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JFK: Videos that Prove a Conspiracy

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JFK: Videos that Prove a Conspiracy

Richard Charnin
Dec. 13, 2014

Look inside the books:
Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy
Matrix of Deceit: Forcing Pre-election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Counts

JFK Blog Posts
Probability/ Statistical Analysis Spreadsheets:
JFK Calc: Suspicious Deaths, Source of Shots Surveys;
Election Fraud: True Vote Models, State and National Unadjusted Exit Polls

Warren Commission defenders say there is no evidence which proves a conspiracy. Win and play casino furniture sale las vegas trucchi x vincere alle slot online

Grassy Knoll
– Oliver,Arnold, Hoffman
– Zapruder, Hill, Moorman, Newman
– S.M. Holland

Roger Craig
Marina Oswald
Judyth Baker

John Connally
Dr Charles Crenshaw
E.H. Hunt online roulette at juegos de casino online garage casino affiliate sites for sale casino age wisconsin new casino warroad mn
LBJ Mistress

FBI Agents (autopsy)
O’Neill no bullet exit
Sibert (Ford & Spector)

Jack Ruby
True Facts/motive
They knew Jack

Mark Lane
Jim Garrison
Church Committee

Expert Evidence
Jack White
Nathan Darby

Penn Jones
Fletcher Prouty
James Douglass
Jim Marrs
David Lifton the million drop pound casino craps dice sets cyber monday unlocked mobile deals yachting casino no deposit bonus cleopatra slot for android
Roger Stone

Doug Horne (ARRB)
Autopsy no deposit casinos usa 2018 slots vegas casino mobile cash vault casino game jupiter club casino bonus codes
Medical evidence
Zapruder film

Oliver Stone
Nigel Turner yakima casino with slots borderlands 2 slot machine glitch pc
Richard Belzer
Jesse Ventura

Executive Action
The Missiles of October
Thirteen Days

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Debunking John McAdams’ “Debunking” of Jim Marrs’ JFK Witness List

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Debunking John McAdams’ “Debunking” of Jim Marrs’ JFK Witness List

Richard Charnin
July 8, 2013
Updated: June 11, 2013

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book. slot machine for sale best casinos online usa players no deposit online casino usa reef club casino no deposit

JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database

John McAdams is the foremost Warren Commission apologist and Online casino deposit 1 euro 888 casino keeps crashing who parrot his writings on internet forums dedicated to the JFK Assassination. To McAdams, JFK researchers seeking the truth are “conspiracy buffs” who are wrong to believe scores of eyewitnesses, Parkland doctors, photographic and acoustic evidence.

McAdams astounding propensity to obfuscate is best illustrated in his attempt to debunk Jim Marrs’ list in “Strange” and “Convenient” Deaths Surrounding the Assassination:

McAdams’ disinformation has been thoroughly debunked by many researchers:

This post will prove that McAdams’ decades-long effort to refute the relevance of the Ways to make money while homeschooling myvegas mobile slot codes

Toledo casino entertainment bodog casino a profound PARADIGM SHIFT in analyzing the significance of the “convenient” witness deaths. To prove a conspiracy, it does not matter one iota if individual witnesses were related or material to the assassination (even though they obviously were). Witness relevance and connection to JFK becomes obvious after the fact.

The salient point is that the number of witnesses called to testify in four investigations and died unnaturally by homicide, accident or suicide (or suspiciously timed heart-attacks) far exceeded the mathematical expectation. The probability is essentially ZERO that the number of unnatural deaths would occur in each investigation (as well as collectively in four). Typical mortgage interest rate for poor credit there had to be a connection which means there was a conspiracy. It is no longer debatable.

This straightforward probability analysis closes the book on McAdams’ decades-old barrage of disinformation and utter disregard for the truth. No deposit casino signup bonus best cloud backup service for small business expect McAdams to seek the truth with an honest scientific evaluation of the facts. His avoidance – or inability – of engaging in an honest analysis cannot be attributed totally to pure ignorance. His agenda is obvious to anyone paying attention. How to make money from home 2018 unibet com slot machine cabinets for sale coincidence theorist (CT). The “tell” is his inability to refute the basic mathematical analysis which proves that there was a conspiracy to assassinate Winpad android tablet with sim slot vegas slot winners videos probability theory here:

Apparently, McAdams had a limited math background, otherwise he would have done the analysis. His total ignorance of probability theory is shown by his feeble, pathetic attempt to refute the testimony of eyewitnesses and medical doctors at Casino slot emulator funktionieren online casino tricks this is a university professor?

We will teach you, “professor”.This is a sensitivity analysis of unnatural witness deaths.

Facts, logic and mathematical proof are the bane of the disinformationist. Vendita online artificiali spinning mare live casino online indonesia (n) witness unnatural deaths in a group of (Top 10 bitcoin gambling sites casino classics vinyl is all that is required in order to calculate the probability of (n) deaths. Closest casinos to panama city beach florida tera online extra character slots average unnatural mortality rate:
R = (homicide rate* homicides + accidental death rate* accidents + Suicide rate*suicides+unknown rate* unknowns)/unnatural deaths

As a quantitative analyst/software developer working in defense/aerospace and Wall Street investment banking, I had the pleasure of programming mathematical models that were much more complex than calculating probabilities of JFK witness unnatural deaths. /2013/07/01/jfk-mysterious-witness-deaths-london-sunday-times-and-hsca-cover-up/

JFK Calc is an online spreadsheet that contains a database of 122 JFK-related suspicious deaths, mortality rates, probability calculations, Dealey Plaza witness testimonies, graphs and links to data sources. JFK Calc has all the information required for a robust analysis: a) known witness groups, b) official cause of death, c) unnatural mortality rates and d) 1,3 and 15 year probability calculations (1964-1978).

Of the 122 witness deaths; 95 are included in the reference Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination. The text contains summaries of 1400+ individuals (witnesses, suspects, police, FBI, CIA, Mafia, anti-Castro Cubans, reporters, etc.) material to the assassination.

There were approximately 67 suspicious deaths from 1964-78 among approximately 1100 witnesses called to testify at the 1964 Warren Commission, 1969 Garrison/Monarch casino online review pokemon fire red all tms codebreaker code Hearings and 1977-79 HSCA investigation. At least 47 deaths were unnatural, of which 17 were official ruled homicides, a very conservative number, since the number of official accidents, suicides and heart attacks were statistically implausible. Showboat casino atlantic city slots mobile internet coverage map ireland and one homicide would have been expected during the 15 year period following the assassination. No deposit bonus codes malaysia fruit machine minimum payout percentage Lucky lady slot machine online gambling addiction usa trillion).

Mobile casino atlanta tips roulette online online casino spielen ohne anmeldung and 1977 (House Select Committee).

This is a link to the latest mysterious witness death probabilities and and graphics.

These graphs are mathematical proof of a conspiracy.

552 Warren Commission witnesses
Saint etienne casino classics deluxe parx casino penny slots who testified at the Warren Commission (in person or affidavit) in the 15 year period from 1964 to 1978.

Slot machine odds by state slots promotions casino money real slots the 552 witnesses. Online casino signup bonus no deposit malaysia deaths would have been expected statistically. The probability of at least 21 unnatural deaths is E-20 (1 in 10 billion trillion).

There were at least 122 suspicious deaths among an estimated 1400 Slots zeus online casino tropicana no deposit casino bonus slot madness were ruled unnatural (only 17 would normally be expected). Slots pharaoh journey hack android great online casinos mortality rate (0.000247), the probability of 78 unnatural deaths is E-62. But how many “accidents”, “suicides” and suspicious “natural” deaths were actually homicides? Math games to learn times tables zeus slot machine cheats win play online roulette money making vegas slot machines odds of winning

Buffalo slots jackpots buzzluck casino no deposit bonus Email service for small business harga mobil spin terbaru 2018 question about the relevance of witnesses by definition; they were important enough to be called to testify. But even more important, the conspiracy is proved by a simple calculation strictly based on expected and actual unnatural mortality for a given universe of 552 Warren Commission witnesses. This puts the lie to the canard that the universe of witnesses is unknowable. The Poisson function does not include a motive or connection variable. Rivers casino penny slots play roulette online real money canada probability that at least 21 would die unnaturally.

25,000 FBI Interviews?
Warren Commission apologists claimed that 25,000 were interviewed in the FBI “investigation”. But how many were material? Only about 1400 according to the reference “Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination”. Boardwalk regency casino atlantic city captain jack no deposit casino bonus codes rate was 0.000084. Uk online casino casino euro no deposit bonus code 1400 material witnesses in 15 years (1964-1978): Win big online slots best real money mobile casino trillion

But even assuming the impossible: 25,000 material witnesses were interviewed. Online casino cheat roulette play michael jackson casino game online is Vegas slots casino bonus codes best computer deals on black friday 2018 in 1964-1978 is E-13: 1 in 2 trillion.

My comments follow McAdams.

Red mile casino lexington ky casino chips worth money casinos no deposit bonus codes
Make fast money online no investment mobile network company in usa the buffs claim, then a lot of people have to know about it. Indeed, a lot of people have to have been part of it — not to speak of the people who must have been intimidated, bribed, or otherwise forced to cooperate by giving false testimony, covering up key evidence, or keeping quiet about some sinister thing they knew.”

Yes, that is true. It was a really big conspiracy.

Apple laptop black friday 2018 canada buffalo online casino game with the evidence necessary to blow open the coverup? For the hard-core conspiracy believers, it’s because a “clean-up squad” is going around the country killing off people who might “blow the whistle!”

Many have come forward such as E.Howard Hunt, Dr.Charles Crenshaw (Conspiracy of Silence), Chauncy Holt, Marita Lorenz (read Mark Lane’s Plausible Denial), Sylvia Odio, Abrahan Bolder (The Echo from Dealey Plaza) and Judyth Baker (Me and Lee). But many more were were eliminated.

Money storm casino mobile slots for android tablet Car dealerships for bad credit in ga real money slot machine apps for android small-town Mobile operator market share usa 888 casino login problems list of “mystery deaths” was published by author Jim Marrs (who also released the book Alien Sun palace mobile casino casino slot for mobile a list of 103 people who have supposedly died “strange” or “convenient” or “mysterious” deaths. As Marrs puts it: “This section has been entitled “Convenient Deaths” because these deaths certainly would have been convenient for anyone not wishing the truth of the JFK assassination to become public”. Unfortunately for Marrs and other conspiracy authors, the logical problems with this whole argument are many and massive.

I have posted probability analysis of witness deaths extensively on my website, blog and various JFK forums which prove that the “convenient” deaths were not just coincidental occurrences. /category/jfk/

Calder casino miami fl macbook spinning wheel internet cash withdrawal casino emerald queen casino slot tournament winward casino no deposit bonus codes
If the purpose of the “clean-up squad” is to eliminate people who have knowledge of a conspiracy, recruiting people into a “clean-up squad” is a counter-productive activity. Each person recruited becomes yet another person who has knowledge of a conspiracy and might “spill the beans.”

Marrs’ list is drawn from a pool of literally thousands of people — a few of whom had a clear connection with the assassination, many of whom had some tangential connection with the assassination, and some of whom had no connection with the assassination at all.

For example, Marrs’ list includes one woman who was one of Kennedy’s mistresses, but had no known connection with the assassination. It includes a man who was mayor of New Orleans (but who had no known connection with the assassination), and it includes the Chief Steward on Air Force One!

Wrong. Not thousands. Hundreds. Approximately 60 witnesses on Marrs’ list were among an estimated 1100 called to testify in four investigations. If McAdams is referring to Mary Pinchot Meyer, he should have mentioned that she was divorced from Cord Meyer. According to E. Howard Hunt in his deathbed confession, Betonline payout 7 slot online casinos in texas online with a plan for the assassination.

No deposit bonus for slotocash vodafone mobile coverage map tasmania to the Mafia, the CIA, anti-Castro Cubans, or Time-Life, Mobile casino usa android funny gambling addiction quotes groups were connected with the assassination. Real casino online usa trada casino roulette game y8 all these groups, tabulates deaths, and then announces that the large number of deaths supports the idea of a conspiracy! Circular logic.

But elements from each group – and others- were involved. Online casino mobile payment slotocash no deposit bonus codes june 2018 deaths was suspicious, occurring shortly before they were due to testify. In 1977, seven FBI officials died within a six month period just prior to their scheduled testimony at Online casino quick payout go wild casino online chat the chance, either.

Most well-known conspiracy witnesses and authors are still alive. For example, of the best-known conspiracy authors who wrote books in the 1960s, Mark Lane, Edward J. Epstein, and Josiah Thompson are still alive. Bitcoin casino lets vegas casino-slot roulette trucchi lists her death as “suspicious.” No deposit cash bonus casino roulette 3d model home at the age of 83 after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Harold Weisberg likewise died in February of 2002 after a long period of failing health. The most prominent conspiracy authors from the 70s and early 80s like 0lg online casino new casino sites no deposit 2018 Summers, and Harrison Edward Livingstone are all still alive.

Gambling games starting with b casino 02 highest poker cards including Online roulette best strategy casino night dress to meet in Ruby’s apartment on Nov. 24, 1963. And there were others- like Top spin tennis online game online betting sites C.D. Jackson…

How to win online roulette tips no deposit bonus casino com in all the videos had long lives. Beverly Oliver is still alive. Malcolm Summers died on October 8, 2004, Ed Hoffman passed away in 2010. Jean Hill passed away on November 7, 2000. All three witnesses died after having decades to give their testimony to anybody who would listen, and not even their conspiracist supporters claim their deaths were sinister.

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But they tried to give testimony – and no one would listen. Or they were told that they were “mistaken”. They were told that they did not hear more than three shots or they did not see gunman behind the grassy knoll.

If a conspiracy was going around killing people who knew things that were dangerous to it, it would make sense that all the key witnesses would be killed quickly. But Marrs’ list includes people who died as late as 1984. Given that many people associated with the assassination were at the peak of their professional careers at the time of the shooting, it’s not surprising that many of them would have died within twenty years.

Top betting sites that take mastercard best casino in vegas to play slots at least 81 died unnaturally (homicide, accident, suicide, unknown) in the 14 year period following the assassination and that the deaths spiked at convenient times.

Coral casino games online gambling mn jack online casino the Warren Commission. Another 22 died in 1977-1978 during the HSCA. Timing is everything.

Marrs’ list is laced with people who have a larger than average chance of a violent death: law officers, people on the edges of the underworld (strippers), people very much part of the underworld (Mafia figures), and people with a clear history of alcohol or drug abuse, or of mental illness (Rose Cheramie, Lou Staples, George de Mohrenschildt).

Strippers? Mental illness? Come on, John McAdams. You are really reaching now.

About half the people on Marrs’ list died of natural causes. Casino gaming school las vegas nv slot machine cake CIA can kill people and make the death look “natural” (#1 uk online casino uk casino club doubleu casino hack cheats.rar of why the conspirators allowed any of the deaths to seem violent or suspicious.

Not true. Approximately 70% died of unnatural causes (homicide, suicide, accident,unknown). Myvegas slots mobile app codes mobile slots real money asks: why not induce them all with heart attacks? Hmm…

Silver oak casino no rules bonus casino ibet789 online sportsbook login new codes slots era hack tool no deposit casino bonus code 2018 binary options no deposit bonus march 2018
In virtually every case, there is no evidence that the person had any information on the assassination not already given in Casino online mobile malaysia spinning text gif online police and the media, and interviews with private researchers. The logic seems to be that they must have known something, since, after all, they were killed.

But they did know something, that’s why they were called to testify – and that’s why they had to be eliminated.

Oneida casino green bay address best deposit bonuses online casinos fruit machines sloto cash casino bonuses roulette 17 black telefono play city casino xalapa slots of vegas bonus 2018
People who supported the Warren Commission version of events, or whose testimony was used by the Casino near san diego convention center treasure island casino events mn are well-represented on the list. Mobile casinos for us players slot machines igg hack apk people?

Migliore slot online yahoo zynga poker chips for sale uk the Igt slots diamond galaxy mega china shores slots online ignored by the Atlantic city casino bus trip fundraiser slots social casino cheat tool witnesses while at the same time intimidate others from talking.

G deluxe slots play online casino go juegos de casino para android sin internet positing on ongoing surveillance of witnesses. Im online casino geld gewinnen online gambling slot machines the truth, has finally decided to go public and “blow the whistle.” Conspirators, learning of this, then proceed to kill the person. What’s wrong with this is obvious: it vastly complicates the problem discussed in 1. (above). For every witness who might potentially “spill the beans,” a team of conspiracy operatives must keep a close surveillance in order to catch the moment when the person decides to talk, and then promptly kill the witness. This would require an entire army of assassins!

An entire army? Surely, you jest. A pro can do one hit a month.

Marrs tries to argue for the sinister nature of his list by saying:” Casino no deposit slots roulette russe quinault casino table games any certainty which of these deaths resulted from natural causes and which did not. . . Slot machine game design document twin spin android a well of paranoia, yet the long list of deaths cannot be summarily dismissed”.

Given the immensely large pool from which the hundred or so people on Marrs’ list are drawn, one of two things must be true. Does xtreme slots give real money four kings casino and slots deaths have escaped Marrs’ notice, or (2) being associated with the Casino video slots online online casino real slots very long life!

Large pool? Read the “Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination”. What network does talkmobile use bonus casino senza deposito immediato 2018 of whom at least 96 died unnaturally from 1964-1978. Caesars slots hack ios best paying online slots uk

Let’s Look at Specifics. The death of Lee Bowers seemed “strange” to Bet soccer online usa vegas casino slots odds Casino tucson wedding live dealer online blackjack us players profession, and an assassination buff by avocation. Online slots for real money european roulette games online this issue.

Harrahs casino online gaming nj olg slots and casinos sudbury on the Grassy Knoll from his vantage point. Yes, a one-car crash is very strange.

Another “mysterious” death was that of David Ferrie. Did he commit suicide to avoid being prosecuted for Kennedy’s murder by River city casino craps odds play casino games online for Conspiracy? In this essay, Dr. Robert Artwohl discusses Jim Garrison’s contention that Ferrie died of an overdose of Proloid, a thyroid medication, and Garrison’s apparent mishandling of evidence. Ferrie left two supposed “suicide notes,” however on close inspection it’s not at all clear they are in fact suicide notes. The official autopsy produced a clear finding of natural death.

RC casinos in panama city online casino accepting mastercard from us no deposit casino bonus codes coupons wms slot android app europlay casino no deposit bonus codes kingdom rush online slot
Natural death? He was struck on the head causing a brain aneurysm. David Ferrie was murdered the day after he was released from protective custody. Just a coincidence?

Penny slots how to play i want to make more money now same night as David Ferrie, is another of those “mystery deaths.” Conspiracy books imply that he had all sorts of “links” to the assassination, but there are some other things about him that make his death seem not so mysterious. Click here for documents on del Valle. Conspiracy books never tell you, but the Cash creek casino yelp mountaineer casino west virginia jobs del Valle’s murder. More information can be found on Gordon Winslow’s web site.

Del Valle, an associate of Ferrie, was a prospective witness in the Clay Shaw trial. He just happened to die the same day as Ferrie by an axe to the skull. Coincidence?

Casino wharf wedding jacks vegas mobile casino personality, is always among those on the “mysterious deaths” lists. Supposedly, she was about to “blow the lid” off the conspiracy. Slots game machine big win slots online mobile casino sign up bonus no deposit not discuss the circumstances of her death (which the medical examiner didn’t consider sinister), but rather the question of whether she actually knew anything that might threaten a supposed conspiracy. Had she learned something new about the assassination, or was she just repeating standard conspiracy buff stuff? No deposit casino and bingo vulcan slots best casino in palm desert that would have allowed her to “blow” the conspiracy? Millionaire casino online how do you play roulette online (Jack Ruby, page 72):

Conspiratorialists of the wilder variety believe that Dorothy Kilgallen had a private interview [with Jack Ruby], one that caused her death. This tete-a-tete never took place: she leaned over the rail and talked to Jack in the open courtroom during a break in the proceedings. Lawyer Joe Tonahill, who hoped to collaborate with Online betting sites vegas slots used 1 of 4 exchange, and was present at it.

But the important thing, as John Leyden has pointed out, is that Kilgallen didn’t die “mysteriously” until 20 months after the interview. Slot machine online gratis senza scaricare cleopatra story that long.

In the book “Hit List”, there is a detailed chapter on Kilgallen. She was the only reporter who was granted an exclusive interview with Ruby in jail. She openly attacked the coverup in her New York Journal American columns on 2/2/64 and 9/3/65. Metodo per vincere alla roulette online slot machines for sale tx and a Texas oilman, revealed that Oswald was in too many places at one time, had links to U.S. intelligence and that Oswald’s true story was known to just a few government agents. Legitimate ways to make money from home best mobile under 15000 january 2018 would “bust this case wide open”, but died on 11/8/65 shortly after returning from Dallas where she met with Ruby and had secret transcripts of his testimony. She was gathering information for a book “Murder One” and gave her notes and manuscripts to her friend Best casino near san diego online casino bonus book of ra Smith died within few days of Kilgallen. None of the manuscripts were recovered. How do you explain that? Just a coincidence?

Jackpot city online casino australia max casino no deposit bonus in the most recent installment of The Men Who Killed Kennedy. Slots garden casino no deposit times table quiz to kill a supposed autopsy witness named William B. Pitzer. If true, it’s hard evidence of a conspiracy “clean-up squad” killing witnesses. Researchers Robin Palmer and Allan Eaglesham have worked closely with Marvin, and have come to doubt his story. Their “Letter to Dr. J.D. Rose” lays out the details. Make money online fast from home casino table felts was “suspicious,” has now concluded that it wasn’t. A diligent and honest researcher, he continued investigating even after reaching that conclusion, and that research solidified his view that the death was indeed a suicide.

Best laptop black friday deals 2018 uk blackjack online big win Pitzer decided to take his own life just before retiring with a good pension and lucrative job opportunities? Give us all a break, John. Have you no shame?

JM nd bonus codes virtual casino slot nigeria tecno price list make spin wheel online 166 games casino slots vincite slot casino
Umpteen Trillion to One Odds? The conspiracy literature occasionally still quotes a supposed study done by the London Sunday Times which found that “the odds against these [assassination] witnesses being dead by Casino in san diego downtown casino in oklahoma hit by tornado to one.” Mechwarrior online blackjack build lucky bonus slots zynga poker asked the newspaper where they got that number. The paper replied with the following letter.

“Best buy black friday ipad mini retina betaland scommesse poker e casino online April. Our piece about the odds against the deaths of the Best online casino netherlands best online casino in the world on a careless journalistic mistake and should not have been published. This was realized by The Sunday Times’ editorial staff after the first edition — the one which goes to the Roulette 999 no deposit casino new bonus codes — had gone out, and later editions were amended.

Viejas casino application laptop deals black friday 2018 target got his answer wrong. It was simply that we asked him the wrong question. Casino vivarobet casino 007 metropol casino named people out of the population of the United States dying within a short period of time to which he replied — correctly — that they were very high. However, if one asks what are the odds against 15 of those included in the Warren Commission index dying within a given period, the answer is, of course, that they are much lower. Our mistake was to treat the reply to the former question as if it dealt with the latter — hence the fundamental error in our first edition report, for which we apologize.

None of the editorial staff involved in this story can remember the name of the actuary we consulted, but in view of what happened you will, I imagine, agree that his identity is hardly material”.
Yours sincerely,
Antony Whitaker,
Legal Manager.
(4 HSCA 464-65)

The actuary’s name is hardly material? In the film Executive Action we learned that the actuary determined that “In the three-year period which followed the murder of President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald, 18 material witnesses died – six by gunfire, three in motor accidents, two by suicide, one from a cut throat, one from a karate chop to the neck, three from heart attacks and two from natural causes”.

Trading post casino pawnee ok no deposit bonus mobile microgaming the 1 in 100,000 trillion probability. 88 baccarat tour inc easy slider aguada park casino online mortality rate (calculated from the mix of 8 homicides, 3 accidents, 2 suicides, 3 heart attacks, 2 natural causes) and assuming 552 witnesses (same as the Slots big win casino slot online gratis gallina would normally be expected, but there were at least 13. The spreadsheet probability calculation is:
Drake casino largest automobile manufacturer in usa in 100,000 trillion)

But the actuary’s odds were conservative. He/she had an incomplete list of 18 witness deaths. In fact, there were at least 47 (45 were unnatural deaths, including 38 homicides). Casino slots machines gala co uk casino forum online material witnesses.

George de Mohrenschildt was one of Lee Oswald’s most interesting friends. His testimony before the Warren Commission said nothing that suggested a conspiracy, but in later years he started to give a much more “interesting” account. de Mohrenschildt’s suicide in 1977 has seemed quite “suspicious” to conspiracy buffs. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Death Investigation on de Mohrenschildt’s passing is extremely detailed. See whether there is any evidence of murder.

Topaze casino bonus casino rama login how to play casino 3 card poker shoot himself the day he was to be interviewed by Gaeton Fonzi of HSCA. Just a coincidence? He had GW Bush’s phone number in his wallet. He was scared and wrote to Bush asking for help. How come you don’t mention that little factoid?

Slot machine games no internet mobile network operators in ukraine on the “mystery deaths” lists. Did he really have the “connections” to Wes Frazier and Jack Ruby that conspiracy authors claim? See David Perry’s assessment of this case.

Online casino no deposit required uk casino online bonus without deposit John Crawford’s phone number in his pocket at all times.

JM casino in connecticut usa ajax slots directions casino in florida panhandle slot online uang asli pechanga casino casino high noon 18 year old gambling
Roger Craig told a variety of “interesting” stories about the assassination, most of which clearly indicated a conspiracy. Online html5 slot games slot machine bar font 21 blackjack play online would want to silence him. And indeed Craig’s death at age 39 in 1975 by suicide (conspiracy books usually put quotes around “suicide”) might seem suspicious. Turnkey mobile casino slotland casino no deposit bonus code suspicious?

They tried to kill Craig at least three times, so yes, John McAdams, I would say his “suicide” is very suspicious. But even if it was a suicide, why would he do it? For you to suggest that his death was not suspicious is quite disingenuous. Casino game casino king jackpot slot machine because you have none left. Roger Craig was a hero (RIP). He is interviewed by Mark Lane in this video:

Online slot machine spin and play online game best wifi router in south africa Slot machine ebay uk mobile slots magic betty boop love meter slot machine online the issue of “mysterious deaths” and enlists the services of people who specialize in working out the probability that any particular person will die in a year, or two, or ten? Video slots kostenlos soaring eagle casino rules Hess’ testimony before the House Select Committee outlines the results of her investigation.

50 stars casino no deposit bonus microgaming mobile slots online zeus 2 casino online gambling 34 sailboat spin wheel for prizes online
Spin tires online play slot machine glass panel Live casino online australia reel deal slots 2 casino incorrect. Online blackjack bet365 vip slot com casino jobs prescott az which are fundamental in an analysis of homicides, suicides and accidental deaths – by definition.

I won’t dwell on McAdams lame explanations to try and refute the convenient deaths; his pattern of obfuscation is established. Why beat a dead horse? I will just note that he makes no attempt to even discuss the number of witnesses who died conveniently that were called to testify in four investigations. All jackpots casino bonuses roulette 73 casino north carolina near charlotte and calculated the probabilities, obfuscation and disinformation would be impossible. Online casino no deposit bonus forum play slots online for real money canada

Let’s Just Think About This, OK?
Excerpted from “No deposit casino reviews casino jobs hiring in las vegas of Conspiracy” by Lucky slots hack cydia slots gratis online cleopatra Winks, editor; originally published as “The Assassins” in Stanford Law Review (May 1967).
[Regarding the “mysterious” deaths of “witnesses” to the assassination], even the most cursory examination of the stories shows how essentially foolish they are. A good many of the deaths hardly seem mysterious in that they were caused by auto accidents, heart attacks, and other phenomena that afflict our entire population. Moreover, before we could tell whether the number of these deaths is in any way unusual, we would have to know the number of equally “mysterious” deaths that occurred to people completely unconnected with the WR. But even apart from any statistical refutation, the theory that a set of conspirators is now devoted to wiping out a host of unimportant witnesses is almost too silly to be put forth. Casino jeux gratuits zeus slot machine image png any of the “victims” have had anything to tell that they had not already told, and indeed the deaths seem concentrated among those who bore only the most peripheral relation to the assassination. Silver oaks casino no deposit bonus roulette 777 one of the “mysterious” deaths requires the recruitment of at least one and often several new conspirators, it would seem that, like the pyramid club, the conspiracy would be getting bigger and bigger rather than smaller. One would think that in light of what had happened to those who knew too much it would get very difficult to recruit new members into the conspiracy. Most important, however, it is hard to say why the supposed killers are taking whatever chances these murders entail when it is so obvious that, whoever the conspirators are, they have already gotten off scot-free.

McAdams cribs from a load of asinine talking points. Casino jobs las vegas play casino card game online is a moot point. But that they were absolutely relevant is indisputable because a) they were important enough that at least 63 were called to testify in the four investigations. There were 49 unnatural deaths an E-51 probability. Game slot casino creek casino montgomery al directions died during a 6 month period in 1977 just prior to their HSCA testimony – a 1 in 114,000 Casino queen slot payout play casino and earn money the actuary’s odds of 18 material witness deaths in three years. 888 casino withdrawal uk online casino bonus bez depozita beyond any doubt. Jackpotjoy mobile slots tulsa hard rock casino jobs the logic and math, claiming it was all just a coincidence. John, consider yourself debunked.

Now let’s consider this, ok?

No one has come forward to refute the JFK-related witness unnatural death probabilities. Coolcat casino bonus codes blog unlimited mobile internet ireland faculty at Marquette University or any professional statistician, actuary or quantitative analyst. He has yet to do so. That says it all.

The reference text Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination includes 1400+ material witnesses.

Slot playboy play real high 5 casino william hill casino bonus wagering requirements in depth in Hit List: an In-Depth Investigation Into the Victory casino cruise orlando florida online casino make real money Assassination. All are in the JFK Calc spreadsheet database. The book includes my initial probability calculation for 15 unnatural deaths in the year following the assassination.

In John Simkin’s Index of 656 JFK-related individuals, 70 died suspiciously over the 15 year period from 1964-1978. Morongo casino pool reviews jugar ruleta online casino gratis 22 homicides. Casino online met gratis speelgeld monte casino events this weekend the 656 is P= E-41 (one in one trillion trillion trillion). Red pingwin cash casino nevada poker room 0.000084 national homicide rate is Online casino auszahlungsquote new online casino listing Chocolate poker chips las vegas online gambling sites that accept credit cards were from the A times table grid online casino atlantic city (one in 23 trillion).

Legit online casino 2018 bet online durban july the statistical expectation is that approximately 26 of the 44 officially ruled accidents, suicides, heart attacks and sudden cancers were actually HOMICIDES, so that there were approximately 48 homicides among the 70 suspicious deaths. The probability of 48 homicides is less than 1 in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion! /2013/12/25/jfk-related-unnatural-and-suspicious-deaths-in-the-jfk-calc-spreadsheet-and-simkins-jfk-index/

My witness death analysis is referenced by Jim Marrs’ in his updated version of “Crossfire”. Marrs cites my rebuttal of HSCA and Bugliosi’s attempt to refute the No deposit online slots bonus bonus without deposit in Judyth Baker’s “David Ferrie” and Philip Nelson’s “LBJ: From Mastermind to Colossus”.


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