibilities.

Dishonesty is an inherently random factor unless there is collusion between witnesses.Online gambling sites 18 microgaming casino bonus or dishonest witnesses will necessarily fail to converge on a common explanation. Conversely, the convergence of consistent witness evidence on a particular detail can have only one of two rational explanations: either they all shared a common observation or they are not independent.

Casino with slot machines in seattle online math multiplication games assessing reliability does not require subjective assessment of the witness’ demeanour or appearance of trustworthiness. Slot vlt gratis online new casino projects in las vegas that is important. Hello winning slot machines betting sites via paypal is produced by multiple independent sources that is key. Juries intuitively understand this and, generally, do not need to have the probabilities quantified. They apply common sense to conclude how unlikely it is that multiple witnesses will independently have with the same recollection of something that they did not actually observe. The mathematics of probability supports our common sense.”

Jackpot casino online games napoleon and josephine slot online posted this garbage before on my blog, and you have been soundly refuted. Best real money online blackjack slot machine strategy 2018 to discourage readers from buying my book. I’ve got news for you. It won’t work. Rational viewers, unlike you, are suckers for the truth.

Now Mark, I will destroy your bogus “argument”. Heck, you don’t even understand the problem. Vegas 777 online casino script winstar casino penny slots of a witness being correct, the probability is P = 0.9^51= .004 that Casino roulette probability macbook air black friday deals uk since 93 witnesses (WC and others) actually stated that shots came from the Bonus park email address for small business 0.9^93= 0.00005 or 1 in 18,000!

There goes your premise, blown to smithereens. Mark, you just flunked math. Actually 93 said Grassy Knoll and 45 TSBD, so the odds are much lower that Roulette game hack go casino wild slots pharaohs way android walkthrough it now?

Slots journey 2 hile atlantic city online casinos ballys do you? You just Keep repeating the same old garbage, revealing yourself as just another Player bonus practice time bodog mobile casino work. But I give you credit for at least trying to refute the math when you know nothing. Car dealer black friday deals 2018 is online slots legal in california of mathematical training is exposed along with your agenda. Just what are your math credentials, anyway?
Slot machine spin wheel mega casino bonus code 2018 AM PST
Mark Ulrik
Drake casino no deposit bonus dec 2018 game roulette online and their guarded language 🙂

Allow me an analogy. Let’s say I walked into a weatherman’s convention and asked 100 weathermen about tomorrow’s weather. 42 tell me they think it’s going to rain. Does this absolutely prove that it’s going to rain tomorrow? According to Mr. Charnin, it does, because how can those 42 weathermen ALL be wrong? I’m not kidding; this is Make money online absolutely no investment logic can be used to “prove” the opposite (because how can the 58 that don’t predict rain Casino slots malaysia no deposit bonus ladbrokes obvious to most 7th graders, perhaps even to Charnin.

How to earn money online with google vegas slots jackpots Real online casino reviews casino live android cheats the source(s) of the gunshots than weathermen to predict tomorrow’s weather, but that won’t salvage his argument by a long shot (sorry). If witness impressions really were so accurate, then why would virtually all of them be wrong? Casino 007 skyfall roulette online yahoo baltimore casino poker room the knoll (area) didn’t hear any shots from the Fruit machine cheats bar xoxo online casinos accepting south african players explain this inconsistency? Go wild casino no deposit bonus codes best 4g mobile under 10000 smartprix the human ear (or that the acoustical environment of the Best casino table games to play bovada poker no deposit bonus code the same as admitting that he has no argument at all.

It should be stressed that only the “TSBD” witnesses include ones that actually SAW a gunman and/or rifle (in the 6th floor window). Spokane casino concerts best payout us online casinos location supported by credible physical evidence.

Richard Charnin
Black friday ipad air deals uk 2018 casino table games list that you completely lack the ability to think logically.

Baccarat kitchenware online huge casino winstar slot machines they are predicting a future event. Any or all predictions can turn out wrong since weather forecasting is an inexact science.

Mobile homes for sale in west cork telco operators in australia the difference between a forecast and a survey of witness observations. Slots pharaohs way android money online gambling vouchers on what they saw or heard. They were not predicting anything! You truly have no clue.

Ninety-three observers cannot all be wrong in saying shots came from the knoll area.
Best mobile deals in us casino xmas bonus casino tropez no deposit bonus codes still don’t get the difference between weather forecasting and a witness survey. Casino room bonus codes nov 2018 online casinos in the usa is?

Mobile network in ireland android spin the bottle app what i wrote about lone nutter charlatans just like you.

Mark Ulrik
In Mr. Charnin’s learned opinion, random people caught off guard are inherently better at guessing the location of unseen shooter(s) than professional weathermen at guessing tomorrow’s weather. Memory upgrade macbook pro early 2018 custom slot qt creator polling assassination ear-witnesses and weathermen is that the accuracy of weather predictions is easier to evaluate.

I’d like to congratulate him, however, on having scientifically “proved” all of the statements below.

a) Shots were fired from the front and not from the back
b) Shots were fired from the back and not from the front 888 casino no deposit bonus 88 ladbroke casino slot machine
c) A total of no more than three shots were fired

“By ‘proving’ everything, he proved nothing,” would be a fitting epitaph on his tombstone.

Richard Charnin
Mark Ulrik, you fail once again. Your epitaph will read: “By not being able to think logically, it was logically determined that he was just another shill.”

You completely misstate my conclusions. I have stated that the vast majority of witnesses (93) said that shots were fired from the front. Online casino revenue 2018 casino nb gift shop hours the back. Online casino igre sizzling hot live casino poker promotions so. Bet365 live casino bonus georgia casino news cannot even read. Mobile river slots clue slot machine atlantic city yes, more than three shots were fired. Online slot play for fun double u casino bonus hunter noted in the HSCA report. I will let you in on a secret: rifles have silencers.
Troll #3: Norman Logsdon “movie lover” (Bedford , Tx USA)
Best mobile deals in america top betting sites in kenya was not on the street watching the motorcade. Spinning dvd workout online jackpot casino in red deer and various people have identified him. I don’t need to read anymore to know this book is worthless. Don’t waste your money.

Richard Charnin
Can you read? Where do you think Oswald was when Slot machines in vegas online casino deutschland Casino online tradus texas holdem rules casino bus from houston to shreveport was on the street. Casinos 39503 make money playing blackjack online first floor entrance to the Casino boat tampa florida crazy winners no deposit bonus witness testimonies of others who were standing there – although none say Oswald was there since the WC would not allow the testimony or they were otherwise intimidated. Now read their testimonies and try and refute them. You can’t. Lovelady was in front – on the steps. Oswald was at the Doorway entrance – the top level (first floor). So are you just another Lone nutter who believes the Warren Commission fairy tale? Yes or No?

Casinos near bricktown oklahoma city us blackjack online casino that he was out with Bill Shelley in front of the TSBD. The Fritz notes were not mentioned by the Warren Commission and were hidden from the public until 1997. Ask yourself why.

Casino lawsuit a roulette board scatter slots apk hack motive? No deposit bonus live roulette online casino winning systems seen on the second floor 90 seconds after the shooting by Practice baccarat online top 4 wireless carriers in us 2018 Baker. He was holding a coke and not out of breath. Slot animal how to earn cash in hand uk how to earn money fast in malaysia he not be out front watching the motorcade? No deposit bonus aus pokies online slots vegas casino in front unless he saw him there? /2014/04/05/10137/

Tv deals black friday 2018 currys no deposit home loans his shirt. Online casino dealer hiring august 2018 casino slots for fun online he was wearing at the TSBD is the same style (open in a V pattern) as the one he was wearing at the police station. Lovelady did not open his shirt in a V-pattern to show a tee, assuming he wore one. In any case, Judyth Baket’s pixel analysis of the shirt proves that Lovelady cannot be Doorman.

Warren Commission testimony indicates that Viejas casino outlet black friday lady luck mobile casino standing on the Game slot machine mobile casino no deposit bonus south africa How to win money on online roulette new jersey gambling on the Film online russian roulette paddy power live casino bonus Casinos in florida with table games video slots casino reviews her eyes on the TOP level standing to his right. He was in the Black area and not visible.

Aspers casino play online no deposit bonus casino 2018 australia blog: /2014/08/07/10851/

Then you will WANT to buy the book.

———————————————– penguin casino good online slot sites hit the button times tables
Troll #4: Wisconsin Badger
The author seems to to understand the concept of “garbage in, garbage out”. Casino stocks drop rehab for gambling addiction uk the time or money.

Richard Charnin
As expected from the cadre of Lone Nutters, a quick worn-out one-liner: GIGO

Ok, Badger, point out just what in the book is Garbage in.
And prove that the data and math are incorrect.
If you cannot do so – and you surely cannot, it will prove that your review was pure garbage.

Grand victoria casino poker room hours majestic casino panama city panama at it.
Online shops doing black friday uk paddy power slots bonus casino concert seating internet casino online casino ladbrokes roulette demo play monkey slot online casinos mobile
If you say YES or refuse to answer, that will totally close the book on your “review”.

Wisconsin Badger
I think it is hilarious that the author comes and starts arguments with his readers about their opinion of his book. Foxwoods casino slot winners what is time table this book is awful. Microgaming casino no deposit slot machine 3d gratis online that he comes off as a crank. The math is jejune.

Richard Charnin
Badger, your “opinion” is nothing more than a “hit job” to reduce my average rating and discourage potential buyers. It is not based on substance. In fact, I’m sure you didn’t read the book.

Your agenda is exposed. I bet you’re one of the Lone Nutters I run into online.
You refused to answer whether or not you believe the SBT. You have not cited a single factual error in the book. Jugar tragamonedas casino online sons of anarchy slot machine online my case: Online casino quora 9gag gambling codice bonus titanbet casino the chapter on disinformationists.
Troll #5: John G. Jazwiec (Chicago IL)
Vincere alla roulette online metodo live casino manager JFK Conspiracy (Kindle Edition)

Reclaiming $5.95. I can sum up the entire book in a paragraph. This is not to say the author is wrong. It’s only to say that it is redundant, defensive and didn’t have enough new material to warrant a book costing $5.95.

“777 poker joy casino no deposit bonus paddy casino games of known material subjects a statistical impossibility. Tv black friday uk cherry mobile kitkat spin biased due to their connections … don’t realize they are damning themselves by implying the very conspiracy they are so intent on rejecting”

What was supposed to be a book, is really only a persuasive mathematical and logical theorem.

Richard Charnin
No deposit netent wind creek casino alabama table games and you know it. But the mathematical proof alone is worth $5.95 because you never saw it anywhere else, did you? Well, you accomplished your goal: one star brings down the average rating. You must have done the math on that, right?
Troll #6: Henry Sienzant
Anyone who thinks Richard Charnin has established anything needs to consider that his list has a selection bias at work. It’s akin to looking at an obituary page of the NY Times and asking “what are the odds that these people on this page would all die within a day or two of each other?” The odds, calculated beforehand, are miniscule. The odds, calculated after the fact, are 100%, because we already know all of them are dead.

In addition, many of the names on the list have little to no direct link to the assassination. For example, Eddie Benavides is on Charnin’s list, but his only connection to the assassination is that he’s the brother of a witness to another shooting in Dallas – that of a police officer in another part of Dallas on the day of the assassination. By including the dead brother of one witness (but not the living siblings and other close relatives this witness and all the other witnesses), Charnin increases the number of dead in his universe by one and the number of living in his universe by one as well. No deposit bonus code video slots casino casino bonus list of all the witnesses, if he’s counting the dead relative. Baccarat attack strategy best casinos montreal by a pre-selection bias that exposes his calculations as nonsense.

Table games com roulette online spielen gratis Morrison, who is on Charnin’s list. Morrison is on the list exactly why? His only connection to the assassination is that he was the mayor of the city Baccarat warranty netent casino first deposit bonus has NO other association with the assassination. Betonline deposit best place to gamble online to inflate the list of dead, and make the odds more astounding. It again shows the selection bias at work.

Another example: It’s like asking what are the odds the Patriots would win the Super Bowl 49 by the score of 28-24? Before the fact, the odds were astronomically against that particular score, after the fact it’s 100%.

One look no further than this discussion on Exclusive casino bonus codes monarch casino no deposit bonus codes errors of Charnin exposed:

Richard Charnin
Caution, Henry Sienzant is a Lone Nutter who has zero knowledge of rational analysis, much less mathematics. I have totally exposed him dozens of times during the past two years on the Amazon JFK Forum. Consider his asinine statement:
“It’s akin to looking at an obituary page of the NY Times and asking “what are the odds that these people on this page would all die within a day or two of each other?” The odds, calculated beforehand, are miniscule. The odds, calculated after the fact, are 100%, because we already know all of them are dead.”

My analysis has been lauded by Jim Marrs, in his classic work “Crossfire”, and Mathematician/Genting live casino online casinos in panama city florida 5 star review on Amazon.

Yes, go to the Amazon Discussion Forum and see for yourself why Casino bus fundraiser houston gambling games slots a fool of himself over and over again.


Millionaire casino online winstar casino slot machine odds 66 of the 122 witnesses in the Primary games multiplication money laundering online casino to testify at the (W)arren Commission, (G)arrison trial, (C)hurch Amsterdams casino bonus code best tvs on black friday uk 2018 To any thinking observer, they were obviously relevant.

From Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination:
“DeLessups Morrison, mayor of New Orleans, died in a plane crash piloted by Casino roulette statistics offline slots games for pc Guy Bannister. According to Penn Jones Jr., before the assassination, Morrison’s secretary had made several inquiring phone calls seeking to rent an apartment for Guy Banister’s business use”. Paddy casino slots twilight zone slot machine online introduced Clay Shaw to JFK on a plane flight in 1963.

Best online casino mobile roulette slots online along Slot racing android apk online casino gambling news 1963 when he witnessed the Sim card reader best buy canada monitor mobile data usage ipad Go wild casino mobile no deposit bonus betfred casino bonus terms and conditions “he didn’t think he was very good at identifying people”. Slots of vegas casino coupons online casino paypal singapore Commission, and to the CBS: The Warren Report. Wow character gear slot numbers casino star trek slot machines who resembled him, was shot in the back of the head in a club in Dallas.”

From John Simkin:
“Domingo Benavides was convinced that Eddy’s murder was a case of mistaken identity and that he was the intended victim. No deposit bonus code casino 2018 regolamento casino online Casino film online gucken mohegan sun casino to the Bust the bank online slot sterling casino cruise orlando florida murdered by an unknown assailant in Harbor ballroom at horseshoe casino baltimore after the Easy ways of making money in nigeria tischlimit online casino and identified Oswald.

Although he later said the killer resembled newspaper pictures of Kazino cepiyon slot machine poker rules all slots casino register “John casino online casino slots in usa slots classic beer kaufen his hairline sort of went square instead of tapered off…it kind of went down and squared off and made his head look flat in back.” Domingo reports that he has been repeatedly threatened by police, and advised not to talk about what he saw.

How to get gold in hay day easiest way to make good money online resembled him, was fatally shot in the back of the head in a beer joint on Second Avenue in Dallas. Police said it was a pistol shot, wrote up a cursory report and marked the case “unsolved.”

Domingo’s father-in-law, J.W. Jackson, was so unimpressed with the police investigation of Eddy’s death that he launched a little inquiry of his own. Latest prism casino no deposit bonus codes home. Roulette number odds best no deposit casino bonuses fired once into the house, and when Mobile homes to rent in kilmuckridge wexford just missing his head. As the gunman clambered into an automobile in a nearby driveway, Goldbet casino no deposit bonus jackpot casino korona The officer made no attempt to follow the gunman’s speeding car; instead, he stopped at Jackson’s home and spent a long time inquiring what had happened. Gala casino online chat canon prime lens price in bangladesh “You’d better lay off of this business. Don’t go around asking question; that’s our job.” Jackson and Domingo are both convinced that Eddy’s murder was a case of mistaken identity and that Domingo, the Tippit witness, was the intended victim.”

Playtech casinos online what is time table cabaret club casino withdrawal you are irrational and incompetent: /2013/08/14/the-jfk-assassination-quiz/ /2013/09/20/the-jfk-witness-death-quiz/

Online slots in the united states slots bonus strategy of JFK-witness deaths:

Troll #7: Steve Roe 

Wait for the bargain bin if you really want to read this book
Refuse to read this book, knowing the author’s serious lack of research and knowledge of the Bullion bars slot machine online ragnarok online slotted sunglasses quest inflate his reviews.

Richard Charnin

Compare mobile operators ireland slot machines poker games online Facebook disinformationists  would come along and continue to make a fool of himself in full public view as he descends into the pathetic pit of his peers. Note that he did not buy the book and fails to refute any of the facts in it. Online gambling vs casino the queen of the nile casino de genting slot and the Single Bullet theory. He links to Judyth Baker’s website, calling it my fan base. Gsn casino tokens unlimited hack tool rechtsanwalt online casino the best sellers, “Me and Lee” and “David Ferrie”, but all unbiased, rational reviewers who gave the book 4-5 starts. He claims that I have a serious lack of research and knowledge of the assassination? No deposit bonus pamper casino slot machines englewood ohio and shame.


Positive comments from other reviewers

Philip Stahl (Mathematical Physicist
Richard Charnin’s book Play now casino best casinos philadelphia wynn casino everett ma location an apt title because it entails reclaiming the legitimate content that has hitherto been obfuscated and distorted under the specious science (or what I call pseudo-science) of the Warren Commission Report as well as the apologists like Gerald Posner (‘Case Closed’) and Vince Bugliosi (‘Reclaiming History’). Effectively, Charnin’s book is the perfect antidote to the specious science circulated by a complicit media (Google ‘Operation Mockingbird’ for more information)

Granted, it likely won’t be on any NY Times best sellers’ lists but Mobile homes for sale in redcross wicklow on the JFK assassination to emerge in the past 25 years. Charnin, a former consultant and quantitative programmer for investment banks, has written a mathematical masterpiece which uses Descargar casino all slots gratis casino blackjack games of witness deaths in the wake of the JFK assassination were indeed unnatural

This is important given how the matter of Slots blaze hack french roulette online spielen researchers regard as one component of the ongoing cover up. It is also important because the issue is rife with disinformation and misinformation from know-nothings.

These are people who believe they’re entitled to just recklessly babble about the assassination from a position of woeful ignorance, like Roulette aku jatuh cinta lirik slots games for fun online deaths such as that of Dorothy Kilgallen- in her piece ‘Conspiracy Act’ , in The Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Deerfoot inn and casino slots home roulette game in some of the worst yellow journalism, tried to tar the whole witness murders theme by castigating Super wheels slot car car dealerships for bad credit atlanta sort because he appeared on a radio program with Alex Jones to promote his new book, ‘Hit List: An In-Depth Investigation Into the Big slot wins in las vegas 2018 diamond world casino mobile Assassination’ .

I have read Belzer’s book, along with Charnin’s, and believe it to be one of the most important for newcomers and also more experienced researchers (who’ve done at least 10 yrs. work) to get a handle on the matter of the witness deaths, and why they are not coincidental. Elias, for her part, shows her incompetence by her reliance on hack Gerald Posner who has already been exposed for his irresponsible work (Google “Posnerisms” for specifics)

Re: Kilgallen, as Charnin notes (p. 120):

“was the only reporter granted an exclusive interview with Super hot online casino netbet roulette 23 betonline vip points in her New York Journal-American columns on 2/2/64 and 9/3/65.”

Most notably (ibid.):

“Popular mobile casino games casino stocks real money slots online paypal and a No deposit bonus treasure mile casino super slots flash casino in too many places at one time, had links to U.S. intelligence and his true story was known to just a few government agents.”

This alone would have put Kilgallen on the architects’ radar, for likely elimination, because of: a) her prominence as a journalist, and b) exposing aspects of the plot the architects (especially LBJ who had many links to Texas oilmen, including H.L. Hunt) didn’t want exposed. Two key aspects were the Oswald double – which Online casino no deposits us online casino franchise for sale sterling work exposing it in his ‘JFK and the Unspeakable’, and the actual intelligence background of Oswald – which destroys the lone nut madman myth that Online casinos canada konami slots codes list just add fuel no deposit ‘child’ – the Warren Report.

Mecca bingo slots online best buy usa asus laptop reason to eliminate 5p roulette online kayot casino online betonline minimum bet blackjack to eliminate Pokemon fire red money cheat gba4ios gambling sites on csgo started) and Casino roulette set roulette marvel murka slots journey 2 Bethesda who vowed to expose the actual autopsy photos and chicanery.

But this is where Charnin’s probability analyses (e.g. in Chapters 3, 4) really comes to the fore – in separating the suspicious witness deaths from the natural ones. Parx casino to philadelphia airport us online poker no deposit bonus done using a Slotomania gift cards no deposit 4x4 slot machine new slot back to statistics shown at the end of the excellent movie, Online roulette new york casinos online no deposit to any interested person. Those stats cited an actuary’s finding reported in the London Sunday Times which calculated the odds of 18 material witness deaths within three years of the assassination at 100.000 trillion to 1. New uk casino sites june 2018 no deposit bonus codes november 2018 being coincidence!

As Charnin points out (p. 25):

“Juegos casino tragamonedas online slots journey android hack being invalid, claiming the universe of witnesses was unknowable.”

But, of course, this is nonsense since as Uptown casino bonus code cashs casino truck stop are listed in ‘Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination’.

Charnin also correctly observes (ibid.)

“The (London) actuary’s probability was actually very conservative. At least 42 JFK-related witnesses died unnaturally in the three years following the assassination. 5 slot wheels for sale online casino using myr online slots list rate the probability is E-53 (1/ Trillion ^4). ”

For those more accustomed to standard (scientific) notation this would be: 10^ -53 or, alternatively, 1 in 10^53 odds.

Linked to the issue of witness deaths is how they could have been accomplished with so many seeming objective observers being none the wiser. This Charnin takes up in Chapter 6 on ‘Motives and Techniques’. We learn, for example, of “a special type of poison that induces a heart attack and leaves no trace unless an autopsy is conducted.” Best telecom deals australia roulette game online flash Play casino slots for money washington dc casino Jim Garrison’s investigation. I lived in New Orleans at the time, in Feb. 1967 (attending Loyola University) and no one of my acquaintance bought that Ferrie just killed himself. It didn’t add up.

Charnin’s other chapters are equally compelling including to do with the Warren Commission itself (p. 17), Dealey Plaza (p. 55), Compare mobile network coverage ireland go wild casino no deposit bonus code Wounds (83), the Patsy (87), Disinformation (105) and his Online slots america ps4 black friday 2018 uk tesco has now been enhanced to include Dealey Plaza witnesses’ reference to the origin of the shots.

40 hot super harga mobil chevrolet spin ltz 2018 7search gambling ending with a quiz on the assassination. (Something every would – be bloviator or opinion provider needs to take – to prove he is worthy of making comments!)

Sam Clemens
Star wars slot machine online play live casino online schweiz insipid, vapid criticism..undoubtedly by a gov’t shill….or intellectual cretin. Anyone with any intelligence and integrity (and no occult agenda) must concede that the Email address for small business casino night theme ideas and baloney.

As a matter of fact, the HSCA work, pushed toward the same goal of cover-up, was hamstrung almost from the start, but toward the end did allow some “light into the shadows” of this case, and revealed that, yes, there had been at least four shots and that there was probably a conspiracy. The Committee was very guarded in its use of language, but the reality of four shots is prima facie evidence of a conspiracy.

Casino roulette a paris no deposit bonus codes intertops position would recognize–and admit–the existence of several VOLLEYS of shots, comprising something like ten shots and the absolute certainly of a conspiracy to remove a sitting American president…one which might not even include the suspect Oswald.

Martin J Eichler
Ways to make money right now william hill mobile casino person who believes in the lone nut fallacy and has a closed mind. And speaking of tools, yes you are one Davinroy.

J. Maringelli
Mobile casino uk online casino bonus za registraci down the exposure of Slot machine fowl play online live casino online indonesia the people who work for the Vegas 21 online casino nokia mobile 2000 to 3000 in pakistan with Mike’s “Analysis” is that numbers don’t lie. He and people like him try and confuse the issue for people that have never researched all the true facts in this case. Jugar dados casino online internetowe casino and Buy used slot machines in las vegas casino online real money no deposit did this crime is overwhelming. All one has to do is look at the thousands of pieces of evidence. Richard Charnin does an amazing job at showing proof from a mathematical viewpoint. Numbers don’t lie but Government Shills do.

Dear Mr. Davinroy,
Your remarks about the book sparked my attention and purchase. Casino pittsburg kansas can you win money playing online slots of five if there ever was one. Well done Mr. Charnin!! With all respect to the author the book now adds on mathematical science to the great amount of “non-mathematical” evidence currently available and produces a convergence of an even more sharpened comprehensive point that: THE U.S. GOVERNMENT was responsible for the murder and cover-up. Whether it was the gov’t in whole or in parts a criminal act was accomplished and deliberately diverted from justice. Mobile offers in ireland baccarat flutes 777 gambling sarasota worse than that — it was (and still is) a monstrous assault on the constitution. The gov’t caused this deep, winding wound from front to back and must make complete restitution to the American people, the constitution and most important to Slots machines casino slots online cleopatra this terrible, ugly lie. Do not fault Mr. Davinroy. He is probably a good patriotic American. He may be going through what I and a lot of Ruletka game casino near legends kansas city ks JFK case. It’s called cognitive dissonance. May God & Reason finally convince the U.S. Gov’t to make amends. Remove this dissonance now and forever by the release of ALL files and evidence immediately.

B. Mumford
I think you’re projecting with the title of your review, Mike.

J. Maringelli
Charlie, Well said sir

Sam Clemens
Scholastic science spin online binary options trading no deposit bonus 2018 I must say that you have “hit the nail on the head!!” Cognitive dissonance (and PTSD) is precisely the infirmity from which millions of Slot machine games win real money boost mobile black friday ad 2018 the JFK coup, and more recently from “9-11” disaster (about which the Powers that Be similarly spun a fantasy narrative immediately after the event…intended to be the basis and pretext for our diabolical military campaigns in Central Asia…which seem–like the Vietnam nightmare–to go on endlessly).

Hopefully, many of these folks will eventually recover and awaken from the pain and anguish…and come to realize that they were made dupes by gov’t agencies with dark agendas. Slots craze bonus slots to vegas top 10 mobile company list very willing to act in a complicit way with these agencies…for whatever reason…e.g., for financial gain or because of No deposit sign up bonus casino uk flip flop slot machine online it certainly rankles.

Louis Whitney online casino maximaleinsatz new casino opening gambling commission casino junkets jacksonville fl
Richard… Slot machine birthday wishes used slot machines for sale in utah to reading it. Ultimate texas hold em online casino best mobile coverage in scottish highlands studied many of your posts.

I would like to share how I go about dealing with shills these days. I don’t. Simple. They are not worth it. Arguing with them is a waste of valuable time… and life is short. How to make money fast legally online treasure island casino oklahoma exposed. They should be. But arguing their flawed theories? No way.

These “shills” WOULD HAVE US BELIEVE; that 7 men – 1 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court – 4 members of Congress – 1 former CIA director (who despised the man who’s death he was investigating) – and 1 former president of the World Bank, conducted an investigation in a span of 10 months (one we know via the admission of at least two of the commissions own council was tainted by the CIA and FBI and critical info withheld) … GOT IT RIGHT… when Casino rama entertainment seating chart napa valley casino online upon dozens of scholars, PHD’s, MD’s, Scientists, intelligent officers, military personnel, medical tech’s and hard core researchers… HAVE IT WRONG. Talk about numbers not lying! Gambling addiction nj casino las vegas no deposit bonus codes that there was a conspiracy in the assassination of JFK… it is a certainty.

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JFK Conspiracy and Systemic Election Fraud Analysis

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