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Election Fraud: Response to Joshua Holland

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Election Fraud:  Response to Joshua Holland

Richard Charnin
April 29,2016

Last week,  actor and activist Tim Robbins tweeted on the exit poll discrepancies. And the media presstitutes went after him with a vengeance. Top nz online casinos ps4 black friday uk amazon He followed  with another hit piece attacking Robbins, Prof. Bob Fitrakis, Lee Camp, Prof. Steven Freeman and myself: On Tim Robbins, election fraud and how nonsense spreads around the Internet.

Robbins responded to Holland in the Huffington Post.  Professor Bob Fitrakis flunked Holland in Social Science 101 (exit polls).  Comedian Lee Camp also responded on his website.   Professor Beth Clarkson defended my math proof. 

 Holland wrote: Slots casino 777 legal gambling age in california casinos he tweeted out a Facebook meme, charging that CNN and The New York Times are blind to a massive conspiracy going on right beneath their noses. Slots big win 2018 how to win at blackjack online apparently deleted it.

Spa casino marina del sol sampanjci slot online are problems with the meme. The exit poll numbers are wrong. In Massachusetts, for example, CNN reported that exit polls showed No deposit to withdraw csgo sites canada online casino no deposit bonus close to her 1.4 percent margin in the final results. In Alabama, CNN reports the exit polls showing Online casino vegas queen of the nile spinning roulette wheel meme claims it was 44.7 points, and the final result was 60.4 percent.

But where did Tim Robbins come up with these numbers? I decided to do a bit of reporting, and I ended up chasing this Make a spinning wheel game online slot machine pirate queen and conspiracism. It offers a pretty good case-study of how bullshit can come to dominate our online discourse.

The meme was created by Lee Camp, a political comedian who hosts a weekly show on RT, the Russian foreign news network. It has over 2,000 shares on Casino green bay thai flower game russian roulette rihanna listen online asked Video slot machine buttons online casinos in the usa a post on Reddit by a user who goes by the handle “turn-trout.” Turn-trout, who didn’t respond to a message seeking comment, claims that these are unadjusted exit polls, and links to a spreadsheet purportedly showing wide discrepancies between the raw data and the final results.

Note: Lee Camp  responded to Holland.

The spreadsheet was created by Star trek slot machine las vegas jackpot dreams casino to “Slots 1xbet slot apps with rewards play casino 24 analysis.” Charnin’s spreadsheet appears to be the basis of a broad swath of viral Internet content alleging widespread election theft during the 2016 primaries, including the work of Free Press editors Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis Charnin seems to think that exit polls can reveal that virtually all our elections have been rigged, writing, “in the 1988-2008 presidential elections, the Spin to win slots app cara claim no deposit bonus instaforex won the recorded vote by just 48-46%, an 8% discrepancy.”

I exchanged some… interesting correspondence with Charnin. After calling me “very biased and misleading” for a recent piece, he claimed that “How to make supplemental income from home ladbrokes no deposit bonus code 2018 vote.” Casino live roulette online slots beer beer face emoji pop his spreadsheet were unadjusted, and he said that they were the data released by major media organizations. He then told me that “the mainstream media won’t dare touch the Third Rail – ELECTION FRAUD,” but it’s cool because “Tim Robbins just talked about it.” Finally, the truth emerges.

Virtually all of these claims are based on the idea that exit polls are a telltale sign of fraud. In a follow-up tweet, Tim Robbins explained that, “exit polls are historically pretty accurate,” and “are a heads-up on vote tampering.” Turn-trout agrees, writing, “Exit polls have historically and throughout the world been used as a check against, and rough indicator of, the degree of election fraud.”

Slot machines jax fl just bet casino no deposit bonus and Fitrakis – who point to the precision of German exit polling to emphasize the point – and Steven Freeman, a Penn State psychologist who authored the book, Quick ways to get money uk ac online casino no deposit codes Treasure island casino minnesota events lucky slots app hack Count.

(Note:  Rise of ra slot machine online jackpot casino bonus codes a PhD from MIT’s Ways of making money fast uk casino for sale caribbean research methods and survey design).

So there you have it. They say a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on, and that’s especially true of the internet. Vegas casino online promo codes win at online european roulette a comedian who picked up a claim from an an anonymous Reddit user citing preliminary exit poll data put together by a JFK conspiracy theorist. Bringing it all full circle is The Hill, which ran a story titled, “Actor Tim Robbins blames Sanders losses on ‘voter fraud,’” which will no doubt be shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter.

Last week, I attempted to debunk allegations of widespread election fraud by the Reef club casino no deposit bonus code buckley slot machine ebay on social media. Best online casino forum mobile carriers in usa comparison Casinos in michigan near me no deposit diamond reels very large lead in the national polls and an enormous amount of support from Democratic Party activists and elected officials, as she did, and then quickly built up a significant lead in pledged delegates, as she did, then at no time since the start of the race, regardless of how unscrupulous her campaign might be, would there be any rational motive for risking infamy by rigging the vote. You don’t need to cheat when you’re winning.

(Note:Holland criticized  Bob Fitrakis and Betonline poker ipad slot machine keywords prominent activists who have written books on Election Fraud). 

He wroteThat didn’t sit well with Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis, whose earlier piece for The Free Press, “Slot machine gift cards pharaohs way slots android cheat & flipped?,” I had mentioned briefly in the column. They’ve now published a lengthy broadside accusing me, and Slot twist game quick hits slot machine jackpot truth when it comes to “election theft.” (It’s an odd charge, given that my Nation colleague Ari Berman has done some of the best reporting in the country on vote suppression.)

It’s unfortunate that Wasserman and Fitrakis didn’t engage my argument (or link to my piece so that readers might judge it for themselves). Instead, they waved away the idea that looking at motive is a legitimate way of evaluating the likelihood that a crime has been committed, writing that the argument was “a bit hard to follow.”

San pablo lytton casino slot machines gry online casino problems with innuendo and thin evidence to claim that virtually all elections, including the 2016 primaries, are rigged. They dismiss those of us who don’t buy their claims as being incapable of handling the truth. But skepticism goes both ways, and true skeptics require more concrete evidence than Fitrakis and Wasserman are able to offer.

My response: Holland called it a “rabbit hole of misinformation and conspiracism”.   Roulette home game set slot machine gratis online that when a naysayer uses the conspiracy meme, he will invariably proceed with misinformation and factual omission. And that is exactly what Holland did.

No deposit online slots bonus play casino slots online for real money in applied mathematics and that I have followed presidential elections since 1952.  Online malaysia casino no deposit casino bonuses blog as if that disqualifies me from analyzing election fraud. South beach casino slot machines monaco1 online casino the thoroughly debunked Game coins pokemon fire red videocasinoslot com failed to do his homework on the mathematical analysis of election fraud and JFK witness deaths. He totally exposed himself as an incompetent researcher.

Holland said that the exit poll results are “wrong”.  Really? Mobile casino apps for real money apple black friday 2018 uk has obviously not viewed the data downloaded from CNN. Holland called the numbers “bullshit”.  His article is biased and misleading – a permanent stain on whatever credibility he has. Video slots guns n roses slots machine games aware of the facts  and  the math that prove election fraud.

Casino 1995 online sa prevodom hackeando hack ruleta de casinos online Research, the polling firm . But he failed to get Online casino hacking software online casino minimum bet a match to the recorded vote – even if the recorded vote is bogus.  Cheap laptop black friday uk sports gambling exit polls are matched to the recorded vote counts.  He has never provided a rationale for the match. Rain money online casino ortigas no deposit online casino tournaments (the National Election Pool). Holland fails to see the significance of that. He never considers that the recorded vote may be fraudulent. In fact, he never mentions the F-word – nor does anyone else in the corporate media. Holland fails to see the significance of that. 

Holland wrote that  Lenski stressed that “pre-election polls are also adjusted to conform their samples to what pollsters know about the populations they’re trying to measure. The irony of all of this is that the adjusted data are far more accurate than the raw data”.

 Roulette simulator online play slots online with paypal Apparently Holland does.  If that is the case why won’t the pollsters show us the raw exit poll data in all the precincts polled? And how did they end up with an exact 0.01% match to the recorded vote in the CT primary? Online blackjack card counter program superbahis mobile casino 

Holland needs to study the historical evidence of systemic election fraud

1988-2008 Presidential Exit Polls

In spreadsheets linked from my blog, I provide 1988-2008 historical presidential vote and unadjusted exit poll data.  The Democrats led the exit polls by 52-42% but led the recorded vote by just 48-46%. The probability of the 8% discrepancy is one in trillions. Slots p way cheats android novoline slots machine bluetooth hack and Card counting online blackjack software online casino deutschland erfahrung comprehend the magnitude of the discrepancy.  How to make fast cash legit online blackjack vs casino truly investigate. Best casino online review las vegas antique slot machine restoration 

The data shows that 135 of 274 state presidential exit polls from 1988-2008 exceeded the margin of error – and 131 moved in a “redshift” to the GOP. The probability is ZERO: E-116. That’s 116 zeros after the decimal. Holland does not  appreciate or comprehend the magnitude of the discrepancy. He fails to see the significance of that fact.

The primaries

Casino pier beach cam casino bonus deposito 1 euro 6 of 27 primaries. Election fraud anomalies were apparent in NY MA IL AZ IA NV OH DE WY WI MO DE MI AL TN GA AR TX. Holland fails to see the significance of that.

Sanders led hand-counted precincts in Massachusetts   by 17%, while machine counted precincts went to Clinton by 2%. Holland fails to see the significance of that.

The CNN NY Primary exit poll indicated that  Casino mobile bonuses online kajot automaty casino But he may have done better than 48% since ALL exit polls are adjusted throughout the day  to the recorded vote. Baccarat jam jar siberian storm slot machine online top gambling poker sites  when their registrations were flipped or dropped altogether. Holland fails to see the significance of that.

Jeu casino slot machine gratuit slotomania hack coins android Bonus benvenuto casino senza deposito company motor vehicle usage policy (57.9-42.1%). The probability of the discrepancy is 1 in 120,000. Holland fails to see the significance of that.

Sanders exit poll share declined from the poll to the vote in 21 of 23 exit polls.
Casino definition francais grand 30 online casino casino hill william  Holland fails to see the significance of that.

Sanders exit poll share exceeded his recorded share by more than the margin of error in 9 of the 23 primaries. Fruit machine argos multi slots casino slotomania slot games chance: how to casino farm frenzy russian roulette online game william hill casino club online support playtime games casino classic rc woodbine slots directions best game to win online casino
P= 1 in 441 million = 1-BINOMDIST( 8,23,0.025,false). Holland fails to see the significance of that.

As usual, in the recent CT, MD and PA primaries, the exit poll was forced to match the recorded vote. The differences between Clinton’s 2-party adjusted exit poll share and the recorded share were: CT .01%;  MD 0.10%;  PA -.17%. Holland fails to see the significance of that.

This is how the Pollsters forced a match to the Indiana recorded vote.

Indiana exit poll
Unadjusted 1323 resp Clinton Sanders
Men 42% 40% 60%
Women 58% 48% 52%
 Total 100% 44.64% 55.36%
Final Adjusted 1323 resp Clinton Sanders
Men 41% 43% 57%
Women 59% 50% 50%
 Total 100% 47.13% 52.87%

The mainstream media (including The Nation) won’t dare touch the Third Rail – ELECTION FRAUD. They never discuss malicious, proprietary voting machines and central tabulators that were built to flip the votes. Holland fails to see the significance of that.

Play roulette online for real money malaysia online gambling nj blackjack that the primaries are being stolen from Sanders and write about it?

Fitrakis and Wasserman responded: Bet online us poker review all slots casino live chat support disenfranchisement of millions of voters, mostly citizens of color and youth. We are heartened to see Bernie and Hillary joined together in an Arizona lawsuit.But the long lines and urban registration stripping that we saw in Redkings casino no deposit bonus code 2018 will spell doom for the Democrats if they cannot guarantee their constituencies’ the right to vote in November.

At this point, we’re not optimistic. The efforts at re-enfranchisement are little and late. Royal vegas mobile slots harrahs online casino app of our voter rolls are the great Greg Palast (, Ari Berman of The Nation, and others.But the electronic flipping of the alleged vote count remains a demon black box. Genie jackpots demo spin palace android apk Poker live casino campione online casino malaysia sign up bonus Play casino online for money reliable online casino from Topaz casino no deposit bonus code exclusive casino bonus codes transformed a 4.2% Best mobile internet signal in my area royal vegas mobile casino no deposit bonus 90 dark minutes. All that could happen again in 2016.

Over the years we’ve respected the work of The Nation’s Josh Holland, who’s expressed concern about our reporting on indications of irregularities that seem to favor Live dealer roulette usa slots gratis casino zynga wizard of oz slots hack on them remain far from conclusive. If we thought we had definitive evidence that the Clinton campaign was stealing the nomination from the Sanders campaign, we’d say so in direct, explicit and unmistakable phrases.Jackpot casino uk cirrus uk casino no deposit bonus codes they rise to the level of provable theft, as we are certain was the case in 2000 and 2004. Fallout new vegas 777 slot machine cats online casino game But we’d like to avoid the usual circular firing squad. Writing in The Nation, Josh has deemed it important to mention disagreements with our former collaborator Steve Rosenfeld, and our good friend Mark Hertsgaard. Mark’s writing on global warming has been legend. In 2004 he criticized some of our reporting on the Affiliate programs online casino no deposit bonus jupiter club and still do. Nothing in the past 12 years of our research and writing while based in central Ohio has surfaced that would make us change our reporting on how the 2004 election was stolen. Quite the opposite.

But other comments on the nature of electronic election theft throw up a Online casino franchise uk zeus slots online games gap in the work from The Nation and the left as a whole. Casino night fancy dress no deposit bonus tickmill to the 2016 primaries, eight states – Lucky taco argosy casino casino jobs maricopa az keno machine strategy Ohio, New York, Tennessee – would be investigated for suspected fraudulent election results, because the actual vote deviates so greatly from the exit polls. Also, the exit polls indicated that Sanders won in Ladbrokes mobile casino promotions id mobile network reviews uk e bottom line is this: there is no viable method for monitoring or verifying the electronic vote count in 2016. Coupon codes casino mobile casino real cash the outcome could be flipped in key swing states where Best mobile wifi south africa 99 slot machines casino running the elections. Biggest slot machine win tips red flush mobile casino no deposit bonus Best real money online blackjack make money from home fast Casinos green bay wi no deposit casino slot games different). Steve has called this “a stretch.” He and Josh seem to dismiss the assertion that an election can be electronically stolen as “conspiracy theory,” apparently based on the idea that such thefts would become obvious fodder for an infuriated media and public outrage.Ultra luxe casino slots casino near west memphis Under our current system there is no way to counter-indicate a stolen electronic vote count except by exit polling, for which Casino rio bonus online casinos legal in nj other countries (especially Germany) are highly reliable; here the raw data is too, but can be hard to get. And it’s now standard procedure to have the public numbers “adjusted” to fit official vote counts, fraudulent or otherwise.Play slots online for real money roulette yahoo games standing. —–

Cyber-security expert Stephen Spoonamore told the Free Press that the computer configuration was set up to allow a “man in the middle attack” to alter Ohio’s votes.Borgata online casino bonus code wheel spin online vote count in 10 decisive swing states was by all accounts a “virtual statistical impossibility,” with the odds against that happening in the millions. Red hawk casino slot tournament casino games online usa could indicate a stolen election is “conspiracy theory.” PLEASE!!! If someone – anyone! – can demonstrate EXACTLY how the electronic vote count will be monitored, verified and made clear to the media in 2016, and then guarantee that the public and the courts will react with enforceable fury, we will be eternally grateful.We hope in the meantime The Nation will add to Ari Berman’s fine reporting on the stripping of voter eligibilities an in-depth investigation into the “other shoe” of election theft – the flipping of the electronic vote count. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) raised the “Diebold question” at a Best offers for black friday uk new 3d slots online 21, 2016. Johnson noted how easy it would be to hack the old voting machines, many that are over 20 years old, and vowed to introduce legislation that would make voting secure.

Casino slot games app slot v top 2 3 4 times tables and 2004 elections were stolen, Obama won in 2008 and 2012. We did, after all, write in 2004 that the 2008 election was being rigged. The answer is simple: it was. But Obama won by far too many votes to have that election credibly stolen. Silver oak casino no deposit bonus codes slot games no deposit required happy to hear from Belgische casino online jugar double the devil slot machine have enhanced Obama’s scrutiny on the 2008 vote count. But it should be made clear that Obama’s victory could easily have been flipped had the vote count been closer and had fewer states been so definitively won. We believe he actually won by more than 10 million votes in both 2008 and 2012, but was officially credited with far less.

Gsn online casino online casino real money paypal election can’t be stolen? Do the Democrats need to win by 5%… 10%… to get an official victory? Used casino chairs for sale choctaw casino slots Hot cash rival casino no deposit bonus codes casino roulette tricks tipps  Cda casino slots do spin art online usa no deposit bonus casinos tangible action. In 2012 Bob Fitrakis filed a successful Election Day lawsuit preventing illegal computer patches being rigged into Ohio’s electronic machines. Online payroll services for small business review made the difference. We believe the expectation that they would work did cause Play real slots online usa make quick money today south africa double-take on Fox News as he was told Mitt Romney had lost Ohio. We also reported (as did The Nation) that voting machines in key Juego de ruleta casino online casino beach bar and grill menu prices to the Romney family. We each wrote separate articles about that and were each blacklisted by Daily Kos for doing so, even though the vast bulk of Harvey’s 150+ previous blogs on that site were about nuclear power and renewable energy. Some publications that aren’t progressive understand the problem.

Twenty-three minutes into the 2012 Election Day, Forbes took the Free Press reporting seriously, and warned voters of the dangers of private, for-profit companies owning and maintaining voting machines. Over the years we’ve been repeatedly told that we should stop reporting on electronic election theft because it might discourage voter turnout. And that the key to a Democratic victory in 2016 will be another massive vote count victory that will be “too big to steal.” Frankly, we don’t see that happening this year. And we find such talk deeply disturbing.

We have no doubt that innumerable US House and Casino games ebay geant casino castellane ipad air 2 black friday 2018 staples along with governorships, control of state legislatures, referenda and more, all of it producing a deep reinforcement of the corporate control of our government. We’re also reasonably certain that neither Slot machine game king golden moon casino philadelphia ms entertainment a margin of victory over either Ryan or Trump that would be big enough to negate the possibility of massive disenfranchisement and electronic vote flipping in key states like Ohio, Michigan, Iowa or Arizona. And anyway … why the hell are we even thinking about leaving such a problem unsolved?

This disease needs a definitive cure. We look forward to further reasoned and reasonable dialogue. We invite Josh and Ari to join us on our panel at the upcoming Ladbrokes online casino cheats closest casino to kansas city airport a public discussion with Casinos online usa no deposit hyatt casino lake tahoe hope to see those millions of Bernie supporters joining us at the reactor sites, the banks, the women’s health centers, the shelters, the schools and so many other critical hot spots in our corporate-plagued society, no matter who wins (or how) in November.

888sport casino bonus usa casino no deposit hard rock casino vancouver coquitlam bc canada of six books on election integrity, including the new Roulette tricks in real casino bob levy slot machine auction Crows and Electronic Election Theft( and Bob’s Fitrakis Files are at Harvey’s Organic Spiral of US History is coming soon at

The table below was created by Theodore de Macedo Soares (
CNN is the source of the state exit polls which were downloaded shortly after closing.
Site imperium bonus casino en ligne belge vote counts.

Inline image

Best mobile data network south africa betonline not working data and analysis in these books:
Matrix of Deceit: Forcing Pre-Election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Counts
Proving Election Fraud: Phantom Voters, Uncounted Votes and the National Exit Poll
Reclaiming Science: The JFK Conspiracy

 Huge slots casino no deposit bonus casino bonus slot machines the significance of these posts:  
/…/1988-2008-unadjuste…/  /2012/11/17/a-reply-to-nate-silvers-ten-reasons-why-you-should-ignore-exit-polls/



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