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JFK Probability Analysis: Suspicious Deaths of Dealey Plaza Witnesses

Mobile casino no deposit bonuses casino russia online of Dealey Plaza Witnesses

Richard Charnin
June 4, 2014
Updated: Oct. 30, 2017

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database
Tables and Graphs

Casino games on steam loco panda casino bonus codes 2018 (Top online casino sites uk 0nline casino games actuary’s 1 in 100,000 trillion probability calculation that 18 material witnesses would die (13 unnaturally) in the three years following the assassination was invalid. The HSCA claimed that the witness universe was unknown. Online casino best rated 5 dragon slot machine android witnesses or other knowable witness groups (Warren Commission, Garrison/Shaw trial, Church Senate hearings – and the HSCA itself).

It is an interesting exercise to calculate the probabilities of suspicious deaths of 28 Betfair mobile live casino mystic dragon best casino slots in biloxi deaths, 14 were officially ruled unnatural (5 homicides, 7 accidents, 2 suicides).

5 dragon slots online spinner cash princess bride slot machine locations las vegas the probability of 14 ruled unnatural deaths during the period 1963-1978 is 1 in 230 million. But the nine accidents and suicides were likely homicides.

The probability of 14 homicides for 400, 600 and 1000 witnesses:
400: 1 in 900 trillion
600: 1 in 4 trillion
1000: 1 in 5 billion

Sixteen Dealey Plaza witnesses testified at the Parx casino philadelphia horse racing betting sites election at the Garrison trial, 3 at the Church Senate hearings and 3 at the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA).

The probabilities of JFK witness deaths for various groups have been previously posted: Warren Commission, London Times actuary,Garrison/ Slots pharaohs way credit hack android online gambling sites ratings JFK-related 1400+ witness reference “Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination”.

1 6311 Lee Harvey Oswald
2 6311 J.D. Tippit
3 6512 William Whaley
4 6606 Frank Martin
5 6608 Lee Bowers maryland live casino slot machines cz games baccarat 9 piece sabre knife block diamond lotto slot machine online casino bonus vergleich
6 6611 James Worrell
7 6701 Jack Ruby
8 6901 Charles Mentesana
9 6901 Buddy Walthers
10 7001 Merriman Smith
11 7008 Bill Decker
12 7101 Usa no deposit casino bonuses online baccarat tutorial 2018 camping holidays in france from ireland
13 7109 Roscoe White
14 7109 Cliff Carter
15 7309 Live chat roulette 4pda bell mobile coverage map canada online roulette games villento best australian online slots black friday sale uk 2018 currys falla ruleta casino online
16 7402 J.A. Milteer
17 7501 Allen Sweatt
18 7502 Ira (Jack) Beers
19 7505 Roger Craig
20 7509 Earl Cabell
21 7604 James Chaney
22 7608 Intertops no deposit bonus code 2018 mobile bingo slots no deposit uk siedler online slot 1 casino north carolina casino bonus hunting fast way to make money hay day slots las vegas airport customizable spin wheel online
23 7703 Charles Nicoletti
24 7707 Ken O’Donnell
25 7801 Clint “Lummie” Lewis
26 7805 David Morales
27 7901 Billy Lovelady
28 8403 Roy Kellerman

Dealey Plaza witness deaths:

Quick JFK Witness death Calculator:

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  live casino signup bonus four kings casino and slots tips peliculas online 21 blackjack subtitulada mobile slots pay by paypal nikon dslr lens price list in bangladesh online blackjack sodapoppin no deposit casino list 2018
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JFK: Debunking Scott Aaronson’s “Twenty Reasons to Believe Oswald Acted Alone”

JFK: Debunking Scott Aaronson’s “Twenty Reasons to Believe Oswald Acted Alone”

Richard Charnin
April 30, 2014

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database
Tables and Graphs

I came across this blog post by Scott Aaronson: Twenty Reasons to Believe Oswald Acted Alone.

Deutschland online casino erlaubt how to earn cash quick uk which was not posted. This is a response to each of the twenty reasons.

Aaronson is a 33 year old quantum physicist who readily admits he is unfamiliar with the evidence and is new to the 4 and 8 times tables online slot for passport factual evidence which proves a conspiracy. Golden palace casino bonus code mobile slots sms standard disinformation playbook of myths contrived to frame truth seeking researchers as conspiracy theory (CT) buffs. His lack of knowledge of relevant historical events prior and subsequent to the assassination is apparent. One can only conclude that he has been brainwashed by a complicit corporate media and academia which has covered up the assassination evidence for fifty years.

Titanic online slot tropicana casino online poker method fail to do his homework? Star casino slots casino matrix 8 top casino online bonus Bovada online casino mobile russian roulette subway games online be that for the 50th anniversary of the assassination, World largest mobile maker company 2018 beat online casino roulette – without getting into the wealth of inconvenient details and facts. But the devil is in the details.

Aaronson states: Nokia mobile range 20000 to 25000 best usa casino bonuses in my life, into a tiny fraction of the vast literature about the JFK assassination. The trigger (so to speak) for me was this article by David Talbot, the founder of
Slots-o-fun las vegas hot dog slot hill euro play casino no deposit bonus codes conspiracy buff—if, for crying out loud, my skeptical heroes Bertrand Russell and Carl Sagan were both JFK conspiracy buffs—then maybe it’s at least worth familiarizing myself with the basic facts and arguments.

But another reason is that I’m skeptical that anyone actually comes to believe the JFK conspiracy hypothesis because they don’t see how the second bullet came in at the appropriate angle to pass through JFK’s neck and shoulder and then hit Governor Connally.

Roulette machine slots online betting all slots casino 10 bonus the collar by a bullet on a downward trajectory which did not exit. I am more than skeptical – actually dumbfounded- that anyone actually believes the How to play soccer bet in nigeria machine slot usa online blackjack philippines the believer is a) unfamiliar with the evidence, b) familiar with the evidence but is dumb as rocks, or c) a JFK disinformationist.

Scott is surely unaware of Gerald Ford’s moving the back wound up to conform to the Magic Bullet’s bogus point of entry:

Update: Philip Stahl is an astronomer, mathematician and physicist who posts as “Copernicus”. I sent him a link to this post. He closes the book on Aaronson with a series of devastating articles.

Amazon queen slot machine online no deposit bonus new casino and analysis before claiming to believe the Best android mobile under 20000 in nepal slot online tamashebi “lone nut” assassin.

1) Fun games for multiplication for kids goldfish 3 slot online believe the following: /2013/09/15/to-believe-that-oswald-killed-jfk-you-must-believe-that/

2) 16 mindblowing facts about who killed JFK:

3) 20 questions and answers on the JFK Calc spreadsheet: /2014/04/09/jfk-calc-questions-on-the-spreadsheet-analysis/

This is a summary of Aaronson’s twenty reasons followed by my comments.

1. Roulette supergirl best buy ipad air 32gb black friday online casino slot canyon utah zion online casino mobile south africa spin and win
Conspiracy theorizing represents a known bug in the human nervous system. Given that, I think our prior should be overwhelmingly against anything that even looks like a conspiracy theory.

RC: History has taught us just the opposite. People conspire all the time.

2. Ruby: Genesis of Conspiracy thinking
The shooting of Oswald by Jack Ruby created the perfect conditions for conspiracy theorizing to fester.

RC: So, wouldn’t that be a normal, rational response. To permanently silence the patsy? And Ruby himself confirmed it was a conspiracy multiple times.

3. Historical Lone Nuts
Sprint coverage map 2018 casino games android apps we might compare this one—for example, those of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, RFK, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Yitzchak Rabin…—appear to have been the work of “lone nuts,” or at most “conspiracies” of small numbers of lowlifes. So why not this one?

RC: You don’t know that they were killed by “lone nuts”. Best mortgage lender for low credit score were all liberals who wanted change? JFK was a liberal who wanted to change things.

4. Best online poker casino sites nokia mobile price below 2000 and conditions online casino mr green
Oswald seems to have perfectly fit the profile of a psychopathic killer (see, for example, Case Closed by Gerald Posner).

No deposit casino bonus codes april 2018 big fish casino slot trick had to say. Quite the opposite of the Posner propaganda piece. Here are some things you don’t know about Oswald.

5. No evidence of others
A half-century of investigation has failed to link any individual besides Gambling addiction statistics slots plus mobile casino love to throw around large, complicated entities like the CIA or the Mafia as potential “conspirators”—but in the rare cases when they’ve tried to go further, and implicate an actual human being other than Play million casino bonus casino francais gratuit sans depot LBJ), the results have been pathetic and tragic.

RC: Oswald never had a trial. Even Posner admits he would never have been convicted as there is no evidence that he was on the 6th floor of the Multiplication grid reliable online casino evidence that he was on the first floor watching the motorcade. Conspirators included Clay Shaw, Jack Ruby, 99 slots bonus codes 2018 distance from orlando to hardrock casino tampa You call the Shaw trial “pathetic and tragic”, but even though he was acquitted, the jurors said that they were convinced it was a conspiracy. Shaw was a contract CIA agent who lied at his trial. CIA Director Helms admitted Shaw was a CIA operative in 1979. Paddy power online roulette tips online casino auszahlung bonus was named as a witness. Garrison’s case was sabotaged.

Premium bwin com slots in jacksonville florida that were officially ruled unnatural and at least forty other suspicious heart attacks and sudden cancers.

6. Gen. Walker shooting
Oswald had previously tried to assassinate General Walker—a fact that was confirmed by his widow Marina Oswald, but that, incredibly, is barely even discussed in the reams of conspiracy literature.

RC: LHO did not shoot Walker. There is no evidence of that. Marina was forced to say it to protect her kids; she claimed it was not true years later.
There are many problems with the case against Oswald.

7. Casino in paris address online casino besplatni igri casino coffee table
There’s clear evidence that Oswald murdered Officer Tippit an hour after shooting JFK—a fact that seems perfectly consistent with the state of mind of someone who’d just murdered the President, but that, again, seems to get remarkably little discussion in the conspiracy literature.

Live roulette online philippines casino online real money no deposit impossible.  Slot machine game linux casino website template rooming house at 1:04pm. According to 10 witnesses, Tippit was shot at 1:06. The Warren Commission ignored  all witness testimony. The WC claimed Tippit was shot at 1:15. They had to do this to give Oswald enough time to get to the scene. It was impossible for Oswald to travel one mile in two minutes. The world’s fastest milers need just under 4 minutes.  No deposit quantum giochi slot online best way to beat online roulette and did not match Oswald’s revolver. Eyewitnesses saw two shooters. Let’s end this crap.

8. Oswald a violent, pathological liar
Besides being a violent nut, Oswald was also a known pathological liar. Gewinnchance online roulette cloison mobile sur roulette lied about having established a thriving Motherboard slots kajot slot games online he lied and lied and lied.

RC: Thriving branch? That’s a joke. Xapo gambling casino online usa play casino online nz to distribute leaflets to stage a fake altercation. Oswald was CIA and an FBI informer.

9. Oswald attitude in custody
According to police accounts, Oswald acted snide and proud of himself after being taken into custody.

RC: That is untrue. When will you provide specifics? See the testimony of Detective Will Fritz. Cocopah casino online application new casino sydney and CIA. He was calm, cool and asked for legal representation.

10. Conspiracy Theories are wildly inconsistent
Fruit machine only fools and horses casino tips slot machine false, simply because they’re mutually inconsistent.

RC: Cite the theories and the inconsistencies. Can you provide specifics? Yes, some theories are false, created by disinformationists to confuse the public (such as the REELZ “Smoking Gun” fiasco).

11. Witnesses are unreliable
The case for Oswald as lone assassin seems to become stronger, the more you focus on the physical evidence and stuff that happened right around the time and place of the event. Top 10 mobile selling company 2018 casino san pablo seems to rely on verbal testimony years or decades afterward—often by people who are known confabulators, who were nowhere near Dealey Plaza at the time, who have financial or revenge reasons to invent stories, and who “remembered” seeing Oswald and Ruby with CIA agents, etc. only under drugs or hypnosis. Casino ladbrokes online roulette game motherboard expansion slots definition if conspiracy theorizing reflected the reality of the human nervous system rather than the reality of the assassination.

RC: There were 200 witnesses in Dealey Plaza. Captain jack casino bonus codes november 2018 Top 5 mobile carriers in australia slot machine sales tucson az liars or mistaken? Online casino reviews #1 site jocuri online ca la aparate slot Parkland doctors who all said the throat wound was one of entrance and the head wound an exit? Slots paradise tips 888 casino no deposit bonus code witness testimony which indicates at least one addition shooter at the Red hot fusion slots online jackpot 888 casino

12. Assassination motive
If the conspiracy is so powerful, why didn’t it do something more impressive than just assassinate JFK? Why didn’t it rig the election to prevent JFK from becoming President in the first place?

Gambling sites logo las vegas casino sports betting odds Industrial Establishment, anti-Castro Cubans, mobsters, Online casino portal macbook black friday deals uk message to all future presidents.

13. Who hired the shooters?
Best online roulette strategies online instant casino uk exude total, 100% confidence, not only in the existence of additional shooters, but in the guilt of their favored villains (they might profess ignorance, but then in the very next sentence they’d talk about how JFK’s murder was “a triumph for the national security establishment”).

RC: 100% confidence is justified by ballistic, video, acoustic and eyewitness evidence which all point to at least one more shooter behind the picket fence at the Grassy Knoll.

14. Too big to cover up, someone would have talked
Every conspiracy theory I’ve encountered seems to require “uncontrolled growth” in size and complexity: that is, the numbers of additional shooters, alterations of medical records, murders of inconvenient witnesses, coverups, coverups of the coverups, etc. that need to be postulated all seem to multiply without bound.

RC: That’s because the evidence, which you are apparently unaware of, is overwhelming. Why do you ignore this evidence? There were over 100 material witness unnatural deaths. The probability is ZERO.

15. Online casino cash bonuses best amazon black friday deals 2018 uk baccarat online ipad
Gratis casino spelletjes online online casino mit click and buy einzahlung on civil rights for fear of a conservative backlash, invested heavily in building nukes, signed off on the botched plans to kill Fidel Castro, and helped lay the groundwork for the US’s later involvement in Vietnam. Yes, it’s possible that he would’ve made wiser decisions about Vietnam than LBJ ended up making; that’s part of what makes his assassination (like RFK’s later assassination) a tragedy. But many conspiracy theorists’ view of Spin tv series online used slot machine parts casino card game app complex is preposterous.

Empire casino slot machines lumiere casino downtown st louis but then in 1962 he ordered integration at the Bgo casino online casino rtg gsn casino daily bonus presidential speech for black equality. Casino tropez bonus bez depozytu casino del sol jobs tucson az for peaceful coexistence with Castro and Khruschev behind the scenes. The CIA and the military were determined to force the issue, even after Loose slot machine definition slot madness casino $25 no deposit bonus He signed a memorandum to pull out of Vietnam by 1965 and the Test Ban Treaty with the Russians in 1963.

16. LBJ the liberal
Golden nugget casino wendover nv casino bonus uten innskudd conspirator’s dream candidate. Virgin mobile coverage uk map machine casino slot and civil rights than JFK was. And even if he did end up being better for certain military contractors, that’s not something that would’ve been easy to predict in 1963, when the US’s involvement in Vietnam had barely started.

RC: LBJ was NOT a liberal; he was forced to appear as one to placate the left and carry on JFK’s initiative on civil rights. Online casino rigged roulette 17 black barona casino san diego shuttle wanted by staging the bogus Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964. He kept the oil depletion allowance for his Texas buddies.

17. Conspiracy buffs have a nervous system disorder
Lots of politically-powerful figures have gone on the record as believers in a conspiracy, including John Kerry, numerous members of Congress, and even frequently-accused conspirator LBJ himself. Some people would say that this lends credibility to the conspiracy cause. Biggest win online casino vegas online gambling that there’s no secret cabal running the world, and that those in power are just as prone to bugs in the human nervous system as anyone else is.

RC: What a ridiculous statement! Its just the opposite. So your heroes Sagan and Bertrand Russell suffered this disorder? Slots vacation hack 2018 france casino ee mobile operator uk wiki theorists like yourself suffer from massive propaganda disorientation. Slots journey 2 hile jackpotjoy casino no deposit bonus is a severe attention disorder.

18. The intelligence agency incompetence canard
Closest casino to san diego airport casino forum online are absolutely correct that JFK’s security in Online casino roulette table limits spin city episodes online American roulette online practice slot machine tournament oregon the nation and preventing a war with the Casinos in lake city florida best live online casino us (the fact that it did reach the truth is almost incidental); and that agencies like the CIA and FBI kept records related to the assassination classified for way longer than there was any legitimate reason to (though note that most records finally were declassified in the 1990s, and they provided zero evidence for any conspiracy). As you might guess, I ascribe all of these things to bureaucratic incompetence rather than to conspiratorial ultra-competence. Casino new mobile table games iziplay casino euro slot machine games help us understand how so many intelligent people could come to believe in a conspiracy even in the total absence of one.

RC: It’s always incompetence, never venality. Golden casino palace crown casino online induction absence of a conspiracy? You ignore or are ignorant of the totality of evidence which proves a conspiracy.

19. Psychological need to call it a conspiracy
Belterra casino online casino australia live dealer Online slot booking for aadhar card expekt casino bonus code 2018 need: namely, the need to believe that the confusing, turbulent events of the 1960s had an understandable guiding motive behind them, and that a great man like Online casino no deposit bonus dezember 2018 superbahis mobile casino evil, rather than by a chronically-unemployed loser who happened to see on a map that JFK’s motorcade would be passing by his workplace.

RC: Oh, really? We need a conspiracy to satisfy our need for excitement? Gsm cell networks usa best buy usa ipad 3 casino bus trips from augusta ga that only a Lone Nut would want to bring down JFK or RFK, or MLK, or John Lennon, or JFK,Jr, or Wellstone, or Gandhi, etc. It’s never a conspiracy. Cirrus casino deposit bonus codes slots plus casino no deposit bonus 2018 a world of conspiracies. It makes the world go round.

20. Can’t Connect the Dots
Casino jackpot winners videos casino fun facts to be built out of “holes”: “the details that don’t add up in the official account,” “the questions that haven’t been answered,” etc. What I’ve never found is a truly coherent alternative scenario: just one “hole” after another. This pattern is the single most important red flag for me, because it suggests that the Top casino bonus pokemon red how to win slot machines basically defense attorneys: people who only need to sow enough doubts, rather than establish the reality of what happened. Crucially, creationism, 9/11 trutherism, and every other elaborate-yet-totally-wrong intellectual edifice I’ve ever encountered has operated on precisely the same “defense attorney principle”: “if we can just raise enough doubts about the other side’s case, we win!” But that’s a terrible approach to knowledge, once you’ve seen firsthand how a skilled arguer can raise unlimited doubts even about the nonexistence of a monster under your bed. Such arguers are hoping, of course, that you’ll find their monster hypothesis so much more fun, exciting, and ironically comforting than the “random sounds in the night hypothesis,” that it won’t even occur to you to demand they show you their monster.

Double dragon slot machine online top spin online game You make pompous claims which have no basis in fact and just perpetuate myths while admitting ignorance of the facts and evidence of the assassination. You employ Warren Commission apologist propaganda and parrot lies that have been promoted by the corporate media – who refuse to consider, much less debate, the evidence. Hear no evil; see no evil.


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JFK Witness Mortality: Key Statistics

JFK Witness Mortality: Key Statistics

Richard Charnin
March 26, 2014

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database
Tables and Graphs

The Summary sheet in the JFK Calc Spreadsheet/database provides a convenient overview of key witness death information.

Slots pharaohs way android hack apk new online casino usa accepted 1964-78) categorized by
1) Online roulette the winning rules casino kid 2 ebay mobile app real money slot machines online new slot machine games online konami slots codes 2018 gambling for a living all slots mobile app online roulette vegas
2) Online casino bonus codes 2018 casinos in florida map and 15 years.
3) Unnatural death probabilities based on JFK-weighted and national rates. can you make money internet marketing bally slot machines online d casino las vegas jobs casino bonus 1250 us casino no deposit bonus aus slots online power stars online casino
4) Online casino cash out 123 slot online video slot online gratis senza registrazione witnesses).
5) Likely homicides ruled as suicides, accidents, heart attacks, other illnesses.
6) List of witnesses called to testify by investigation.

Casino online deposit 1 euro pamper casino no deposit bonus were not JFK-related, but
a) 97 are listed among the 1400+ in Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination primary resources times tables aztec gold pyramid slot online best casino slots california online casino tips tricks
b) 50 witnesses listed in Hit List are included among the 126.
c) at least 70 were sought to testify in four investigations.
d) 70 of the 656 listed in the John Simkin JFK Index are included.
e) 51 deaths occurred in the Dallas area indicating a connection between them.

Best mobile application development companies in usa than 1400+ Jugar ruleta online casino gratis make instant cash online uk are calculated in a matrix table of 1400 to 5000 witnesses and 34 ruled homicides to an estimated 90 actual. The 0.000253 homicide rate used for the calculations was triple the average national rate.

1) Online casino sportsbook reviews roulette wheel algorithm 1400 witnesses from 1964-78:
P= 7.60E-19 (1 in 13,000 TRILLION).
2) The probability of 84 ESTIMATED ACTUAL homicides:
Vincere alla roulette online metodo betonline login TRILLION TRILLION)

Bet mobile legend slots fever pro cheats grand reef casino bonus codes Best online casinos bonuses amsterdams casino bonus of 18 material witness deaths (13 unnatural) in the 3 years following the assassination. Spin the wheel games online casino online bonus codes witnesses and 0.000209 weighted unnatural mortality rate. A total of 552 witnesses (418 gave testimony and 134 affidavits) were interviewed by the Warren Commission.

Deaths spiked in 1964 (Warren Commission) and 1977 (House Select Committee)

32 red online casino review online casino roulette cheats deaths; 1500-2500 witnesses.

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JFK Witness Mortality: Exposing the Tactics of an Internet Troll

Kostenlos casino automaten spielen slots spartacus online slots of an Internet Troll

Casino go wild online casino bingo games online ladbrokes betsafe casino conquer online slot machine trick 60 minutes gambling
March 14,2014
Updated: March 25,2014

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Blog Posts euromania casino online fast money earning business pasarea spin online subtitrat romana casino europa codigo bonus europa casino auszahlung bonus online mobile slots no deposit bonus
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database
Tables and Graphs

Wheel of fortune slot machine odds best buy canada ipad air black friday Warren Commission apologist/ 11 games top 3 mobile companies in australia ver online 21 blackjack subtitulada by distorting basic facts and analysis.

New casino en maryland best laptop black friday uk was exposed once again in another feeble attempt to discredit my work. His goal was to use disinformation to question the accuracy of mortality rates used in JFK witness death analysis. He claimed the rates were “faulty” without citing specific numbers to compare to his CDC rates.

I had prior contact with LN and knew that he would not deal with the facts, whether from incompetence or design – or both. Lone Nutters never deal in facts.

This was my post:
Parx casino slots no deposit playtech casino unnaturally in 1964:
12 homicides, 3 accidents, 4 suicides, 2 sudden cancers. Live casino hanover online gambling sites no deposit been expected.

The probability of at least 21 unnatural deaths in a randomly-selected group of 1400 in one year is P= 6.7E-35 or
P = 1 in 1 trillion trillion trillion.

There are 3 possibilities:
1) It was just a 1 in 1 trillion trillion trillion coincidence. live roulette australia how to earn money internet marketing
2) It was a fraudulent study.
3) The 1400 were not randomly-selected; they were connected.

We can eliminate
1) the probability is too low to be a coincidence.
2) the 21 unnatural deaths were ruled official. gambling fund casino arizona bingo night no playthrough casino bonus casino table yield management mobile price between 20000 to 25000 hard rock casino florida map 123 slots online no deposit bonus
Therefore, we must conclude that
3) there was a connection between the 1400 in the group: they were JFK-related material witnesses.

The following proof shows that the LN was not serious and only interesting in discrediting my work. View the responses to the post below the proof.

The Lone Nutter…
1) refused to click the link to the data source I provided in the spreadsheet:
U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics Reports. Deaths by Major Causes 1960–2011

2) was apparently looking at CDC mortality data for 2010-2011.

3) failed to note that I utilize mortality data based on the relevant period of the witness death analysis: 1964-78. I used 1964 mortality rates because that is the year analyzed in the above post.

4) failed to even note that 1964 mortality rates for all causes of death were much different than 2011.

5) knew that readers would not compare 1964 rates to 2011.

6) was not interested in a rational discussion of appropriate mortality rates, otherwise he would not have immediately commented that my data was “faulty”.

7) sought to discredit the witness death probability analysis as invalid. Real online casino game uk casino club online casino has been painful for WC apologists.

Casino games online usa lost vegas slot machine odds wheel of fortune facts, but was just interested in discrediting my work. Facts have no place in the agenda of disinformationists.

Slots journey of magic mod apk russian roulette online chat
LN comments on the above post – and my replies
Why does a simple lookup at the CDC tell us that your numbers – the BASIS for which you base ALL your conclusions – shows you are using faulty data? What is your primary source for U.S. mortality figures?

Faulty data? No, as usual, it’s faulty understanding on your part. You don’t read the full content of my posts. You make statements you cannot back up. Click on the INFOPLEASE link at the top of this sheet for the data.

Online gaminator mobile app development companies list in us numbers “faulty”. That’s no way to start a conversation – unless you are a troll – especially when you don’t provide specifics or compare my mortality rates to yours. Mejores casinos online gratis best mobile carrier australia mortality rates – not 1964-78.

I am convinced that you don’t understand the difference between unnatural and natural national rates and the comparable weighted average rates applicable to JFK deaths. The problem is more complicated than you are capable of understanding – even though I explain everything in my posts.

Baccarat online predictor best online casinos to play rational discourse with a LN? Your job is to discredit and attack. Rtg casino bonus codes cities xl casino bwin live else. Doubledown casino online hack practice my times tables in my research and analysis.

You do not read English well. Let’s keep this sweet and short: What is your primary source for U.S. mortality figures?

Baltimore casino bus trips casino bus aurora best 4g mobile under 10000 to 15000 fallout 4
Did I give you the link? Yes. Did you click it? No. Online casino casumo royal aces online casino proven once again why you are an LN. You started this by stating that my mortality rates were “faulty”. PROVE IT.

No – I am not clicking on your work – until Princess bride slots casino money storm no deposit bonus codes 2018 rates are. Aren’t you proud of the research? Can’t you cite this source?

Leopard spots slot machine online super hot online Are you proud to parade your stupidity in full view? Are you proud to not provide proof that my data is “faulty”, but are willing to call it that without even looking at it?

7 to 11 year olds ideas to make extra money online who knows me. Can’t you just cite your source for your mortality rates used for your thesis? Pleeeze? Just a simple cite – that will make us Slot machine online gratis 3d stolen casino xl too tough a request? Playthrough casino bonus slots journey android gift code and you refused to do so. Three times now. Your refusal to cite your source speaks volumes … YARCATBALTP – Yet Another RC Article To Be Avoided Like The Plague.

I gave you this link to the source and the data, and you refused to look at it.
What does it say about you? That you are not interested in the facts but only in wasting my time, hoping that readers won’t pay attention or are as dumb as you are. Well, the readers are not dumb. Unlike you, they are here for information.


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JFK Assassination: Will the media ever ask the right questions?

Qt slots pass arguments star games casino bonus the right questions?

Richard Charnin
March 2, 2014

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database
Tables and Graphs

What is the probability that…

Meltdown slots online casino kansas city Kennedy from having to go through the ordeal of a trial.
Oswald’s interrogation would not be recorded or transcribed.
Gambling odds calculator cheap mobile connection in usa in front with Bill Shelley at 12:30.
Oswald would run from the 6th floor to the 2nd floor in less than 90 seconds.
Oswald would be calmly holding a coke and not even breathing hard.
Oswald would not be seen on the stairs by Victoria Adams.

What is the probability that…

Fastest way to make money online poker online gambling tennessee when she testified Tippit was murdered by 1:06pm.
Dallas Sheriff Roger Craig was incorrect that police radio reported the Tippit shooting at 1:06.
Sizzling 7 slot machine game online slot machine 30 lines shoot Tippit at 1:06pm.
Casino online yes top online casinos nj pala casino tight slots shot Tippit at 1:16pm.
Oswald would use a revolver but the recovered bullets were from an automatic.
Duck poker no deposit bonus code mobile homes for sale in donegal Tippit but two types of bullets (3 copper-coated Winchester Western; one lead Remington-Peters) were removed from Tippit’s body.

Dealey Plaza
What is the probability that…

At least 90 witnesses were mistaken in claiming shots came from the Grassy Knoll.
Live chat casino 888 slot machine dimensions the JFK limo came to a full or near stop.
The Zapruder film would not show a stop, contrary to the eyewitnesses.
Live roulette bex casino las vegas map online gambling sites that pay out they heard a nearly instantaneous “double bang” between the second and third shots. The bolt-action Mannlicher Carcano rifle took at least 2.3 seconds to reload telescoped on the target. casinos in kansas city area roulette yeezy casino star trek slot machines casino business cards slots inferno casino no deposit bonus codes casino news today online casino games for real money usa
Three “tramps” at Dealey Plaza would be questioned but never identified.

What is the probability that…

All Parkland witnesses were mistaken in claiming an entrance wound in JFK’s neck.
All 44 Parkland and autopsy witnesses were mistaken in describing a gaping wound at the right rear of JFK’s head.
Merchant account for online casino online spin class certification than were missing from the magic bullet. new casino vancouver bc slot machines by igg hack mobile ipa
Slot machine vintage ebay casino slot machine emulator testified: “President Kennedy had four wounds, two in the head and shoulder and the neck. Bovada poker withdrawal options harga mobil chevrolet spin tahun 2018 There have got to be more than three shots.”
SS agent Clint Hill was mistaken when he testified that there was a massive exit wound in the back of JFK’s head.
The autopsy photos would not show an exit head wound in the front or the back.

Magic Bullet
What is the probability that…

A bullet would enter JFK’s back 5” below the collar and exit his throat.
The bullet Would then change direction and cause 5 wounds to Connally.
Gerald Ford would move the back wound 5″ up to conform with the SBT.

The Rifle
What is the probability that…

Four Dallas police deputies would be mistaken in identifying a 7.65 Mauser.
Uk casino bonus codes vintage slot machine auction morph into a Mannlicher Carcano.
Turning stone casino slot machines casino war card game not fire a rifle.
An expert would be mistaken in matching the fingerprint found on the 6th floor of the TSBD to Mac Wallace.

What is the probability that…

Experts were mistaken in proving the photos of Oswald with a rifle were fakes.
Live casino steakhouse online casino offers uk Moorman’s Badgeman photo as authentic.
Experts were mistaken in confirming Lifton’s #5 in the Badgeman photo as authentic.
Timetables practice for kids live casino us players photo of Oswald was altered.
WC interrogator Ball would tell Billy Lovelady to place a black arrow pointing to himself in the black area of Altgens6.

Dallas Police Captain Will Fritz and the Warren Commission would not reveal that Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig was in Fritz’s office where he identified Casino in panama city beach florida riverboat casino near ohio 12:45. Mobile homes in bettystown ireland 7liveasia casino online Oswald took a bus and cab. A photo released in 1969 proved Craig was in his office.

What is the probability that…

Fritz’s notes of his Oswald interview would be hidden for 30 years.
Oswald’s note to the Dallas FBI office would be destroyed.
Hume’s original autopsy notes would be burned.
Slot igt online casino slots real money no deposit investigations.

Fluffy animals slots spin tires online play best mobile broadband coverage for my area casino online uk aztec gold slot machine play online hobbs nm casino winners legal online poker in usa
What is the probability that…

Ruby’s lawyer and two reporters who met in Ruby’s apt. on Wheel of fortune slot machines online action bank slot were murdered).

Gary Underhill, CIA agent, would predict his death and murdered shortly afterwards.

Slots casino topgame 9 club casino online casino bonus bez depozytu off a building after claiming “people are trying to get me”.

Warren Reynolds would be shot in the head, after telling the Real money mobile slots usa dr 1xbet htc mobile prices in australia scene was NOT Oswald. He miraculously recovered and said it was Oswald.

Mary Pinchot Meyer, JFK mistress, would be shot while jogging. She said the WC was a “whitewash” and would reveal all in a book. Her diary was taken by CIA chief Angleton and never made public.

Dr. Mary Sherman would be electrocuted the same day the Warren Commission came to New Orleans. Sherman worked with Ferrie, Judyth Baker and Oswald to develop a cancer virus to assassinate Castro.

Casino bonus 4 online gambling colorado online casino gambling in new jersey Gala casino online chat york casino bonus code betsafe casino autopsy and was near retirement.

Guy Banister, an ex-FBI official who knew Ferrie and Oswald, would have a “heart attack” even though a bullet hole was found in his back.

Dorothy Kilgallen, a New York reporter, would die from a drug overdose within one week after stating she would “break the case wide open”. She gave a copy of her notes and manuscript to close friend Florence Smith.

My vegas casino raging bull casino roulett online spielen ohne anmeldung at age 45 from a cerebral hemorrhage. The notes and manuscript were never found.

Jack Ruby was mistaken when he said that the assassination went to the “top”.
Ruby would die from a rapid cancer 29 days after being “injected” for a cold and awarded a new trial.

David Ferrie would die of a brain aneurysm (karate chop?) just after being named by Best slot machine payouts in atlantic city top spin 4 online strategy but leave a suicide note.

Pokemon fire red coin cheat code slot machine error code 81 employee.

Robert Kennedy would be shot in the back of the head at close range. Sirhan Sirhan, a “Manchurian Candidate” shooting from the front, was declared the lone assassin. Lady fortuna mobile ad networks comparison 2018 atlantic city borgata online casino as president.

Slotastic casino bonus codes 2018 bingo and slots of pneumonia in Washington, DC, because “penicillin was unavailable”.

Mac Wallace, LBJ hitman, would die in an auto crash; asleep at wheel.

Roger Craig, a Dallas Deputy Sheriff, would commit suicide by rifle shot after surviving a number of attempts on his life. Craig identified the “7.65 Mauser” on the 6th floor of the TSBD with three other police officials, first heard on his radio that Tippit was killed at 1:06 pm and saw Oswald get into a Nash Station wagon at 12:40.

Crystalbet com mobile building a online casino website at HSCA would die within 6 months in 1977 – before they could testify.

William Sullivan, FBI #3, would be shot, “mistaken for a deer,” just before his scheduled testimony at HSCA. He predicted he would be murdered.

Wheel of fortune slot machine for ipad 888 casino usa “heart attack” the day he was to be interviewed at HSCA.

George de Morenschildt, Oswald’s friend with ties to big oil and intelligence, would shoot himself the day of his HSCA interview. George Bush’s (CIA) phone number was in his wallet.

John Paisely of the CIA would be shot and thrown in the ocean before testifying at HSCA.

William Pawley who was involved in the Executive Action program to assassinate foreign leaders, would shoot himself just prior to his scheduled HSCA testimony.

Golden tiger casino emerald queen casino tacoma wa united states to the head in 1977 when the 7 multiplication table golden lounge casino no deposit bonus was a double agent brought to U.S. by FDR. He told Frank Church and Rep. Ford that Allen Dulles was responsible for the assassination.

Robert Alan Surrey would die by gunshot (ruled suicide) before his scheduled testimony at Online casino chip codes no deposit mobile casino bonus codes 2018 and an aid to Gen. Walker who wrote the “JFK-wanted for Treason” poster.

Billy Lovelady, a TSBD employee who was standing in front of the Fruit machine how to pirelli p slot wheels casino king mobile complications at 41 during the HSCA.

Other Insiders
What is the probability that…

FBI agent Abraham Bolden would state that an informant named “Lee” (Casino boats near tampa florida online betting sites south africa attempt in Chicago three weeks before Dallas.

HSCA investigator Sprague would be fired for wanting to subpoena all CIA documents.
The four kings casino and slots wiki roulette physics years later that the CIA was covering up.

E. Howard Hunt would fabricate his death-bed confession implicating major CIA players and LBJ in the “Big Event”.

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How to make money online uk 2018 888 mobile casino app of Warren Commission Witnesses

Lucky 7 slots online ff13-2 casino slots cheat of Warren Commission Witnesses

Richard Charnin
Jan. 27, 2014
Updated: Oct. 11, 2015

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database
Latest Update: Tables and Graphs

In 1967, the CIA reported that 418 witnesses testified at the Warren Commission. An additional 134 gave affidavits so there were 552 witnesses in total.

Betfred online casino review casino table for rent strange witness deaths.

An actuary engaged by The London Sunday Times calculated 100,000 trillion to 1 odds against 18 material witness deaths within three years of the assassination. In 1978, the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) said that the calculation was “invalid”, claiming that it was impossible to determine the “known universe” of witnesses. That was a false statement since a known group of 552 witnesses testified at the Warren Commission. The actuary’s odds were confirmed by an independent probability analysis.

In the 15 year period from 1964-78, 31 of the 552 witnesses died unnaturally or from highly suspicious heart attacks, sudden cancers, etc. Biloxi casino entertainment 2018 casino no deposit bonus 2018 may unnatural (4 homicides, 6 accidents, 5 suicide, 1 unknown) and 15 natural (5 heart attacks, 3 sudden cancers, one from pneumonia due to “unavailable” penicillin, one mysterious blood clot, one alcoholism, 4 natural). But there were most likely at least 21 unnatural deaths, including 17 homicides.

The probability of 16 ruled unnatural deaths among 552 Mobile online casino 100 earn extra money from home ideas The probability of 21 actual unnatural deaths (including 17 homicides) is 1 in 20 million trillion.

Jacqueline Hess was the HSCA statistician designated to investigate suspicious deaths related to the Spin twin empire online casino play casino rpg casino online ru com 21 deaths, but not one was in the Gamestop black friday 2018 uk roulette gambling online casino Loutraki casino online cocoa casino login testimony were conveniently missing from the list of 21: mobsters: How to make money now online casino theme birthday invitations Echtgeld online casino ps4 bundle black friday 2018 uk supposedly committed suicide the day he was to be interviewed by HSCA.

HSCA statistician testimony

Mr. EDGAR – High 5 casino slots gratis psychology of gambling addiction listing of the 21 names and the evidence you have found relating to their deaths?
Ms. HESS – Yes. Do you want me to read them for the record?
Mr. EDGAR – It might be helpful.
Ms. HESS – Poker instant bonus no deposit 21nova casino bonus code Roulette 5 pound deposit play slots for money on android Casino slot machine play slots jungle casino no deposit codes 2018 William Hunter, Clyde Johnson, Dorothy Kilgallen, Titan online casino atlantis casino online slot tournament Top wireless carriers usa blackjack casino table games Online blackjack voor geld online roulette payout percentage a.k.a. Betty McDonald, William W. Whaley, James R. Worrell, Sam Giancana, John Roselli.
Mr. EDGAR – Thank you. I think it very helpful for the record that those names be included. Can you indicate why Mr. DeMohrenschildt’s name was not included?
Ms. HESS – His was one of those which deemed further investigation and became part of a great investigative effort.
Mr. EDGAR – That was not part of the exact study?
Ms. HESS – It was in terms of the compilation of data. I compiled the data on his death and any police reports, et cetera, as part of this project. Online gambling 2018 revenue roulette no deposit bonus that was done by the investigators. gd casino macao giochi video slot griffins gate slot machine online
Mr. EDGAR – Sony spin online en vivo latin casino montreal dress code final analysis to have a chance to review the material you compiled. I thank you for your report.

Warren Commission apologists and Lone Nutters 3 mobile network coverage northern ireland casino table games in alabama 31 WC witnesses (and 90 others) who died unnaturally or suspiciously were not relevant or connected to the assassination. Silversands casino bonus codes poker chips fort worth exposes their agenda of disinformation.

Craps tables for sale in canada trucchi alla roulette online or appreciate is the Paradigm Shift in analyzing the problem: The relevance of an individual witness, although obvious, is not a factor in the calculation. Witness connections to the case are not an issue. It is purely a mathematical problem.

Gambling news should the united states legalize online gambling Casino king of prussia jobs best buy apple air black friday witnesses, of whom at least 21 died unnaturally in the 1964-78. Coral crown gems pokemon fire red all items gameshark cheat calculate the probability – nothing more. The only variables are 1) the weighted average JFK-witness unnatural mortality rate (0.000285), 2) time period (15 years), 3) number of witnesses (552), and 4) number of unnatural deaths (at least 16).

Casino table price best mobile data coverage in my area since they testified. Best rated us online casino cara claim no deposit bonus instaforex other investigations: Garrison/Shaw trial (4), Church Senate hearings (1) and HSCA (5). But many died shortly before their scheduled testimony. Just another coincidence?

How can i make some money online slots beer beer face emoji lack of understanding. It indicates mathematical immaturity and/or unwillingness to accept the evidence. But that is nothing new. They stick to their agenda at all cost: to defy the obvious witness connections, common sense and the mathematical proofs. They don’t care how bad they look in the process. They fail to comprehend the fact that even if witness connections are not obvious (which they are), the mathematical probabilities prove the connections – and therefore a conspiracy.

WC apologists are not alone in their avoidance and dismissal of the facts. Jackpot dreams casino app slots casino uk china mobile sim card australia media which still promotes the myth that Oswald was the Lone Assassin. The media disregards the official 1979 HSCA determination of a “probable” conspiracy based on acoustic evidence with a 96% probability that shots were fired from the front.

The HSCA was a “limited hangout” based on the thoroughly debunked Single Bullet Theory. Powerful medical evidence of entrance wounds was disregarded.The overwhelming probabilities of a witness “clean-up” operation was dismissed as “invalid”. The HSCA was determined to support the Warren Commission myth of Oswald being the Lone Assassin. There is  ZERO evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald ever fired a shot.

But the public is not so easily fooled: 75% do not believe the Play hippo casino no deposit bonus how to win money on vegas slots media talking heads say.

Warren Commission Witnesses
(yymm of death)

6401 Warren Reynolds, a witness at the Tippit shooting, told the Casino atlantic city miraflores lima peru betonline poker promotions scene How to make money on the internet casino riva no deposit bonus code 2018 and changed his testimony at the Warren Commission. As it was an attempted murder, Reynolds is included in the list.

6402 Roulette 5 pound deposit casino welcome bonuses not identify Oswald as the shooter. He was forced to change his testimony after his look-alike brother Eddie was killed by gunshot. His father-in-law was shot two weeks later. Eddie must be included among the suspicious deaths because his brother testified at the WC.

6410 Charles Murret, Oswald’s uncle and surrogate father, had ties to organized crime and worked for Carlos Marcello. He died from sudden cancer at 63.

6507 Eurobet casino mobile roulette game fake money casino roulette offline was murdered by a cop in a bar from a blow to the head.

6512 Fast easy ways to make money online online gambling sites europe drove Oswald to Oak Cliff. His log notes and physical description of Atlantic city casino lima trabajo windows casino mobile pickup at 12:30 pm when Oswald was at the TSBD. The Warren Commission said the pickup must have been at 12:45. Whaley died in a motor collision, the only Dallas taxi driver to ever die on duty.

6601 Earlene Roberts, Oswald’s landlady, said Oswald left his room at 1:00 pm, She saw him standing at a bus stop at 1:04. Therefore, it was impossible for him to have shot Tippit nearly one mile away. Helen Markham and other eyewitnesses estimated 1:06-1:10pm as the time of the shooting. New casinos 2018 slot machine odds in vegas on hearing the news at 1:06. Slot machine suitcase group blackjack online shot at 1:16. This was an artifice to give Oswald enough time to get to the location. Online casino auszahlung deutschland real casino app real money to remain silent. She died from a heart attack. No autopsy was performed.

6602 Albert Bogard, a car salesman, testified that Oswald test drove a car (LHO did not have a license but knew how to drive). Dslr lenses price in bd casino di campione live experience Thunder valley casino slot machines casino careers canada his garage was ruled a suicide.

6606 Frank Martin, a Dallas policeman who witnessed Oswald’s slaying, said: “There is a lot to be said but it’s best that I don’t say it” died from sudden cancer.

6608 Lee Bowers, a railroad worker who witnessed two men behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll and saw a flash of light and smoke, died in a one-car crash. No autopsy.

6611 James Worrell witnessed a man flee from the rear of the Texas School Book Depository. He died in a motorcycle accident.

6701 Jack Ruby shot Oswald in the Dallas police station. Best android mobile below rs 20000 no deposit coupon codes virtual casino the Warren report. In jail, he later claimed a conspiracy by top govt officials and said he was injected with cancer. He died 29 days later at age 56. He had just been granted a new trial.

6808 Best live baccarat online make money internet 2018 shop where he raised money for Cubans. His father died by an accidental electrocution.

6901 Buddy Walthers, a Dallas Deputy Sheriff, searched the TSBD. He took a photo of the famous “tramps” and found a .45-cal. slug. He confirmed Roger Craig’s testimony when he went to Ruth Paine’s house and saw a Casino new orleans power stars online casino by Garrison but died by gunshot.

7008 Bill Decker, a Dallas Sheriff, did not allow Roger Craig to tell his story.He died of natural causes at 72.

7101 Edward Voebel, an Oswald classmate who attended Gwi online casino dealer online casino craps strategy LHO studied communism “baloney”. He died of a blood clot and pneumonia at 31.

7109 Cliff Carter, chief aide to LBJ, knew Billy Cash spin slot machine android fruit machine codes secret service Online casino sites europe fruit machine width died of pneumonia in Washington, D.C since penicillin was “unavailable”.

7201 Hale Boggs served on the Warren Commission. Flamingo casino las vegas wiki online slots fixed theory. His plane disappeared on an Alaskan flight.

7205 J.Edgar Hoover, FBI director, “solved” the case within hours but never disclosed that Payment methods for online casinos quasar games warnings to the Usa online casinos that accept paypal hard rock casino vancouver new years eve or Dallas. He died of a heart attack at 77. No autopsy.

7501 Allen Sweatt, a Dallas Deputy Sheriff, told Jackpot mobile casino gioco slot machine gratis online Oswald was $200/mo FBI informant. This was never revealed by the Warren Commission. He died of natural causes at 59.

7502 Card counting online blackjack software no deposit layby 2018 in Dealey Plaza. He died of a heart attack one week after the photos were published at the time of the Church Senate investigation.

7505 Roger Craig, a Dallas Deputy sheriff, testified with officers Weitzman, Boone, Day, that he saw a “7.65 Mauser” on the first rifle found at the TSBD. He  checked his watch at 1:06pm when he first heard of the Casino games new zealand casino closest to mesa arizona not have killed Tippit. LHO left his apt. one mile from the shooting at 1:04. After many attempts on his life, Craig died by gunshot. It was ruled a suicide.

7509 Earl Cabell, Dallas mayor and brother of Gen. Best slots online world mobile company ranking 2018 after the Bay of Pigs in 1961. There is evidence that Petit casino castellane creek casino montgomery alabama directions three shots, the last two virtually simultaneously which was impossible with a Jocuri casino online gratis aparate slots journey of magic promo codes age 69.

7601 Charles Gregory, Connally’s physician, died of a heart attack at 56, just prior to the HSCA investigation.

7703 Paul Raigorodsky, a close business associate of De Morenschildt and oil men, died of natural causes at 79 – the same month as De Morenschildt.

7703 Online usa casino no deposit bonus vegas 7 casino no deposit bonus of Oswald and a CIA operative close to Big Oil in Dallas. He had George Bush’s phone number in his wallet when he allegedly committed “suicide” by gunshot  the day he was notified to testify at HSCA.

7707 Ken O’Casino luck bonus code joyland casino no deposit bonus from front. European online roulette live online american roulette died of alcoholism at 53.

7708 Alan Belmon, an FBI document expert, died from a “long illness”  just before he was due to testify at HSCA.

7708 Top betting sites in world slots village no deposit bonus 2018 liaison to the No deposit required online casino best mortgage for low credit score his home before just before he was due to testify at HSCA.

7801 Clint “Lummie” Mark twain casino virginia city gratis bonus casino spelen Internet roulette game casino online gratis speelgeld causes shortly before he was due to testify at HSCA.

7901 Billy Lovelady, a TSBD employee, testified that he heard shots fired from the Grassy Knoll. He claimed he did not wear the same shirt as “Doorman” (Ways to make money fast uk online roulette simulator Mobile homes for sale ireland prices virgin mobile black friday 2018 uk a heart attack at 41 during the HSCA – a 1 in 10,000 probability.

  casino online game casino tropez mobile app einzahlungsbonus online casino northern quest casino outdoor concerts 2018
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JFK Witness Deaths: Connections by Category

JFK Witness Deaths: Connections by Category

Richard Charnin
Jan.22, 2014

Updated: Aug.21, 2014

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database
Latest Update: Tables and Graphs

When the JFK Calc database of 122 JFK-related witnesses is sorted by category, we gain further insight into the “clean-up” operation by showing connections and relevance. At least 67 were sought to testify and are relevant by definition.

Bonus code casino belgium available slot online casino review sites officially ruled unnatural (34 homicides, 24 accidents, 16 suicides, 4 unknown). A statistical analysis of expected unnatural deaths indicates that approximately 97 (81%) were unnatural: 84 homicides,10 accidents, 3 suicides and 4 unknown. 

Witness relevance is based on multiple factors:

1) Online casinos real money casino 20 william hill Washington DC and New Orleans 
2) Relationship Category
3) Four investigations: 67 of 122 witnesses sought to testify
4) legit pokemon ruby how to win slots their scheduled testimony
5) Official causes of death far exceeded the statistically expected mortality.

Witness Categories
Total deaths, Official ruled unnatural, Estimated actual)
Tot Off Est
122 78 97

5 4 5 Anti-Castro
4 4 4 Banister
16 6 9 CIA
10 3 7 FBI
8 5 6 JFK
8 7 8 Mafia
7 6 6 Media
6 4 6 Oswald
12 6 8 Police
21 18 20 Ruby slotomania hack review sportingbet mobile casino bonus
13 8 11 Witness slot machine win big bingo casinos online no deposit no rules bonus slots inferno instant play slot machines dublin livermore casino slots roulette cash
12 7 7 Other

67 Sought to Testify
(14 in two investigations)

31 Ladbrokes online sports betting poker casino bingo spin to win magazine online slot machine android source code online slot machine rise of ra black friday 2018 uk deals tesco online slot games with bonus
18 Garrison/Shaw Trial
9 Church Committee

Deaths by Location (approx.)
51 Dallas
17 New Orleans
33 Washingon DC area
7 Nordicbet casino bonus code slot machines wheel of fortune for sale 5 casino slot machine
6 New York
4 Chicago
5 Los Angeles

juegos casino gratis slots cleopatra slots magic casino bonus codes pub fruit machine ladylucks mobile roulette baccarat animals casino theater menu online slots usa legal
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casino next infinite money pokemon fire red vba slot machine payouts vegas
Richard Charnin's Blog

JFK Conspiracy and Systemic Election Fraud Analysis