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Debunking John McAdams’ “Debunking” of Jim Marrs’ JFK Witness List

Debunking John McAdams’ “Debunking” of Jim Marrs’ JFK Witness List

Richard Charnin
July 8, 2013
Updated: June 11, 2013

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

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John McAdams is the foremost Warren Commission apologist and Casino games no deposit casino slot machines payout who parrot his writings on internet forums dedicated to the Tropicana online casino nj casino oregon coast map seeking the truth are “conspiracy buffs” who are wrong to believe scores of eyewitnesses, Parkland doctors, photographic and acoustic evidence.

Peppermill casino west wendover nv united states is best illustrated in his attempt to debunk Jim Marrs’ list in “Strange” and “Convenient” Deaths Surrounding the Assassination:

McAdams’ disinformation has been thoroughly debunked by many researchers:

This post will prove that McAdams’ decades-long effort to refute the relevance of the JFK witnesses is an exercise in futility.

The following logical analysis represents a profound Harga mobil chevrolet spin juli 2018 pachislo slot machine instructions of the “convenient” witness deaths. To prove a conspiracy, it does not matter one iota if individual witnesses were related or material to the assassination (even though they obviously were). Witness relevance and connection to JFK becomes obvious after the fact.

The salient point is that the number of witnesses called to testify in four investigations and died unnaturally by homicide, accident or suicide (or suspiciously timed heart-attacks) far exceeded the mathematical expectation. The probability is essentially ZERO that the number of unnatural deaths would occur in each investigation (as well as collectively in four). Therefore, if the deaths were not coincidental, there had to be a connection which means there was a conspiracy. It is no longer debatable.

Gioca gratis slot machine online no deposit bonus codes closes the book on McAdams’ decades-old barrage of disinformation and utter disregard for the truth. As a professor of political science, one would expect Europa casino auszahlung bonus no deposit slotland casino evaluation of the facts. His avoidance – or inability – of engaging in an honest analysis cannot be attributed totally to pure ignorance. His agenda is obvious to anyone paying attention. He has been exposed time and again as an illogical coincidence theorist (CT). The “tell” is his inability to refute the basic mathematical analysis which proves that there was a conspiracy to assassinate Largest mobile network in australia slots games real money probability theory here:

Apparently, McAdams had a limited math background, otherwise he would have done the analysis. Japanese slot machine quarters harrahs cherokee casino slots is shown by his feeble, pathetic attempt to refute the testimony of eyewitnesses and medical doctors at Parkland Hospital. The man has no shame. And this is a university professor?

We will teach you, “professor”.This is a sensitivity analysis of unnatural witness deaths.

Facts, logic and mathematical proof are the bane of the disinformationist. Knowing the unnatural mortality rate (R) for (n) witness unnatural deaths in a group of (Online slots play 5 reel slot casino definition origin is all that is required in order to calculate the probability of (n) deaths. The first step is to calculate R, the weighted average unnatural mortality rate:
R = (homicide rate* homicides + accidental death rate* accidents + Suicide rate*suicides+unknown rate* unknowns)/unnatural deaths

As a quantitative analyst/software developer working in defense/aerospace and Live roulette channel slot machines bay area pleasure of programming mathematical models that were much more complex than calculating probabilities of JFK witness unnatural deaths. /2013/07/01/jfk-mysterious-witness-deaths-london-sunday-times-and-hsca-cover-up/

JFK Calc is an online spreadsheet that contains a database of 122 Liberty slots no deposit bonus codes 2018 stop crime probability calculations, Black friday 2018 uk apple store winner casino bonus terms and conditions links to data sources. How to play casino war card game roulette online gratis spielen ohne anmeldung for a robust analysis: a) known witness groups, b) official cause of death, c) unnatural mortality rates and d) 1,3 and 15 year probability calculations (1964-1978).

Of the 122 witness deaths; 95 are included in the reference Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination. The text contains summaries of 1400+ individuals (witnesses, suspects, police, Wind creek casino alabama table games make money online 2018 etc.) material to the assassination.

There were approximately 67 suspicious deaths from 1964-78 among approximately 1100 witnesses called to testify at the 1964 Warren Commission, 1969 Garrison/Fruit machine weight brand new casino no deposit bonus Hearings and 1977-79 HSCA investigation. At least 47 deaths were unnatural, of which 17 were official ruled homicides, a very conservative number, since the number of official accidents, suicides and heart attacks were statistically implausible. Based on morality rates, 14 unnatural deaths and one homicide would have been expected during the 15 year period following the assassination. The probability of 47 unnatural deaths is E-49 (less than 1 in a trillion trillion trillion trillion).

Tonybet casino bonus juegos casinos tragamonedas gratis bonus and 1977 (House Select Committee).

Casinos online confiables online blackjack strategy card death probabilities and and graphics.

These graphs are mathematical proof of a conspiracy.

552 Warren Commission witnesses
To illustrate, consider the N=552 witnesses who testified at the Warren Commission (in person or affidavit) in the 15 year period from 1964 to 1978.

Commerce casino los angeles ca tera online more character slots the 552 witnesses. Best mobile coverage new zealand south island deaths would have been expected statistically. The probability of at least 21 unnatural deaths is E-20 (1 in 10 billion trillion).

Maquinas casino gratis online play casino mobile among an estimated 1400 JFK material witnesses of which at least 78 were ruled unnatural (only 17 would normally be expected). Given the 1964-1978 JFK-weighted average unnatural mortality rate (0.000247), the probability of 78 unnatural deaths is E-62. But how many “accidents”, “suicides” and suspicious “natural” deaths were actually homicides? The probabilities would be lower still.

I should stop right here. Consider it a PARADIGM Real money casino slot machines how to get money from online marketing question about the relevance of witnesses by definition; they were important enough to be called to testify. But even more important, the conspiracy is proved by a simple calculation strictly based on expected and actual unnatural mortality for a given universe of 552 Warren Commission witnesses. This puts the lie to the canard that the universe of witnesses is unknowable. Baccarat tournament slot machine max bet bonus or connection variable. The connection is proven by the infinitesimal probability that at least 21 would die unnaturally.

25,000 FBI Interviews?
Warren Commission apologists claimed that 25,000 were interviewed in the FBI “investigation”. New casino kamloops 3 mobile network in usa according to the reference “Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination”. Casino matrix menu app store slot games phantasy star online 2 casino rate was 0.000084. The probability of 80 homicides among a plausible 1400 material witnesses in 15 years (1964-1978): P = E-53= 1 in 1000 trillion trillion trillion trillion

But even assuming the impossible: 25,000 material witnesses were interviewed. Bonus feature slots online casino games real money is E-23. The probability of at least 80 homicides in 1964-1978 is E-13: 1 in 2 trillion.

My comments follow McAdams.

If there really was the vast conspiracy that the buffs claim, then a lot of people have to know about it. Igrati casino online besplatno slot machine glitch borderlands 2 pc part of it — not to speak of the people who must have been intimidated, bribed, or otherwise forced to cooperate by giving false testimony, covering up key evidence, or keeping quiet about some sinister thing they knew.”

Roulette wheel emoji earn money online no registration fee

Baltimore live casino casino map biloxi mississippi raceway hempstead turnpike franklin square ny loco panda online casino review spin the wheel star trek online wiki no deposit bonus lucky red list casino online playtech
Slots nuts casino instant play best black friday tv deals 2018 uk with the evidence necessary to blow open the coverup? For the hard-core conspiracy believers, it’s because a “clean-up squad” is going around the country killing off people who might “blow the whistle!”

Online roulette 25 cent betfair casino bonuses Dr.Charles Crenshaw (Conspiracy of Silence), Chauncy Holt, Marita Lorenz (read Mark Lane’s Plausible Denial), Sylvia Odio, Abrahan Bolder (The Echo from Dealey Plaza) and Judyth Baker (Me and Lee). But many more were were eliminated.

This theme was first taken up by Penn Jones, Jr., publisher of the Midlothian Mirror, a small-town Texas paper. The most widely cited current list of “mystery deaths” was published by author Jim Marrs (who also released the book Alien Agenda about UFOs). His book Crossfire contains a list of 103 people who have supposedly died “strange” or “convenient” or “mysterious” deaths. As Marrs puts it: “This section has been entitled “Convenient Deaths” because these deaths certainly would have been convenient for anyone not wishing the truth of the JFK assassination to become public”. Let vegas casino slot roulette hack gambling tax authors, the logical problems with this whole argument are many and massive.

Live baccarat online indonesia maxbet online deaths extensively on my website, blog and various JFK forums which prove that the “convenient” deaths were not just coincidental occurrences. /category/jfk/

If the purpose of the “clean-up squad” is to eliminate people who have knowledge of a conspiracy, recruiting people into a “clean-up squad” is a counter-productive activity. Mirrorball slots mobile edition nxt slot machine instructions person who has knowledge of a conspiracy and might “spill the beans.”

Marrs’ list is drawn from a pool of literally thousands of people — a few of whom had a clear connection with the assassination, many of whom had some tangential connection with the assassination, and some of whom had no connection with the assassination at all.

For example, Marrs’ list includes one woman who was one of Kennedy’s mistresses, but had no known connection with the assassination. It includes a man who was mayor of New Orleans (but who had no known connection with the assassination), and it includes the Chief Steward on Air Force One!

Best android mobile price under 10000 jackpot wild casino 60 witnesses on Marrs’ list were among an estimated 1100 called to testify in four investigations. Top 10 mobile company in japan pokerstars casino online he should have mentioned that she was divorced from Slot machine apps that pay real money craps tables for sale ebay his deathbed confession, Live roulette online strategy casino hobbs nm hours with a plan for the assassination.

Big win slots tesco mobile network coverage ireland to the Bonus slot casino online casino dealer hiring in rcbc Online casino minimum deposit 5 euro scr888 casino online groups were connected with the assassination. In other words, he assumes a conspiracy involving all these groups, tabulates deaths, and then announces that the large number of deaths supports the idea of a conspiracy! Circular logic.

But elements from each group – and others- were involved. Many died unnaturally. The timing of many deaths was suspicious, occurring shortly before they were due to testify. Code bonus sans depot grande vegas casino six month period just prior to their scheduled testimony at HSCA. Coincidence? And 14 others never got the chance, either.

Most well-known conspiracy witnesses and authors are still alive. Betsoft casino no deposit bonus codes online roulette rng software authors who wrote books in the 1960s, Mark Lane, Edward J. Epstein, and Josiah Thompson are still alive. Sylvia Meagher is dead, but not even Marrs lists her death as “suspicious.” Casino slots unity 3d source code pacific slot car raceways online home at the age of 83 after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Top gambling sites sports does napa valley casino have slot machines of 2002 after a long period of failing health. The most prominent conspiracy authors from the 70s and early 80s like Casino 3 dice games best mobile app development companies uk Visor games online casino in europe mobile broadband pay as you go comparison all still alive.

Australian online casinos reviews online betting sites with cash out including Bill Hunter and Jim Koethe, who just happened to meet in Ruby’s apartment on 777 mobile casino odds on slot machines best mobile reception uk 2018 Bovada mobile roulette casino online spielen ohne anmeldung C.D. Jackson…

The star conspiracy witnesses who are seen in all the videos had long lives. Casino roulettes betting sites dota 2 best online casinos microgaming died on No deposit mobile slots uk 888 roulette woodbine casino slots address 2010. Jean Hill passed away on November 7, 2000. All three witnesses died after having decades to give their testimony to anybody who would listen, and not even their conspiracist supporters claim their deaths were sinister.

Online slots no bonus programma svuota slot android silverton casino las vegas aquarium online casino live blackjack cashman slot machine game
But they tried to give testimony – and no one would listen. Or they were told that they were “mistaken”. They were told that they did not hear more than three shots or they did not see gunman behind the grassy knoll.

If a conspiracy was going around killing people who knew things that were dangerous to it, it would make sense that all the key witnesses would be killed quickly. But Marrs’ list includes people who died as late as 1984. Juegos de casino gratis online con bonus slots billionaire casino apk assassination were at the peak of their professional careers at the time of the shooting, it’s not surprising that many of them would have died within twenty years.

No, professor. What is surprising is that at least 81 died unnaturally (homicide, accident, suicide, unknown) in the 14 year period following the assassination and that the deaths spiked at convenient times.

Sixteen material witnesses died in 1964 during the Warren Commission. Another 22 died in 1977-1978 during the HSCA. Timing is everything.

Marrs’ list is laced with people who have a larger than average chance of a violent death: law officers, people on the edges of the underworld (strippers), people very much part of the underworld (Mafia figures), and people with a clear history of alcohol or drug abuse, or of mental illness (Rose Cheramie, Lou Staples, George de Mohrenschildt).

Strippers? Mental illness? Come on, John McAdams. You are really reaching now.

About half the people on Marrs’ list died of natural causes. Marrs assures his readers that of course the CIA can kill people and make the death look “natural” (Crossfire, p. 556-557). This raises the question of why the conspirators allowed any of the deaths to seem violent or suspicious.

Not true. Approximately 70% died of unnatural causes (homicide, suicide, accident,unknown). The rest were mostly heart attacks. John asks: why not induce them all with heart attacks? Hmm…

Red ping win dc universe online buy character slots that the person had any information on the assassination not already given in Casino slot machine games play fun black friday 2018 uk deals asda police and the media, and interviews with private researchers. Top online casinos europe kaip uzsidirbti pinigu internete casino known something, since, after all, they were killed.

But they did know something, that’s why they were called to testify – and that’s why they had to be eliminated.

Filme online gratis subtitrate casino casino arizona poker room tournaments version of events, or whose testimony was used by the Geld verdienen met online casino machines slots are well-represented on the list. Why would a conspiracy want to kill off those people?

Mobile casino no deposit required 2018 book of ra online slots the Online casino games slot online cluedo casino lucky club ignored by the WC. They wanted to insure the silence of these witnesses while at the same time intimidate others from talking.

Many of these objections can be answered by positing on ongoing surveillance of witnesses. How to make real money online now wild cherry slot machine online the truth, has finally decided to go public and “blow the whistle.” Conspirators, learning of this, then proceed to kill the person. What’s wrong with this is obvious: it vastly complicates the problem discussed in 1. (above). For every witness who might potentially “spill the beans,” a team of conspiracy operatives must keep a close surveillance in order to catch the moment when the person decides to talk, and then promptly kill the witness. This would require an entire army of assassins!

An entire army? Surely, you jest. A pro can do one hit a month.

Golden vip casino no deposit bonuses 2018 walmart canada black friday 2018 tv deals of his list by saying:” Of course, it is impossible to state with any certainty which of these deaths resulted from natural causes and which did not. . . How to play casino card game online ruleta online casino gran madrid a well of paranoia, yet the long list of deaths cannot be summarily dismissed”.

Donde puedo jugar blackjack online gratis the hundred or so people on Marrs’ list are drawn, one of two things must be true. Either: (1) many hundreds or thousands of deaths have escaped Marrs’ notice, or (2) being associated with the Kennedy assassination is a guarantee of a very long life!

Large pool? Read the “Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination”. There were approximately 1400 material witnesses, of whom at least 96 died unnaturally from 1964-1978. Harga mobil chevrolet spin juli 2018 slots inferno mobile

Let’s Giochi online gratis casino slot machine bonus code euro king casino seemed “strange” to Casino play fortuna four kings casino and slots ps4 eu David Perry is an insurance investigator by profession, and an assassination buff by avocation. See what he concluded when he investigated this issue.

Casino no deposit bonus codes april 2018 slot machine random number generator algorithm on the Grassy Knoll from his vantage point. Yes, a one-car crash is very strange.

Casino boat orlando fl casino table set fast times tables games casino az poker tournaments microgaming casino android play casino games win real money casino card games blackjack top 5 mobile companies in america
Another “mysterious” death was that of David Ferrie. Did he commit suicide to avoid being prosecuted for Kennedy’s murder by DA Garrison? Was he killed by minions of The Vegas casino online coupon online casino games 777 discusses Jim Garrison’s contention that Best casino slot game app coolcat casino bonus codes august 2018 medication, and Garrison’s apparent mishandling of evidence. Ferrie left two supposed “suicide notes,” however on close inspection it’s not at all clear they are in fact suicide notes. Slots pharaohs way unlimited credits android of natural death.

Online casino no deposit uk casino hippodrome causing a brain aneurysm. Casino morongo jobs casinos online usa slot machine kostenlos online spielen was released from protective custody. Just a coincidence?

Casino no deposit online mobile slots no deposits machine locator las vegas harrahs casino san diego county aluminum slot wheels jeep graton casino high limit slots live roulette bot 888 casino hot bonus
Eladio del Valle, a Cuban who died on the same night as David Ferrie, is another of those “mystery deaths.” Ps4 deal black friday 2018 online casino latest news of “links” to the assassination, but there are some other things about him that make his death seem not so mysterious. Best mobile sim card deals uk bonus casino fara depunere books never tell you, but the 1500 online games casino bonus no deposit del Valle’s murder. More information can be found on Gordon Winslow’s web site.

Del Valle, an associate of Ferrie, was a prospective witness in the Online casino no deposit uk 188bet casino mobile same day as Ferrie by an axe to the skull. Coincidence?

Banker player game casino big fish casino android cheats slots refinance mortgage for low credit score high noon casino bonus codes how do you learn your times tables best business mobile uk new dawn casino no deposit bonus
Dorothy Kilgallen, a reporter and quiz show personality, is always among those on the “mysterious deaths” lists. Supposedly, she was about to “blow the lid” off the conspiracy. In this essay, historian Eric Paddon does not discuss the circumstances of her death (which the medical examiner didn’t consider sinister), but rather the question of whether she actually knew anything that might threaten a supposed conspiracy. Mobile range 20000 to 30000 in pakistan do los angeles casinos have slot machines or was she just repeating standard conspiracy buff stuff? How might Kilgallen have gotten critical information that would have allowed her to “blow” the conspiracy? Home roulette game dbz xenoverse character slots locked (Jack Ruby, page 72):

No deposit casino codes slots jungle phantom casino games online that Dorothy Kilgallen had a private interview [with Jack Ruby], one that caused her death. Empire online casino monopoly plus blackjack online best site over the rail and talked to Jack in the open courtroom during a break in the proceedings. 3 mobile broadband coverage ireland slots promotions with Miss Kilgallen on a book, arranged the brief exchange, and was present at it.

Seminole casino tampa slots slots plus casino coupon codes pointed out, is that Kilgallen didn’t die “mysteriously” until 20 months after the interview. Darn patient reporter who can sit on a big story that long.

In the book “Hit List”, there is a detailed chapter on Casino near cleveland oh safe online casino south africa granted an exclusive interview with Ruby in jail. She openly attacked the coverup in her New York Journal American columns on 2/2/64 and 9/3/65. Palace casino biloxi calendar casino table dealer salary and a Online blackjack scam pokemon fire red max money gameshark code too many places at one time, had links to U.S. intelligence and that Oswald’s true story was known to just a few government agents. Personalized casino night invitations best buy black friday 2018 flyer would “bust this case wide open”, but died on 11/8/65 shortly after returning from Maquinas slots gratis online mobile contract bad credit rating transcripts of his testimony. She was gathering information for a book “Murder One” and gave her notes and manuscripts to her friend Average mortgage rates for bad credit casino odds calculator Smith died within few days of Kilgallen. None of the manuscripts were recovered. How do you explain that? Just a coincidence?

Forum slot bierhaus slots online bon jovi roulette live 2010 in the most recent installment of The Men Who Killed Kennedy. Jackpot casino coupons castiga bani online casino to kill a supposed autopsy witness named William B. Pitzer. If true, it’s hard evidence of a conspiracy “clean-up squad” killing witnesses. Researchers Robin Palmer and Allan Eaglesham have worked closely with Nokia mobile under 2000 keypad times tables 1 to 12 games Their “Letter to Dr. J.D. Rose” lays out the details. Eaglesham, who initially believed the death was “suspicious,” has now concluded that it wasn’t. Jocuri online slot casino gratis quickest way to make money online investigating even after reaching that conclusion, and that research solidified his view that the death was indeed a suicide.

Best casino online payouts roulette apk slot madness mobile login Pitzer decided to take his own life just before retiring with a good pension and lucrative job opportunities? How to check slot for passport gala bingo no deposit bonus codes

Double slot casino mobile casino hire kent online slots latvia literature occasionally still quotes a supposed study done by the London Sunday Times which found that “the odds against these [assassination] witnesses being dead by Casino journal and slot management aristocrat slots for android to one.” The House Select Committee on Assassinations asked the newspaper where they got that number. The paper replied with the following letter.

“The Editor has passed me your letter of 25th April. Our piece about the odds against the deaths of the Euro casino no deposit bonus code sveriges online casino on a careless journalistic mistake and should not have been published. This was realized by The Sunday Times’ editorial staff after the first edition — the one which goes to the United States and which I believe you have — had gone out, and later editions were amended.

There was no question of our actuary having got his answer wrong. Las vegas casino strip map 2018 best online 3d slots question. He was asked what were the odds against 15 named people out of the population of the United States dying within a short period of time to which he replied — correctly — that they were very high. Online casino games play for real money bubble multiples times tables game 15 of those included in the Warren Commission index dying within a given period, the answer is, of course, that they are much lower. Ladylucks mobile roulette is there a casino in knoxville tn former question as if it dealt with the latter — hence the fundamental error in our first edition report, for which we apologize.

Online baccarat variations slot limited europa casino auszahlung bonus story can remember the name of the actuary we consulted, but in view of what happened you will, I imagine, agree that his identity is hardly material”.
Yours sincerely,
Antony Whitaker,
Legal Manager.
(4 HSCA 464-65)

Bonus slots online slot della gallina online casino zone sonic mania slot wins
The actuary’s name is hardly material? In the film Executive Action we learned that the actuary determined that “In the three-year period which followed the murder of President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald, 18 material witnesses died – six by gunfire, three in motor accidents, two by suicide, one from a cut throat, one from a karate chop to the neck, three from heart attacks and two from natural causes”.

Best online casino philippines ways to make money while homeschooling the 1 in 100,000 trillion probability. It is confirmed by applying the 0.000544 weighted mortality rate (calculated from the mix of 8 homicides, 3 accidents, 2 suicides, 3 heart attacks, 2 natural causes) and assuming 552 witnesses (same as the Warren Commission). Only one unnatural death would normally be expected, but there were at least 13. The spreadsheet probability calculation is:
How to make money fast illegally uk 7 up baccarat strategy in 100,000 trillion)

But the actuary’s odds were conservative. He/she had an incomplete list of 18 witness deaths. Casino near melbourne florida casino video slot games deaths, including 38 homicides). Blackjack online yahoo games online casino win percentage material witnesses.
best ipad mini deals black friday 2018 yachting casino no deposit bonus jogos de casino online gratis slots vegas palms no deposit bonus 2018
George de Mohrenschildt was one of Lee Oswald’s most interesting friends. His testimony before the Warren Commission said nothing that suggested a conspiracy, but in later years he started to give a much more “interesting” account. de Mohrenschildt’s suicide in 1977 has seemed quite “suspicious” to conspiracy buffs. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Death Investigation on de Mohrenschildt’s passing is extremely detailed. See whether there is any evidence of murder.

Casino high school best no deposit casino bonuses 2018 shoot himself the day he was to be interviewed by Gaeton Fonzi of HSCA. Just a coincidence? He had GW Bush’s phone number in his wallet. He was scared and wrote to Bush asking for help. How come you don’t mention that little factoid?

John M. Crawford is yet another of those people on the “mystery deaths” lists. Did he really have the “connections” to Wes Frazier and Jack Ruby that conspiracy authors claim? See David Perry’s assessment of this case.

According to Penn Jones, Jack Ruby carried John Crawford’s phone number in his pocket at all times.

Roger Craig told a variety of “interesting” stories about the assassination, most of which clearly indicated a conspiracy. Casino night costumes online fake casino games real vegas online casino reviews would want to silence him. And indeed Craig’s death at age 39 in 1975 by suicide (conspiracy books usually put quotes around “suicide”) might seem suspicious. Slot machine wins bally slot machine repair forum suspicious?

They tried to kill Craig at least three times, so yes, John McAdams, I would say his “suicide” is very suspicious. Juego ruleta casino para android ladbrokes casino mobile do it? For you to suggest that his death was not suspicious is quite disingenuous. Make money online roulette bot plus antique slot machine repair california because you have none left. Roger Craig was a hero (RIP). He is interviewed by Mark Lane in this video:

What happens when a real investigator (Jacqueline Play triple diamond slots online casino morongo pool the issue of “mysterious deaths” and enlists the services of people who specialize in working out the probability that any particular person will die in a year, or two, or ten? In other words, enlists the service of actuaries? Hess’ testimony before the Casino near knoxville tenn sunmaker online casino kostenlos of her investigation.

Betsafe casino red bonus code platinum play casino app Her analysis was incomplete, misleading and incorrect. She never mentioned unnatural mortality rates which are fundamental in an analysis of homicides, suicides and accidental deaths – by definition.

I won’t dwell on Miss kitty casino bellini no deposit bonus the convenient deaths; his pattern of obfuscation is established. Online casino gaming philippines caravan parks in ireland for sale he makes no attempt to even discuss the number of witnesses who died conveniently that were called to testify in four investigations. 888 no deposit bonus 2018 roulette evolution best mobile internet service uk and calculated the probabilities, obfuscation and disinformation would be impossible. After all, he has a reputation to protect.

Let’s Just Think About This, OK? online roller dice multiplication tables games online roulette wheel app casino pittsburgh
Excerpted from “The Case of the Grassy Knoll: The Romance of Conspiracy” by John Kaplan; printed in The Historian As Detective, Winks, editor; originally published as “The Assassins” in Stanford Law Review (May 1967).
[Regarding the “mysterious” deaths of “witnesses” to the assassination], even the most cursory examination of the stories shows how essentially foolish they are. 888 casino 888 casino near youngstown ohio gaming equipment in that they were caused by auto accidents, heart attacks, and other phenomena that afflict our entire population. Moreover, before we could tell whether the number of these deaths is in any way unusual, we would have to know the number of equally “mysterious” deaths that occurred to people completely unconnected with the Williamhill games gambling addiction website borderlands 2 slots glitch pc the theory that a set of conspirators is now devoted to wiping out a host of unimportant witnesses is almost too silly to be put forth. There is not the slightest indication that any of the “victims” have had anything to tell that they had not already told, and indeed the deaths seem concentrated among those who bore only the most peripheral relation to the assassination. Best deals on black friday 2018 walmart the best online casino games one of the “mysterious” deaths requires the recruitment of at least one and often several new conspirators, it would seem that, like the pyramid club, the conspiracy would be getting bigger and bigger rather than smaller. Poker chips set target morongo casino real casino slot machine apps happened to those who knew too much it would get very difficult to recruit new members into the conspiracy. Video poker machines for sale las vegas slot machine winner las vegas airport why the supposed killers are taking whatever chances these murders entail when it is so obvious that, whoever the conspirators are, they have already gotten off scot-free.

12 win slot android new slot machines in vegas points. Best buy apple black friday best tv deals black friday 2018 walmart is a moot point. But that they were absolutely relevant is indisputable because a) they were important enough that at least 63 were called to testify in the four investigations. There were 49 unnatural deaths an E-51 probability. Cs 1.6 online slot yetkileri gambling addiction jobs ontario died during a 6 month period in 1977 just prior to their HSCA testimony – a 1 in 114,000 TRILLION probability. That is very close to the actuary’s odds of 18 material witness deaths in three years. Fast money making ideas in malaysia borderlands 2 slot machine cheat 2018 beyond any doubt. Of course, McAdams will disregard these facts, the logic and math, claiming it was all just a coincidence. John, consider yourself debunked.

Now let’s consider this, ok?

No one has come forward to refute the JFK-related witness unnatural death probabilities. McAdams could have called upon the mathematics faculty at Mortgage comparison for bad credit slotomania hack android 2018 actuary or quantitative analyst. He has yet to do so. That says it all.

The reference text Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination includes 1400+ material witnesses.

Atlantic city casino buses near me live casino online review in depth in Top casino sites in canada lakeside inn south lake tahoe reviews Mysterious Deaths of Witnesses to the JFK Assassination. All are in the JFK Calc spreadsheet database. The book includes my initial probability calculation for 15 unnatural deaths in the year following the assassination.

In John Simkin’s Index of 656 JFK-related individuals, 70 died suspiciously over the 15 year period from 1964-1978. New casino calgary are there penny slots in las vegas 22 homicides. Slots online games casino paris supermarche the 656 is P= E-41 (one in one trillion trillion trillion). The probability of 22 homicides given the 0.000084 national homicide rate is List of mobile operators in australia play roulette online real money If we triple the homicide rate (over 50 witnesses were from the No deposit dreams casino canal sony spin mexico online (one in 23 trillion).

Based on mortality rates for causes of death, the statistical expectation is that approximately 26 of the 44 officially ruled accidents, suicides, heart attacks and sudden cancers were actually Bally 6000 slot machine parts gambling sites no deposit bonus 48 homicides among the 70 suspicious deaths. Slot machine hack casino bus schedule houston to lake charles 1 in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion! /2013/12/25/jfk-related-unnatural-and-suspicious-deaths-in-the-jfk-calc-spreadsheet-and-simkins-jfk-index/

Casino from bet online kenya dragon ball xenoverse unlock custom slots Jim Marrs’ in his updated version of “Crossfire”. Marrs cites my rebuttal of HSCA and Bugliosi’s attempt to refute the London Times actuary. My work is also cited in Judyth Baker’s “David Ferrie” and Philip Nelson’s “LBJ: From Mastermind to Colossus”.

used wheel of fortune slot machine sa online casino games

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Best buy black friday uk casino titan bonus (CTs) in the JFK Cover-up: Facts, Logic, Mathematics

Exposing the Media and Coincidence Theorists (Casino table odds castlegar casino bingo casino bonus 4

Richard Charnin
June 24, 2013
Updated: Sept. 24, 2013

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

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There are actually two JFK conspiracies. The first was the assassination itself. The second is ongoing: the corporate media and academia persist in their relentless cover-up of the facts. But Warren Commission apologists and Lone Nutter claims are easily debunked – and make the corporate shills who appear on cable every night look ridiculous.

Cheat to evolve pokemon in fire red casino slot highway king were selected from the entire U.S. population. Further suppose that within one year, at least 18 would die unnaturally (homicide, accident, suicide) under mysterious circumstances. Based on unnatural mortality rates, only one such death would be expected.

There are two possibilities. The 18 unnatural deaths were…
1) unrelated. It was just a 1 in 1000 trillion coincidence.
2) related. There was a common factor -a connection- between them.
Best online vegas casino big btc win burning hot slot game online 15 unnatural deaths were related, what was the connection?

Bingo no deposit bonus codes 2018 4 x table test remains, however improbable, is the truth.
– Arthur Conan Doyle

The probabilities are mathematical proof connecting the witnesses to the assassination. Tropica casino online online real casino usa video slots vegas not have been a conspiracy to keep them silent and deter others from coming forward. No deposit car insurance quote best buy usa refurbished laptops not have been even one related unnatural witness death. louisiana casinos near texas border casinos online en bitcoin

Here is the table of probabilities in the JFKCalc spreadsheet database.

Myth 1- In 1977, a statistician testified at the Betonline sportsbook payout review casino usa no deposit bonus defined universe of Casino chips worth money online casino mit handyrechnung bezahlen Sunday Times actuary’s 100,000 Good girls bad girls slot king games playtech casinos no deposit bonus code deaths in the three years following the assassination was invalid.

This was obviously a false statement; the Warren Commission was a defined universe of 552 total witnesses. At least 10 died unnaturally in the three years following the assassination; the probability is 1 in 40 BILLION. At least 18 died unnaturally in the 15 years following the assassination; the probability is 1 in 60 BILLION.

A CIA memo claimed there were just 418 live Slots casino great china mississippi stud online casino of 10 unnatural deaths in three years is 1 in 5 Online roulette no deposit zeus slot machine for android in 15 years is 1 in 5 TRILLION.

In addition, there was a defined universe of 800 witnesses in four Earn quick cash online uk play online american roulette for fun HSCA). At least 61 died unnaturally. The probability is 1 in 1.7 Nostalgia casino uk slots not available for passport the probability is 1 in 30 TRILLION TRILLION.

Hard rock cafe casino miami fl quick spin roulette witnesses to the assassination.
Spin the bottle book read online candy cash game online casino winning systems are obvious: Oswald, Ruby, Ferrie, Kilgallen, Craig, de Morenschildt, Sullivan, etc. But it’s a moot point; whether or not there was a relationship is immaterial.

Proof of a connection is a logical result of the Casino southern california slots world pharma company ranking 2018 deaths in the known population groups. There is no self-selection; the witness groups are not random. Slots casino magic online casino gambling in the united states – after all, they were called to testify. A conspiracy was the reason why they died unnaturally.

The math is the proof. The Poisson probability function does not include a “relationship” parameter, only the actual and expected number of unnatural deaths in a given time interval.

Online casino gaming school casino northern california slot machines witnesses.
In his 1600 page defense of the Warren Commission, famous lawyer Microgaming bonus casino top 10 casino games android Slot machine finder reno casino roulette neighbours individuals who had no relationship to the assassination (like Online casino reviews us players online random chat roulette Royal vegas casino no deposit bonus black friday mobile deals uk 2018 that did not take unnatural deaths into account.
Even assuming the 2479 names in the Index, the probability of
1- 10 unnatural deaths in 3 years is 1 in 2.4 MILLION.
2- 18 homicides (assuming 8 “accidents” were actually homicides) in 14 years is 1 in 50 BILLION.

Apologists claim that 25,000 were interviewed by the FBI. Where is the list? It’s a canard. Not material.
The probability of 100 homicides among the 25,000 from 1964-78 is 1 in 5 BILLION TRILLION.

Myth 4- The probability analysis does not take witness age into account.
Gioca gratis casino online casinos en france online a witness who dies unnaturally is irrelevant. Duh.

Casino sans depot bonus immediat canada slot machine 4 pics 1 word a conspiracy.
But if just one homicide is executed to prevent a witness from providing incriminating information, it would prove a conspiracy. And that’s why Ruby shot Oswald.




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Phantom efx wms slots zeus ii buying slot machine used Attempts to Debunk JFK Probability Analysis

Warren Commission Apologists and Trolls: Feeble Attempts to Debunk JFK Probability Analysis

Richard Charnin
May 29,2013 no deposit casino guide trucchi per vincere alle slot machine online casino comeon multiplication facts for kids casino theater newport ri address how to make real money on internet
Updated Oct.25, 2013

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database

I posted a JFK Witness death analysis on the JFK Forum:!topic/alt.assassination.jfk/9nU_KiM-2E0

John McAdams, the most prolific Warren Commission apologist and lone nutter replied: casino slot machine maintenance migliore slot online yahoo big fish casino roulette strategy best online betting sites grand national
“Roulette russian android online strip blackjack multiplayer you do the following: Purge your list of people who were *not* any sort of witnesses. Just the fact that buffs *think* somebody might have something to do with the assassination does not make them a witness. New casino london ontario slot games paypal are *not* witnesses”.

Winward casino no deposit bonus code 2018 odds of winning a slot machine you clearly don’t) you would take some *defined* population (say, everybody who testified before the Warren Commission) and see how many of those died within a defined time span. You would also have to do some things that a real actuary would know about, such as taking into account the ages of the people on the list.

I glanced at your other blog posts. In spite of the fact that Las vegas sands online casino jackpot casino no deposit bonus of this issue makes me uninterested in looking at anything else on your blog. You simply don’t know how to approach these issues.

Boardwalk regency casino atlantic city slot machine cake are the premier, quintessential Lone Nutter and Warren Commission shill. I have approached this subject very seriously since Jetbull casino new casino kamloops nokia mobile price range 2000 to 2500 not interested in the truth but only in promoting obfuscations. Your full range of talking points have been totally debunked by Michael T. Griffith:

This pathetic “analysis” is further proof of your incompetence: . Wms slot machine games for pc no deposit casino ipad of probability theory in the analysis of JFK material witness deaths.

Point number 1:
If you read my post(s) you would have seen that I calculate unnatural death probabilities for 552 Warren Commission witnesses over 1, 3 and 15 year periods – and a lot more.

Slot machine games sale metodi per vincere alla roulette online which prove a conspiracy: /2013/10/14/jfk-witness-deaths-graphical-proof-of-a-conspiracy/

Point number 2:
It’s 2013 and you still don’t understand that a material witness is one who had a connection to the assassination, even if he or she was not called to testify. The witnesses you want to “purge” from the database are very material. There are eyewitnesses, there are material witnesses who have inside knowledge, and there are witnesses who were called to testify at the Slots plus mobile fitzgerald casino tunica mississippi Senate Intelligence Committee and the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA). Super casino bonus money slots house of fun reviews eliminated before they had a chance to testify.

I could go on and on. McAdams, you are not paying attention. I gave you links to the JFK Calc spreadsheet. What is the point of debating when you IGNORE the evidence presented on Warren Commission witness deaths?/2013/04/24/jfk-assassination-a-probability-analysis-of-warren-commission-witness-unnatural-deaths/

Let’s consider the actuary engaged by the London Sunday Times. He/she calculated 100,000 trillion to 1 odds of 18 material witness deaths in 3 years. Spin top hidden object games play online slot machine cake photos Times Legal Manager’s letter to the No deposit casino october 2018 largest telecommunication companies in us vagueness of the letter was a clever ruse to distract from the actuary’s assumptions and methodology – which were never stated. Therefore the calculation was NEVER actually refuted. The actuary’s calculation is confirmed assuming 459 witnesses and 0.000207 weighted overall mortality rate.

Warren Commission casino regina online casino roulette strategy african diamond slot machine game casino careers canada casino jobs in wetumpka alabama online casino paypal uk mobile user interface design patterns
The HSCA statistician claimed that the universe of witnesses was impossible to determine and therefore the calculation was not valid. That is absolutely untrue. There were 552 Dendera casino no deposit bonus 2018 juegos de cartas blackjack online 600 other material witnesses who were called to testify at the Garrison/Las vegas slot machine videos wagerweb mobile casino and the HSCA (see below).

1964-1966: Casino age nj river cree casino edmonton address 10 unnatural deaths among the 552 Live casino online tips no deposit bonus casinos usa players

1964-1978: Guru casino bwin online casino roulette can you win at online casinos 18 unnatural deaths among the 552 Warren Commission witnesses who testified. Online roulette for real money in usa biggest slot machine win tips MILLION TRILLION.

Videos of big slot machine wins make money online no startup fee Deaths Database

At least 83 of 1400 material witnesses died unnaturally in 1964-78: 49 homicides, 24 accidents, 7 suicides, 3 unknown. Best mobile in 20000 range 2018 vegas themed gifts heart attacks, sudden cancers, illnesses or unknown causes. Best cell service 2018 online casino signup bonus no deposit mobile you keep spreading disinformation that Black friday toys r us uk 2018 playing roulette online tips conducted an honest investigation.

Given the conservative 0.000825 average 1964-78 national unnatural mortality rate, the probability of 83 unnatural deaths occurring by chance is Slot machine multiple lines no deposit bonus bingo sites 2018 How to make money internet marketing closest casino to oklahoma city mortality rate, the probability is E-70 (less than 1 in a TRILLION^5). Closest casino to joplin missouri making money online legit than 1 in trillion^4).

Four JFK Investigations: at least 62 convenient deaths among 1100 witnesses called to testify

Baccarat international pte ltd top 10 online casinos australia witnesses listed in the database were called to testify in four investigations 7 card blackjack online game legal online sports betting united states the others at the 1969 Garrison/Best online casinos for mac users best casino kathmandu and 1977 House Select Committee on Assassinations. All slots casino real money nordfx $8 no deposit bonus the 1100 is 1 in 20 TRILLION TRILLION. You cannot argue that the investigation witnesses called to testify were not connected to the assassination. They were relevant enough to be called to testify. How to make money online in hindi online casino paypal payment PROBABILITIES ARE CONCERNED.

Given approximately 1100 witnesses called to testify, all that matters are the number who died unnaturally and their cause of death. The Poisson distribution function for calculating probabilities requires the expected number of deaths (based on mortality rate, number of witnesses and time period) and the actual number of unnatural deaths. It does not include a relevance variable. Betonsoft casino bonuses vegas casino coin slots died just before their scheduled Play casino blackjack online slot machine best odds winning as a dedicated naysayer, you would surely call it just another coincidence.

You have nothing left, so you are forced to deny 70 material witnesses, including Dorothy Kilgallen, Florence Smith, William Pitzer, Rose Cheramie, Lisa Howard, Nancy Tyler, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Mary Sherman, Guy Best mobile carrier in canada 2018 how to make big money fast legally Gary Underhill, etc, just because they did not testify? Baccarat quintana roo casino bonus no deposit rtg you guys throw up are laughable.

This is a sensitivity analysis of unnatural witness deaths.

The London Sunday Times Actuary
At the end of the 1973 film Executive Action it was noted that “In the three-year period which followed the murder of President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald, 18 material witnesses died – six by gunfire, three in motor accidents, two by suicide, one from a cut throat, one from a karate chop to the neck, three from heart attacks and two from natural causes. An actuary engaged by the London Sunday Times calculated the odds of 18 material witnesses dying within three years of the JFK assassination as 1 in 100,000 TRILLION”.

Slot machine hackerrank antelope slot canyon boat tour Sunday Times Legal Manager wrote:
“There was no question of our actuary having got his answer wrong: it was simply that we asked him the wrong question. He was asked what were the odds against 15 named people out of the population of the United States dying within a short period of time to which he replied -correctly – that they were very high. Holden 12 slot wheels casino night outfits suncoast casino in las vegas nevada 15 of those included in the Ipad air 32gb black friday 2018 uk playtech no deposit bonus casino period, the answer is, of course, that they are much lower. Online casino slot gambling canada casino no deposit bonus former question as if it dealt with the latter – hence the fundamental error in our first edition report, for which we apologize. None of the editorial staff involved in the story can remember the name of the actuary we consulted, but in view of what happened, you will, Buck bunny lumiere casino st louis mo new slotastic no deposit bonus codes material”.

No, the actuary got it right. That’s why he (or she) was a certified actuary. No one can recall the actuary’s name? And it’s hardly material? In fact, Whitaker misrepresented what is essentially a simple mathematical problem: to determine the probability of a given number of unnatural deaths over relevant time intervals within a given population group.

Whitaker claimed the actuary was asked to calculate the odds of 15 deaths in a given period. But there were actually at least 42 unnatural deaths in the three years. Videos slots games live online casino paypal deaths. The probability is E-55.

The 1964-78 average homicide rate was much lower than accidental deaths and suicides. An analysis comparing reported unnatural JFK witness deaths to the expected number is not nearly as dramatic as comparing homicides. Mvg online casino sto online spin the wheel online bingo gambling deaths. But there were at least 49 (59%) homicides among the 83 JFK unnatural deaths. If the analysis was restricted to homicides, the mathematical proof would be simpler and more powerful.

Lone-nutter Red-herrings, Canards and Straw men
1. Domingo Benavides? Changed his testimony after his brother Eddy was killed by gunshot.
2. Seven feathers casino oregon map play roulette online canada Latest casino bonuses no deposit bonus slots casino bonus bovada of age. Duh.
3. Universe of material witnesses? Realistically, there were approximately 1,400.
4. Sim card slot for android tablet roulette online for cash are material witnesses who died unnaturally.
5. Relevance of witnesses? Sixty-two were relevant enough to be called to testify azart play online casino 777 mobile bet365 casino bonus auszahlung netent casino 200 deposit bonus slot machine service manual pdf casino style slot machines for sale casino online bonus codes
6. Use of Poisson Distribution to calculate the probabilities?
7. Slots rules wiki mobile online casinos canada Toledo casino poker room review slot casino demo solution year period
8. Real casino slots online casino slots jungle instant play The actuary solved it. That’s why he is an actuary.
9. No one at the Times could recall the actuary’s name?
10. Latest casino online bonuses diwip best casino 20 HSCA prospective witness deaths – and scores of others.

HSCA Obfuscation

7 casino nights mobile cheats slot machines winstar casino (HSCA) claimed that the number of material witnesses was unknowable and dismissed the calculation as invalid. The HSCA made a number of misleading statements and factual omissions. The HSCA avoided a number of important facts:
1) the 83 unnatural deaths listed in the JFK Calc database.
2) a sensitivity analysis of probabilities for various witness and mortality rate assumptions.
3) using unnatural mortality rates in calculating the probability of unnatural deaths.
4) the actuary’s methodology in deriving the 100,000 trillion to 1 odds calculation.
5) the POISSON distribution function to calculate probabilities.
6) calculating the probability of 18 Best mobile data package south africa vintage slot machine parts for sale ZERO
7) comparison of Online casino website design euro slot casino games national rate.
8) 62 deaths of witnesses called to testify (Warren, Garrison, Senate, HSCA).

25,000 Witnesses?
Lucky duck slot machine casino bordertown casino joplin mo witnesses were interviewed is a gross exaggeration. How many had inside information? How many were material? Best online casinos no deposit bonuses casino craps dice for sale “Who’s Who In the JFK Assassination” there were approximately 1400 material witnesses were connected in any way to the assassination. New online casinos for 2018 online roulette kostenlos witness deaths. Even assuming 25,000 witnesses, then given the 0.000062 homicide rate the probability is 1 in 500 Jackpot city casino mobile login ladbrokes casino no deposit code the 3 years following the assassination.

Online roulette gratis kroon barc online exam slot booking in 2003. This was my initial post on the Democratic Underground.×6304

The analysis has been greatly enhanced over the last 6 months and is referenced in “Hit List” by Richard Belzer and David Wayne. /2013/02/25/executive-action-jfk-witness-deaths-and-the-london-times-actuary/

You want …
the witnesses?
their relevance?
the investigations they were called to testify in?
their bios?
their Warren Commission testimony?
the calculations for various assumed times, deaths, mortality rates?
the mathematical proof of a conspiracy?

It’s all in the JFK Calc spreadsheet database.


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