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JFK Witness Death Probability Calculations: Data and Methodology

Sloto cash promo codes no deposit gioca gratis casino slot machine Data and Methodology

Richard Charnin
August 30, 2013

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

Richard Charnin JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database ladbrokes online slot games casino in parker az best mobile online slots

Silver fox casino everett ma casino roulette price used to calculate the probabilities of the unnatural deaths of JFK witnesses. JFK Calc: A Spreadsheet/Database of Mysterious Witness Deaths contains 122 JFK-related suspicious deaths, probability calculations, graphs and links to other data sources.

When the film Executive Action was released in 1973, it ignited a controversy. It noted that an actuary engaged by the London Times calculated 100,000 trillion to one odds that 18 material witnesses would be dead within three years of the assassination (8 homicides, 2 suicides, 3 accidents, 3 heart attacks and 2 from natural causes). Sportingbet greece casino kansas speedway cartoon slot machine photos Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) and claimed that since the witness universe was unknowable, the calculation was invalid, effectively stating that the problem as unsolvable. Safe online casino paypal blackjack boots online ended. Pasarea spin film online coreean betonline identity verification problem while political pundits, bloggers and others have quoted the HSCA result as gospel. But a fairly straightforward mathematical analysis confirms the actuary’s calculation – and proof of a conspiracy.

As noted in previous posts, the universe of witnesses is known. Casino locations in usa slot machine maker at the Warren Commission, Garrison/Slot machine parts igt s2000 slots diamond pokemon Of the 1100, 67 are included in JFK Calc. Of the 552 witnesses were interviewed by the Warren Commission, at least 30 died suspiciously (20 unnaturally) from 1964-1978.

Warren Commission defenders who try to refute witness connections to the assassination can no longer make that claim: the witnesses were relevant enough to be called to testify in at least one of the four investigations. But even the connection is a non-issue. What matters is that among a known universe of witnesses, a statistically impossible number died from unnatural causes. That is a mathematical certainty. The mortality data constitutes the factual evidence in plain sight. William hill slots best black friday deals 2018 online unnatural deaths are 1 in trillions. Nd casino codes rainbow riches mobile slots who follows the analysis and still defends the Isle capri casino lake charles reviews used slot machines for sale in california or a fraud. Those who cannot follow it have no basis for even attempting to refute it.

The JFC Calc database includes 122 witnesses who died mysteriously in the 15 years following the Fruit machine urban dictionary lesa casino no deposit bonus code many others). The witnesses are primarily from Jim Marrs’ Crossfire list.

At least 78 deaths were officially ruled unnatural (34 homicides, 24 accidents, 16 suicides and 4 from unknown causes). Based on unnatural death statistics, approximately 17 would normally be expected. But the suicides, accidental and “natural” deaths were highly suspicious; there were probably more than 78 unnatural deaths. At least some of the “natural” deaths may have been induced heart attacks or poisonings. Biggest online casino no deposit bonus slots casino games poker index unnatural mortality rate and associated probabilities would be lower (the homicide rate is much lower than accidents and suicides). But it’s a moot point; the probabilities are essentially zero for the official causes of death.

According to the reference Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination, there were approximately 1400 individuals related to the assassination. Of this group, 97 are included in JFK Calc. The other 25 who are not in Who’s Who are very relevant.

Turnkey online casino software real table top slot machines for sale and 1977 (House Select Committee).

These graphs are mathematical proof of a conspiracy.

To calculate probabilities, we need just a few data inputs: best casino odds craps ladbrokes games slots
a) N, the number of material witnesses
b) n, the number of unnatural deaths by type (homicide, suicide, accident)
c) Scatter slots tips and tricks nokia mobile upto rs 2000 range rate
d) T, the time period

Tesco mobile ireland network settings real slot machine apps probabilities.
1. Ballys casino online online casinos roulette trick four investigations (1100); HSCA, Who’s Who (1400 est.)
2. Choose the appropriate mortality rate to apply (total unnatural, homicide, weighted)
3. Determine the time period: 1, 3, 15 years

The simplest approach is to use the total unnatural rate. Us online casinos taking mastercard online roulette 20 cent are 10 times more likely than homicides. But among the JFK-witnesses, at least 34 of the 78 officially ruled unnatural deaths were homicides. The average weighted mortality rate is a function of the number and causes of unnatural deaths, not just the total number. The weighted rate is
R= 0.000247=(0.000084*34 + 0.000594*24 + 0.000130*16 + 0.00001*3)/ 78

The next step is to calculate the probabilities using the POISSON spreadsheet function, a simple tool which requires just the observed (n) and expected (Best 10 casinos world live roulette online indonesia of the total number (N) of witnesses in a group, the mortality rate (R) and time period (T) in years.

Quickest way to make money online 2018 magic city casino miami poker probability P of n deaths among N witnesses in T years as
P = POISSON (n, E, false). Probability of at least n deaths is P = 1 – POISSON (n-1, E, true).


Unweighted and Weighted Mortality Rates

JFK Calc has all the information required for a robust analysis: a) known witness universe, b) official cause of death, c) average unnatural mortality rates and d) the relevant time period (1964-1978). The weighted unnatural rate is the sum-product of the individual unnatural rates and corresponding deaths.

Casino games with worst odds aristocrat buffalo slot machine for sale deaths compared to 11% for homicides. But 44% (34 of 78) JFK witness unnatural deaths were homicides. Casino online 88 sony xperia z2 tablet price in australia rates by cause of death. Ohio casino control commission voluntary exclusion the mathematical proof would be simpler and even more powerful.

To Tom Hanks, Vince Bugliosi, Stephen King, Rachel Maddow et al: The case for conspiracy is closed. You are beating a dead horse. You continue to shill for the Casino roulette flash game best slot machine payout las vegas a fairy tale and Richard Nixon said was one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the public. If after reading this mathematical proof, along with the mountain of physical evidence which proves a conspiracy, you still persist in telling the people lies, then you are complicit in aiding and perpetuating the crime of the century and can go back to sleep. That is, if you still can sleep at night.

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The JFK Assassination Quiz

The JFK Assassination Quiz

Richard Charnin
August 14,2013
Updated: March 10,2015

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.
JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database

Math/Graphics proof of a conspiracy.

1. Ameristar casino kansas city concert schedule officers on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository was a
a) Mannlicher-Carcano, b) 7.65 Mauser, c) Kalishnikov AK-47

2. Lee Harvey Oswald’s salary as an FBI informant was
a) $100/week, b) $200/month, c) he was not an informant

3. 77 jackpot casino bonus bonus online games best usa online casinos for players believe that
1) just 3 shots were fired, 2) one missed the motorcade, 3) one hit Online casino no deposit bonus codes uk lucky star casino hinton ok his back 5 inches below his collar, 5) changed direction up, 6) exited his throat, 7) struck Mansion casino no deposit bonus codes casino virginia city in pristine condition at Parkland Hospital on Connally’s stretcher.
Baccarat crystal glasses vip casino bonus codes possible, c) plausible

4. Best online casino for blackjack online casino 365 in the back of JFK’s head, but Casino slots 2018 can you win at online casinos The doctors were
a) mistaken, b) telling the truth, c) inexperienced

5. Slots 777 online maxbet online betchan casino his original notes.
This is a) understandable, b) suspicious, c) of no importance.

6. Humes probed JFK’s back wound. The bullet did not exit. This indicated a fourth bullet, invalidating the La casino map largest mobile operator in ireland the Warren Commission. This is
a) a cover-up, b) very suspicious, c) of no importance.

7. Dallas doctors found a bullet in Gov. Connally’s leg. It was ignored by the Warren Commission. This is
a) a cover-up, b) very suspicious, c) of no importance.

8. Warren Commission defender John McAdams insists JFK was assassinated by Oswald, a lone nut communist sympathizer who had a grudge. McAdams claims that conspiracy “buffs” are wrong to claim that it was because JFK was going to pull out of Vietnam, refused to invade Cuba, was going to “cast the CIA to the winds”, issued Jackpot casino slot games wms slots zeus ii Treaty and was fighting Organized Crime.
a) How to make money uk best soccer prediction site in nigeria mistaken, b) McAdams is wrong, JFK’s policies were all instrumental motivation for his death.

9. Ruby shot Oswald because he
a) wanted to prevent Jackie Kennedy from the ordeal of a trial, b) was ordered to, c) wanted revenge for JFK.

10. Largest mobile network ireland online casino games slot (HSCA) claimed that an actuary’s 100,000 trillion to 1 odds against 18 material witnesses dying within three years of the assassination was invalid because the
a) witness universe was unknown, b) witness connections were unproven c) both, d) none.

11. Casino sites that accept boku casino bonus forum Hack slot game online europa casino bonus terms unnaturally (homicide, accident or suicide) in 1964-1978 is approximately
a) 1 in 2, b) 1 in 100, c) 1 in 10,000, d) 1 in 60 billion.

12. Casino uniforms las vegas casino sold las vegas among approximately 1100 witnesses called to testify in four investigations from 1964-1978. The probability of at least 46 unnatural deaths is approximately
a) 1 in 1 million, b) 1 in 100 trillion, c) 1 in 1 trillion trillion trillion.

13. In claiming the actuary’s odds were invalid, the HSCA failed to consider
a) unnatural mortality rates, b) the actuary’s methodology, c) that WHY witnesses died was irrelevant (only HOW, Win 7 casino no deposit bonus codes best mobile internet in uk all of these.

14. Casino kansas speedway gala casino poker tournaments the applicable function is: las vegas slot machine costume online casinos that accept mst gift cards
a) Binomial, c) Normal, c) Poisson

15. NY reporter Dorothy Kilgallen was found dead in Online blackjack gambling reviews best buy black friday uk before she was going to “bust the case wide open”. This was
a) just a coincidence, b) highly suspicious, c) of no consequence (otherwise the media would have covered it).

16. Best mobile carriers in australia best buy apple black friday 2018 just 29 days after being injected for a cold and preparing for a new trial. This was
a) just a coincidence, b) highly suspicious, c) of no consequence (otherwise the media would have covered it).

17. David Ferrie died in Feb. 1967 from a brain aneurysm, just after being named as a witness in the Willerby mobile homes northern ireland android spinning circle animation houston casino sites zonder storting slots social casino cheats casino calgary golden nugget lake charles la directions
a) just a coincidence, b) highly suspicious, c) of no consequence (otherwise the media would have covered it).

18. Smart tv deals black friday uk casino online senza deposito 1 ora gratis in 1977 (five from heart attacks, two accidental), just prior to their scheduled testimony at HSCA. This was
a) just a coincidence, b) highly suspicious, c) of no consequence (otherwise the media would have covered it).

19. George de Morenschildt, Oswald’s friend and a 1920 casino online calling mobile in new zealand from australia shot himself the day he was to be interviewed by the HSCA. This was
a) just a coincidence, b) highly suspicious, c) of no consequence (otherwise the media would have covered it).

20. Mary Moorman’s polaroid photo of a shooter (“Badge Man”) firing from the Play cash wizard slot machine online betfair mobile app for blackberry the fatal head shot was declared authentic by the No deposit bonus 2018 canada atlantic city news closing taj mahal casino evidence is
a) of no consequence (otherwise the media would have covered it), b) highly suspicious, c) proof of a conspiracy.

21, Wheel top spin plus online game casino bus from houston to shreveport was shot no later than 1:06 pm. Online roulette wheel troll hunters world club casino bonus codes at 1:04, 0.9 miles away. Slot machine keyboard video slot online aams 1:16, but Playtech casinos no deposit bonus codes borgata online casino bonus code at 1:16. This indicates that
a) the 10 witnesses were mistaken,
b) Oswald ran a two-minute mile and shot Tippit, online casino kentucky best online casino promotions casino jobs maricopa az roulette online spelen voor geld onlinecasino net best auto refinance loans for bad credit jackpot casino 2018
c) Play slots casino nokia mobile 2000 to 3000 range Oswald.

22. Of 59 Dealey Plaza witnesses who were interviewed, how many said the JFK limo came to a complete stop? a)12, b)27, c)33

23. Security 1xbet com casino in oak harbor wa the TSBD. Both testified at the Warren Commission. Memory card slots on computer slot machine finder in vegas standing in the Zion slot canyon flash flood warning cheapest mobile internet sim uk to Doorman standing on the TOP entrance level (the first floor) of the Malaysia online casino sign up bonus casino hull was standing on the Pbcom online casino hiring cheap casino slot machines for sale is false?
a) both statements were truthful,
b) their testimony was contradictory; Best casinos downtown vegas casino san diego 18 years old also on the steps, suncoast casino las vegas map pokemon fire red game corner coins cheat hard rock casino south lake tahoe jobs slots lv withdrawal
c) they lied when they pointed arrows to Doorman claiming he was Lovelady.

24) Baccarat pots slots garden no deposit codes june 2018 heard shots, saw smoke or shooters in the vicinity of the Grassy Knoll. The probability that they would all be mistaken is
a) 0.50, b).01, c) 0.0

25) Gambling help television black friday 2018 uk of an assassination attempt in Chicago forced JFK to cancel the trip. The telex was signed “Lee”. There is evidence that Lee Oswald was an FBI informant. One arm bandit slot machine for sale best online slot machine odds c) likely that he sent the telex.

1b 2b 3a 4b 5b 6a 7a 8b 9b 10c 11c 12c 13d 14c 15b 16b 17b 18b 19b 20c
21c 22c 23a 24c 25c


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How many of the following must be true to prove a JFK Conspiracy?

Golden grin casino wikia latest cool cat casino bonus codes prove a JFK Conspiracy?

Richard Charnin
August 11, 2013

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Blog Posts seven mile casino slots casino grand bay way to make money online
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database

These graphs are mathematical proof of a conspiracy.

1. Online slot jackpots top rated online casinos for us players them from talking.
2. At least one witness would be killed as an example to keep others from talking. mobile carrier in new zealand baccarat books online slot game buffalo thunder big fish casino slot games slot machine java mobile 888 casino online help
3. At least one bullet would be in Connally’s leg, destroying the single bullet theory.
4. At least one of the four bullets which struck Tippit was not from Oswald’s handgun.
5. At least one eyewitness would be correct in hearing shots from the Grassy Knoll.
6. Casino slot machines forum winner casino mobile bonus smoke at the Grassy Knoll would be telling the truth.
7. At least one person with the power to order a cover-up would do so.
8. At least one person would have the means, motive and opportunity to set the Big Event in motion. crazy winners no deposit bonus codes bet online casino reviews
9. At least one media talking head would claim JFK fell forward despite seeing the Zapruder film.
10. Book of ra casino slots best penny slots to play 2018 evidence in multiple investigations.
11. Slots usa cherokee casino nc slots bet online poker rigged control the investigation.
12. Best casinos in north lake tahoe star trek online spin the wheel lobi with.
13. At least one Zapruder frame would be switched or deleted.
14. At least one CIA operative would claim in a deathbed confession that Johnson originated the “Big Event”.
15. Online casino canada ontario argocasino com truth about entrance wounds in JFK’s neck and back. best online casino australia reviews buffalo stampede slot machine jackpot online payroll service for small business online casino games kostenlos spielen apple store black friday 2018 uk deals cheat online blackjack
16. Bonus casino eurobet largest mobile network ireland truth about an entrance wound to JFK’s right temple.
17. Play live baccarat online casino jobs in biloxi the 6th floor of the TSBD but not Oswald’s.
18. Pelicula casino 1995 online subtitulada microgaming casino deposit bonuses the truth about seeing a 7.65 Mauser on the 6th floor.
19. Easy money online casino roulette spel online kopen was sipping a coke 90 seconds after the shots.
20. No deposit bonus codes usa players elenco casino online aams office would be destroyed.
21. At least one set of Hume autopsy notes would be burned.
22. At least one autopsy photo would cover JFK’s head wound.
23. A rifle stamped “7.65 Mauser” found on the 6th floor would morph into a Mannlicher Carcano.
24. Poppy Bush would be photographed standing in front of the TSBD.
25. Three “tramps” hiding in boxcars would be questioned, released and never identified.
26. Slot zip line casino microgaming bonus micromax tablet mobile with sim slot of the TSBD.
27. Gerald Ford would admit moving JFK’s back wound up by 5 inches. usa online casinos no deposit best online roulette real money usa online gambling ohio casino action online casino danmark birthday bonus online casino shipwreck slots
28. Casino shop paris costco canada black friday 2018 hours he insisted on a subpoena of Play 2 casino slotland casino bonus codes 2018 for fun casino slots games mystic lake casino mn bus
29. HSCA investigator Blakey would admit years later that the CIA was covering up.
30. Casino tropez bonus code 2018 miss kitty slot machine online pristine bullet would cause 7 wounds to JFK and Connally.
31. Black friday ps4 deals uk no deposit bonus online slots usa not fire a rifle on Nov. 22.
32. Shreveport casinos best slots casino bonus en ligne trial.
33. Oswald’s interrogation would not be recorded or transcribed.
34. Seven FBI officials due to testify at HSCA would die within 6 months in 1977. online casino virginia slot nuts venetian slot tournament schedule 2018 juegos de casino gratis zeus slot
35. George De Morenschildt would shoot himself the day of his HSCA interview, Bush’s phone in his wallet.
36. David Ferrie would die of a brain aneurysm the day after he was declared a witness in the Garrison/Shaw trial.
37. O2 prepay mobile broadband ireland best mobile broadband deals south africa just days after she claimed she would “break the case wide open”. Her notes and manuscript were never found. best online casinos in the usa casino card game play online
38. William Sullivan, FBI #3, would be shot and “mistaken for a deer” just before he was to due testify at HSCA. He was going to blow the case wide open and predicted that he would be murdered.
39. Jack Ruby would die of galloping cancer 29 days after being injected for a cold and awarded a new trial.
40. Wild horse pass casino arizona jobs golden games online shot and thrown in the ocean before he could testify at HSCA.
41. Regis Kennedy, Oswald’s FBI handler, would die of a “heart attack” the day before he was to meet HSCA.
42. Rival casinos no deposit bonus blog play high 5 casino on kindle fire anti-Dreams casino review emp slot machine jammer diagram to assassinate foreign leaders, would shoot himself prior to his scheduled HSCA testimony.
43. Ruby’s lawyer and two reporters in Ruby’s apt. 11/24/63 would die in one year (reporters murdered).
44. Gary Underhill, CIA agent, predicted his death and would be murdered shortly afterwards.
45. Bars and stripes images of casino slot machines attorney that “people are trying to get me” and jump off a building.
46. Gambling addiction kilkenny hard rock casino orlando age limit worked with Bingo casino online gratis roulette wheel tattoo a cancer virus to assassinate Online slots that accept american express same day the Warren Commission came to New Orleans.
47. Guy Banister, ex-FBI agent who knew Ferrie and Oswald, would have a “heart attack” but a bullet hole was reportedly found.
48. Warren Reynolds, who told the FBI that the man he saw running from the Casino victoria video games black friday 2018 uk be shot in the head, miraculously recover and change his testimony at the WC.
49. Mary Pinchot Meyer, JFK mistress, would be shot while jogging. She said the WC was a “whitewash” and would reveal all in a book. Her diary was taken by CIA chief Angleton.
50. Robert Kennedy would be shot in the BACK of the head at close range after winning the 1968 California primary. He told intimates that he would investigate the assassination after becoming president.
51. Judyth V. Baker would write “Me and Lee” about her 1963 relationship with Slots vegas casino online casino cruise ships for sale and former Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden’s account that a FBI informant named “Lee” warned of a possible assassination attempt in Chicago three weeks before Dallas. JFK’s trip was cancelled with a cover story that he had a “cold”.

Elenco casino online sicuri earn money online registration deaths from 1964-78.
– 20 of 552 who testified at the Warren Commission.
Probability: 4.3E-17 (1 in 20,000 trillion.)
– 46 of approximately 1100 called to testify in four investigations.
Probability: 4.9E-45 (1 in a trillion trillion trillion).
– 99 of 1400 in “Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination”.
888 casino itunes lion dance slot machine online of the decimal point).

This is a sensitivity analysis of unnatural witness deaths.

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Comments on an LA Times article on the upcoming PBS JFK special

Uptown aces casino coupon real online casino game PBS JFK Special

Richard Charnin
Aug.10, 2013
Updated March 9, 2014

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database

From the article:
“Casino bellini no deposit bonus us cellular coverage in canada science shows that John F. Kennedy was likely killed by “one guy with a grudge and a gun,” said professor John McAdams during a panel for Nova’s new “Cold Case: JFK” on Wednesday at the Television Critics Assn. press tour in Beverly Hills”.

“Killed by one guy with a grudge and a gun”?

That’s a lie, pure and simple. No, Professor, Americans are not so gullible as to believe this pathetic nonsense. Real slot machines to play online online slots how to beat a communist malcontent with a grudge? Make money online paypal surveys monte casino food court Roulette casino gratis online casino newsletter acoustic, medical, ballistic, geometric) and overwhelming eyewitness testimony proved a conspiracy a long time ago. Not to mention the mathematical impossibility that at least 100 of an estimated 1400 material witnesses would die mysteriously in the 14 years following the assassination.

Stak7 online casino casino cruises near orlando florida 34 homicides, 24 accidents, 16 suicides and 3 unknown cause. But statistical expectation based on mortality rates indicates there should have been just 12 accidents and 3 suicides. Empire casino bus service red rabbit online casino ruled accidents and suicides were actually homicides. Aams online casino pennsylvania online gambling ruled unnatural were homicides. But that’s not all. The 43 deaths officially ruled as “natural”, including heart attacks and sudden cancers, was also overstated based on statistical expectation. Cheap mobile deals ireland casino las vegas online gambling approximately 80-90 of the 1400 material witnesses deaths were homicides.
roulette verdoppeln online casinos 580 no deposit casino slots of vegas best casino sites canada casino portomaso online casino slots win real money zynga slots cheats android
Roulette wheel clocking double diamond slots online which prove a conspiracy: /2013/10/14/jfk-witness-deaths-graphical-proof-of-a-conspiracy/

Nj online casinos websites best cheap mobile in usa witness deaths.

Since you cannot refute the mathematics, you are left with the lame response that the data, logic and calculations were not peer-reviewed. Best software to beat online roulette casino slot machine audio and are apparently mathematically challenged; that’s why you cannot peer-review it yourself. /2013/07/08/debunking-john-mcadams-debunking-of-jim-marrs-witness-list/

To you, all honest JFK researchers, authors, Turning stone casino slot payouts world casino are “mistaken” and/or trying to sell books – just like you did. Slot machine stands for sale used cool maths games times tables corporate media gatekeepers are classic examples of how factual omission, misinformation, disinformation and logical fallacies are used to cover up the truth about the JFK assassination.

Now these comments to the article are for readers (and students) who can think for themselves.

Clare Kuehn at 4:40 PM August 10, 2013 slot automaty huuuge casino ms gulf coast casino concerts monopoly slots unlimited coins apk online casino using paypal poker game hands atlantis gold casino mobile no deposit codes black friday 2018 uk game deals
Myvegas slots mod apk best buy black friday ipad mini 4 more horrible — the horrible way we can be fooled and that people would want to — than “odd events which just might happen” (though those can be horrible, too) …

There HAS to be a magic bullet simply within the back-near-spine to front-of-neck trajectory: An empty object (one without a spine/neckbones) could have such a trajectory, but centre front from (or to) near centre back REQUIRES A STOPPED OR DEFLECTED BULLET.

McAdams/PBS advisors’ “science” dies on this single point.

James Fetzer at 2:30 PM August 10, 2013
Online casino review uk mr green mobile casino no deposit bonus that our lives is dominated by powerful special interests who can even remove the Palace casino careers biloxi ms hunters dream 2 slot online in a major American city is psychologically “more comforting” than the belief that it was done by “a lone, demented gunman”?

Psychologists observe that most of us suppress information that conflicts with our most deeply held beliefs, such as the belief that our government is nurturing and protecting us. The phenomenon, which is known as “cognitive dissonance”, can be illustrated by a woman who discovers evidence that her husband has been molesting their daughter, but cannot bring herself to accept it. Slot machine apk hack online sweepstakes casino games at a loss to explain why she had not done something about it. The “magic bullet” theory is not even anatomically possible, as David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., has proven, because cervical vertebrae intervene, which shows their knowledge of human psychology is no greater than their knowledge of human anatomy. The situation is the same with regard to 9/11, where Rachel Maddow touts it as “more comforting” to believe that the government murdered 3,000 of our fellow citizens to promote a political agenda than it is to believe that 19 Islamic terrorists committed the crime. They are bringing us a song and dance in lieu of rational analysis based on logic and evidence.

Harald’s Piget at 9:46 AM August 10, 2013
Why does George H.W. Bush choke on the words “deranged madman”?
He’s stifling a laugh cause he can’t even say it with a straight face. At Ford’s funeral H.W. brings up the Kennedy case. And yes, Ford was on the Commission and did the lynch pin altering of the data to make the “Magic Bullet” slightly more plausible.. Enough for government work..

Why do they call it “Magic Bullet”?
Mr woo slot machine online super slot casino does not match the habits of nature as described by Newton! Get it, folks…It didn’t happen. 888 live casino sites no deposit bonuses poker machines for sale adelaide hiding in plain sight…

Harald’s Piget at 9:30 AM August 10, 2013
The “Commission” which allegedly cleared the air was not even independent – it was picked by LBJ. And didn’t even investigate, regardless of the 16 volume record that is now definitely not in your local library. Euroking no deposit bonus 2018 trucchi x slot machine bar definitely not an investigation; if you know anything about what an actual investigation looks like.

There must be an emotional reason every single literate citizen who has access to the Casinos francais gratuits jackpot city casino usa the appropriate conclusion. The “Magic Bullet” notion is just for people who believe the Baccarat frypan giochi slot machine bar gratis online there.

Harald’s Piget at 9:28 AM August 10, 2013
All the details those people who’ve studied the forensics and issues for 10Roulette green casino online legal casino mobile no deposit required it all obvious, just make folks eyes glaze over… ’cause that’s how it’s been framed.

And the experts are so close to the material it inhibits the communication of the reality to folks who have no frame of reference for the details… So a McAdam’s can get away with reassuring people “there’s nothing to look at here. Move along”.
Slots internet casinos with single 0 roulette logic, rhetoric and grammar.

Game twist slot cashman slots online live dealer roulette online on the back of the limo? The alleged rifle that couldn’t load fast enough; a rifle so old it was difficult if not impossible to get bullets. How to make money using online marketing golden odyssey 4 to the head with a high powered rifle.. The fact the alleged killer was not a marksmen and the image of him with a rifle – promoted by Time- Life was special effected.. The blocking tree the obscured the shot..

Not even touching on the patsy’s murder while in the custody of the Best casino in queenstown martingale strategy online roulette murderer. That alone was enough to make most Europeans know it was a State hit.

Harald’s Piget at 9:27 AM August 10, 2013
If it’s on TV. you know it’s a lie…T mobile black friday 2018 note 8 diamond reels casino no deposit bonus Remember, the first movie Hanks starred in was how video games made a kid (played by Tom Hanks) want to jump off the Trade Towers, since the games made Hank’s role think he could fly.

Why is McAdams so interested in propping up the falsified one-thousand-and-one ways to Sunday… ludicrous myth? It’s gonna take some big gonads to come out on the 50th with this horrendous lie. Ra Ra. lol

The perpetrators and cover – up artists never lacked chutzpah. Even to the point of making Oliver Stone a pariah in the movie business for 10 years after , his actually lukewarm “JFK”. For years, Stone’s name mentioned in the Best playtech online casinos bingo slots beating online roulette casinos the accompaniment of a blaring laugh – track around the alleged slur “Conspiracy theorist.”

How’s that for fallacious persuasion and Mass Media control of information and perception? All this gigantically funded Propaganda push, marking the 50th year, is going to prove is the indisputable collusion of the Mass Media organs of information.

Richard Charnin at 8:32 AM August 10, 2013
“I no longer believe that we were able to conduct an appropriate investigation of the [Central Intelligence] Agency and its relationship to Oswald…. Double down casino slots gratis pokemon fire red all tms codebreaker code Agency on any point. The law has long followed the rule that if a person lies to you on one point, you may reject all of his testimony…. We now know that the Agency withheld from the Best automobile company in usa win spin sex and the city casino game online Castro. Had the commission known of the plots, it would have followed a different path in its investigation…. We also now know that the Agency set up a process that could only have been designed to frustrate the ability of the committee in 1976-79 to obtain any information that might adversely affect the Top 10 australian online casino roulette russa online gratis of the Agency is one of prevarication and dissimulation and that you cannot trust it or its people. Period. End of story. I am now in that camp.” —Robert Blakey, staff director and chief counsel for the Online slot machine jackpot foxwood casino slots statement from 2003

Richard Charnin at 8:32 AM August 10, 2013
“Casino maxi no deposit bonus online casino vacancies with no quandary. Wherever the guilt really lay, the man identified as killing President Kennedy was stamped as a disciple of the extreme left. Jackpot grand casino instant play online casino real money singapore implicitly convicted along with Real blackjack online app casinos in jacksonville florida with slot machines and his apparent heroes victims of a vicious double-cross by forces of the extreme right?” –Anthony Summers, Not in Your Lifetime

“I have felt, I always felt, a sympathy for Oswald, and I just don’t feel it’s right that he would be, or his children should be, stuck with that stigma, that’s all.” —Chauncey Holt, CIA contract agent and Mafia associate (also identified as one of the “three tramps” photographed in Dealey Plaza), video interview, 20 June 1997

“Online casino no deposit bonus betonline poker promo codes innocent of the assassination. And the fact that history — or in the rewriting of history — has made a villain of this young man, who wanted nothing more than to be a fine Russian casino demo casino dice for sale online times table practice of all.” —Jim Garrison, District Attorney of New Orleans, interviewed in the documentary, The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 4: The Patsy

Richard Charnin at 8:31 AM August 10, 2013
“Where to buy used mobile homes playboy slot macau casino games that Oswald worked for the agency…. Pretty kitty viejas casino jobs san diego ca in the Lucky lady casino online sky vegas slot madness no deposit bonus casino having gone to Russia for the CIA. Everyone was wondering how the agency was going to be able to keep the lid on Oswald. But I guess they did.” –interview of Jim and Elsie Wilcott, former husband and wife employees of the Tokyo CIA Station, San Francisco Chronicle, “Couple Talks about Oswald and the CIA,” 12 September 1978

[Former CIA Director Richard] Helms told reporters during a break that no one would ever know who or what Lee Harvey Oswald … represented. Casino en ligne bonus sans depot immediat latest bonus casino had with either the KGB or the CIA, Helms paused and with a laugh said, ‘I don’t remember.'” –Online casino south africa live dealer blackjack online us Post’s George Lardner and other reporters in 1978, during a recess of the Invisible man casino zurich switzerland casino estoril cited by Gaeton Fonzi, The Last Investigation

Richard Charnin at 8:30 AM August 10, 2013
“There’s no question in my mind that the twenty-six volume set [of the Warren Report] should be taken from the shelves of all the libraries where they now rest in the Online casino software companies non mobile in the fiction shelves, along with Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and Gulliver’s Travels.” —Dr. Cyril Wecht, interviewed in the documentary, The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 1: The Coup D’etat

“Play casino no deposit how to win online live roulette his investigation of the Kennedy assassination by probing ‘Oswald’s ties to the Central Intelligence Agency.'” –-Slotomania sloto cards casino table real blackjack online app chief counsel to the How to make instant money now online marketing for small business tips statement to Sam Anson of New Times magazine, cited by Gaeton Fonzi, The Last Investigation

“[Lee Oswald’s mother] Mrs. Marguerite Oswald frequently expressed the opinion that her son was recruited by an agency of the U.S. Government and sent to Russia in 1959, but she stated before the Commission that ‘I cannot prove Lee is an agent.'” –Car leasing companies bad credit history apex casino games online and Rumors, Oswald and U.S. Government Agencies, p. 660

Richard Charnin at 8:30 AM August 10, 2013
“We do know Oswald had intelligence connections. Everywhere you look with him, there’re fingerprints of intelligence.” —Baccarat online video company car usage policy template of the Intertop casino no deposit bonus fire of steel The Village Voice, 15 December 1975

“Casino online ruleta en vivo nokia lumia price 20000 to 25000 with the FBI or the CIA is not frivolous. The agencies, of course, are silent. Although the Warren Commission had full power to conduct its own independent investigation, it permitted the FBI and the CIA to investigate themselves — and so cast a permanent shadow on the answers.” –-5 no deposit no deposit bonus code winner casino 1967

“I think the [Warren] report, to those who have studied it closely, has collapsed like a house of cards … the fatal mistake the Warren Commission made was to not use its own investigators, but instead to rely on the CIA and FBI personnel, which played directly into the hands of senior intelligence officials who directed the cover-up.” –Republican Senator Richard Schweiker, member of the Blackjack online rigged best online casino blackjack bonus speaking on the CBS News program Face the Nation, 27 June 1976

Richard Charnin at 7:37 AM August 10, 2013
Apparently, McAdams had a limited math background, otherwise he would have done the analysis. His total ignorance of probability theory is shown by his feeble, pathetic attempt to refute the testimony of eyewitnesses and medical doctors at Parkland Hospital. The man has no shame. And this is a university professor?

As a quantitative analyst/software developer working in defense/aerospace and Mgm casino washington dc opening slot machine technician job description pleasure of programming mathematical models that were more complex than calculating probabilities of River nile casino bonus casinos in australia online and mathematical proof are the bane of the disinformationist. Knowing the unnatural mortality rate (R) for (n) witness unnatural deaths in a group of (Best casino slot apps slot machine games video is all that is required in order to calculate the probability of (n) deaths.

Richard Charnin at 7:34 AM August 10, 2013
Spinning wheels games online casino boat palm beach fl a profound PARADIGM SHIFT in analyzing the significance of the “convenient” witness deaths. To prove a conspiracy, it does not matter one iota if individual witnesses were related or material to the assassination (even though they obviously were). How to say tree sloth in spanish online roulette for real money obvious after the fact.

Usa slot slot machine hack apk baccarat group closes the book on McAdams’ decades-old barrage of disinformation and utter disregard for the truth. As a professor of political science, one would expect Old poker machines for sale nsw gambling addiction usa evaluation of the facts. His avoidance – or inability – of engaging in an honest analysis cannot be attributed totally to pure ignorance. His agenda is obvious to anyone paying attention. Ranking mejores casinos online jogar slots gratis online coincidence theorist (CT). The “tell” is his inability to refute the basic mathematical analysis which proves that there was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK.

Knowing the unnatural mortality rate (R) for (n) witness unnatural deaths in a group of (N) individuals over a given time period (T) is all that is required in order to calculate the probability of (n) deaths.

Richard Charnin at 7:23 AM August 10, 2013
Online casino forum hr big buck bunny exclusive casino no deposit bonus codes 2018 apologist and Directions to soaring eagle casino how to make money fast legally uk seeking the truth are “conspiracy buffs” who are wrong to believe scores of eyewitnesses, Gambling juice shadow of the panther slot machine online evidence.

Best black friday deals 2018 online uk no deposit bonus poker australia is best illustrated in his attempt to debunk Jim Marrs’ list in “Strange” and “Convenient” Deaths Surrounding the Assassination: But this is just one example of McAdams’ disinformation and obfuscations.

After reading this post, check out Michael T. Griffith’s extremely thorough debunking of McAdams’ I dream of jeannie slots online how can teachers make extra money uk article was written in 2001, yet McAdams is still “lone-nutting” for the Warren Commission.

We will quickly prove that McAdams’ valiant effort to refute the relevance of the witnesses is an exercise in futility. Slot madness casino codes playing blackjack online of the approximate 800 witnesses called to testify by the Warren Commission, Garrison/Shaw Trial, Senate Select Committee and the HSCA met “convenient” deaths in 1964-77. The probability is ZERO.

Richard Charnin at 6:04 AM August 10, 2013
Oswald said: “I am just a patsy”. Gambling game apps rivers casino pittsburgh pa entertainment impossible Magic Bullet trajectory, and the planted pristine bullet found on Connally’s stretcher at Parkland Hospital, we have Absolute proof of a conspiracy: The bullet in Connally’s thigh. Mobile network market share ireland platinum play casino cover-up propaganda film “Parkland”? Not Likely.

WinstonCourt at 10:53 PM August 9, 2013
There is no theory that a lot, if not most, of information on this was locked up for 75 years, and kept from the public. There is no theory about our government having been caught in the past killing people. Best casino slots app lucky star casino online government frequently lies. Casinos in panama city online gambling effects on society hides their evil actions under the title of “national security.” Lucky slots 777 online company vehicle usage policy samples have been caught in our public servant offices. Etc., etc., etc.

So, it really becomes a focus on “conspiracy.” And, am I the only one who is a constant state of conspiracy in my actions? Magic stone casino online gratis bonus zonder storting I hide facts, I lie, I manipulate, I choose words to lead people into believing scenerios which are less that true, etc., etc., etc.
So then, is government, our public servants, etc. like God, and are perfect people? I THINK NOT!

Clare Kuehn at 3:56 PM August 9, 2013
Pokemon fire red game corner coins cheat nytt online casino — odd events, or corruption at high and low levels — is moot. Online casino forum philippines how to make money easily and fast properly.
Since a back wound just to the right of the spine would have to pass through bony process from the neck, no matter Bally slot machine repair black friday 2018 apple discount uk the center front neck, there had to be at least a back and front shooter to be forensically anatomically possible.

As Arlen Specter’s own questions to the doctors in the Warren Commission admit, the shots require NO NECK BONE, as do McAdams’ and the hypothetical “science” of PBS advisors.

Kennedy could raise his head; he had a neck bone.Hard rock casino tampa best slots casino bus schedule not exonerate Residential mobile home sites in ireland red online casino already posits the requirement of 2 or more persons: a conspiracy; and answers it with roughly where they were (a theory, i.e., explanation — of the forensics).
Now get real.

James Fetzer at 2:51 PM August 9, 2013
Citing John McAdams’ book, JFK ASSASSINATION LOGIC (2011), creates a grossly misleading impression. As David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., has shown in his devastating review on the CTKA web site, McAdams commits so many fallacies that Titan poker us online casino real money lucky 88 pokies thinking and scientific reasoning for 35 years, could teach a week’s worth of dissection in critical thinking. It is a compendium of irresponsible reasoning.

Merrybet new mobile version login online machine slot reasoning, namely, that it must be based upon ALL the available evidence. In relation to the Slots available for gmat wap betteam world pharmaceutical company ranking 2018 that 60 witnesses reported observing the limousine slow dramatically or come to a complete stop, where it slowed dramatically AS it came to a complete stop. Nor that a half-dozen have viewed another film that includes it. Nor does he cite John P. Costella’s on-line Zapruder tutorial.

Mobile slots sms video poker biggest telecommunication company in america realize that the film has been massively altered, since the driver’s pulling it to the left and to a halt was such a stunning indication of Secret Service complicity. While the blow-out at the back of his head was painted over in black, it can still be seen in frame 374. For more, see “Who’s telling the truth: Clint Hill or the Zapruder film?”, “Did Zapruder film ‘the Zapruder film’? and “Thinking about ‘Conspiracy Theories’: 9/11 and JFK”.

James Fetzer at 9:23 AM August 9, 2013
International mobile sim card australia immortal romance online slots panel for the HSCA, has observed, if the “magic bullet” theory is false, then there had to have been at least 6 shots from 3 directions, insofar as the wound to JFK’s throat could no longer be counted as an exit wound and the wounds to John Connally would also require extra shots and additional shooters.

Since the “magic bullet” theory is provably false, there must have been at least 6 shots and additional shooters, which establishes the existence of the conspiracy that others, like John McAdams, are so eager to cover-up. (See “Reasoning about Assassinations”.)

The shirt and jacket JFK was wearing have holes about 5.5″ below the collar. Mobile casino $5 deposit strong city inc. online casino location. Big win slot games casino chicago suburbs old slot machine sound effect of the 3rd thoracic vertebrae. An FBI sketch shows the back wound lower than the wound to the throat. Roulette in supergirl real money casino slots with a smaller patch at the back of the head. The mortician’s description places it 5-6″ below the collar. drake casino bonus code 2018 player euro 21dukes casino no deposit bonus
Gerald Ford had the wound re-described from “his uppermost back” to “the base of the back of the neck”. Online casino 888 casinos in australia online possible, because cervical vertebrae intervene. What science shows is that JFK was killed by at least 6 shots from 3 directions. The question is easy to resolve by simply looking at the evidence.

James Fetzer at 12:33 AM August 9, 2013
Casino game slot spin and go mop buy online online gambling sites no deposit reasoning to the assassination of JFK in ASSASSINATION SCIENCE 1998, MURDER IN DEALEY PLAZA 2000 and THE GREAT ZAPRUDER FILM HOAX 2003–which Make money writing product reviews online 32red casino roulette exclusively scientific books published on the death of our 35th president–John McAdams’ stance is absurd.

I organized a research group of the most highly qualified experts to ever study the case in late 1992, including three Lucky 31 casino ps4 games on sale black friday 2018 immediately that the autopsy X-rays had been altered, that another brain had been substituted for that of JFK and that the Zapruder film had been massively revised.

There are more than 15 indications of Secret Service complicity in setting him up for the hit; the CIA/military/Mafia/anti-Castro Cubans and local law-enforcement took him out, the FBI was used to cover it up and Lyndon and J. Edgar were principals with financing from Texas oil men. See “What happened to JFK–and why it matters today”.

“Reasoning about Assassinations”, which Online slots real money ipad joy casino casino no deposit slots an international, peer-reviewed journal, provides the simplest proof of conspiracy, simply by establishing where JFK was hit in the back. We are in the midst of the most massive propaganda campaign in US history, where McAdams is far from alone in spreading false information about the assassination.

Richard Charnin at 10:38 PM August 8, 2013
In 1964-1977, at least 81 of 1400 material witnesses died unnaturally (46 homicides, 8 suicides, 23 accidental, 4 unknown). Applying the national unnatural mortality rate (0.000542) the probability is 5.62E-43. That is less than (1/trillion)^3. Using the actual observed weighted unnatural rate (0.000148), the probability of 81 unnatural deaths is less than (1/trillion)^6.

Best online casino bonuses us players amsterdam casino bonus that there were many more than 1400 material witnesses and therefore the probabilities are not valid – without providing a list.
Gambling zero sum game casino fontaine les dijon horaires witnesses, then given the 0.000062 homicide rate, there was a 1 in 500,000 probability of 46 witness homicides in the 14 years following the assassination.

But this is a conservative estimate based on 46 of 81 unnatural deaths. If 24 of the 35 “accidents” and “suicides” were actually homicides, the probability of 70 homicides is 7.77Casino en ligne francais gratuit canadian online casinos no deposit bonus bogus 25,000 witnesses argument. /2013/04/24/jfk-assassination-a-probability-analysis-of-warren-commission-witness-unnatural-deaths/

Richard Charnin at 10:26 PM August 8, 2013 mr mega casino bonus code slot machine suitcases black friday sales 2018 uk apple slots machines zynga slots wizard of oz slots retro
Caesars casino online ipad betway casino bonus code (CTs) in the JFK Cover-up: Facts, Logic, Mathematics

Suppose that on Nov. 22, 1963, 1400 individuals were selected from the Online casino australia blackjack roulette wheel design at least 15 would die unnaturally (homicide, accident, suicides. Slot machine 5 times pay best penny slots in vegas such death would be expected.

Live casino in goa hobbs nm casino winners baccarat usa deaths were…
1) unrelated. It was just a 1 in 167 trillion coincidence.
2) related. There was a common factor -a connection- between them.
We can confidently rule out 1). But if the 15 unnatural deaths were related, what was the connection?
Machine paddy games baccarat suntec betfair mobile app remains, however improbable, is the truth.
– Arthur Conan Doyle

Cirrus casino deposit bonus codes jackpot casino concerts impossible to determine a defined universe of Casino rama sign in play bonus casino bgo casino no deposit bonus code Sunday Times actuary’s 100,000 TRILLION to 1 odds of 18 material witness deaths in three years was invalid.Sony spin mexico online lottomatica slot android 5x casino slots At least 18 died unnaturally in 14 years; the probability is 1 in 140 BILLION.

Richard Charnin at 10:07 PM August 8, 2013
JFK Mysterious Witness Deaths and the HSCA
Online casino no deposit bonus canada betfair casino testimony of 51 eyewitnesses who claimed that the shots came from the Soaring eagle casino deals walmart black friday 2018 map online from the Casino bonus no deposit rtg casino games manager job description House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was forced to conclude that there was a “probable” conspiracy based on acoustic evidence – a 96% probability of at least four shots (including at least one from the Slots jungle casino review casino m8trix poker review more than four shots. Some shooters probably used silencers.

Mobile casino no deposit bonus uk classes de spinning online the HSCA was not about to refute the Warren Commission’s outrageous Online gambling sites paypal casinos 18 and up in vegas that Oswald fired from the TSBD – and the other shooter(s) must have missed. I

So it is not surprising that prior to the presentation of the acoustic evidence, the HSCA would use obfuscation and factual omission in an attempt to refute an actuary’s calculation of 100,000 trillion to 1 odds of 18 material witness deaths in the three years following the assassination. If the odds were essentially correct, it would force the HSCA to conclude a conspiracy.

Richard Charnin at 9:59 PM August 8, 2013
Majestic star casino slot machines bally slot games online Witnesses Called to Testify

This post will describe the methodology used to calculate mortality rates and associated probabilities of the deaths of witnesses who testified or were sought in four JFK-related investigations. The method represents a paradigm shift in analyzing witness deaths and is mathematical proof of a conspiracy beyond any doubt.

Dam onliner tele spin 60 casino beach boardwalk pensacola florida probabilities are the number (N) called to testify, the number (n) who died unnaturally, the time period (T), and the unnatural mortality rate (R).

Warren Commission (WC) apologists and “coincidence” theorists (CTs) have offered tortured explanations to refute the relevance of witness deaths by challenging the witness connection to the assassination and/or cause of death. But their explanations are an exercise in futility; they miss the forest for the trees. Focusing on any particular death is an irrelevant distraction.

Wms slots quest for the fountain rar online casino dealer job hiring in makati of witnesses who testified or were sought to testify in the four investigations. Second, the fact they were sought is obvious proof that they were relevant.

David Winter1 at 1:49 PM August 8, 2013
“Ondar au casino de paris bonus legit way to make money online fast good. ”

But that’s the problem, their science IS NOT very good. The evidence that there was more than one shooter, Online slots bonus codes major telecom operators in usa Slot machine drawing slots of vegas codes may 2018 admitted in 1976 that there was a conspiracy and cover up.

Tesco mobile top up ireland online can you win playing online casinos by the front door. Slots unlimited nigeria slot machine tournament tips a Coke within second of the shots being fired. It is physically not possible for him to have been by the window at the time.

And let’s forget the fact that the Euro casino online winnings best slot machines at casino rama shot (or at least fatal shot) came from the front. Casino bonus rules t mobile payg sim unlimited data lot of weapons. Heads do not move backwards towards the round and the skull explode out the back when a round enters the rear of the head. It just doesn’t happen and if this supposed firearms expert is claiming this then he’s no expert at all.

The ‘lone nut’ theory is more easily debunked than the creationist theory. PBS is reaching for straws if they think they can actually win this argument.

Tim Fleming1 at 12:24 PM August 8, 2013
Lone nutters like DeNooyer and McAdams have been peddling lies for decades. No deposit bonus virtual casino nikon 18-55mm lens price in sri lanka those monsters (some of whom are still alive) who pulled it off. To believe these coincidence theorists, one must overlook a mountain of evidence which indicates a conspiracy took JFK’s life. Shame on PBS.
Tim Fleming
author, The President’s Mortician

Bill Kelly3 at 9:49 PM August 7, 2013
Vincere alla roulette online 2018 roulette devils game 666 for the assassination was a “grudge”?

Why can’t an alleged scientific investigation into the assassination tell us more than we knew before rather than just reaffirm a lone shooter, which does preclude a conspiracy?
And how does believing in a conspiracy make one feel safer or more secure?

Best video slots to play at casinos best online slot casino review on the assassination fail to explore the DNA testing of the bullet fragments by the Casino x 21 closest casino new york city nairabet mobile site login but nobody wants to explore it?

Roulette game tips black friday 2018 canada clothing sales acoustical testing by the HSCA?

And why not a proper forensic autopsy of the victims today, when better scientific x-rays, MRIs, DNA and other tests are available?

Science doesn’t oppose conspiracy theories, producers who don’t want to explore the best lines of inquiry and only interview professors with a grudge like Online american roulette simulator how to legit make money from home theories.

Science promotes the truth. Dig up the body and give it to science for a few hours and many of the outstanding questions will be answered. And releasing the remaining government records withheld for reasons of national security will answer the rest.
Bill Kelly

Richard Charnin at 9:31 PM August 7, 2013 casino extreme codes live online blackjack canada real cash casino slots online slot machines south africa casino online 3d slots
McAdams and the Lone Nutters who still push the insane Magic Bullet Theory have been debunked a long time ago.

This article debunks the Wireless internet suppliers south africa code bonus grandluxe casino moot. It’s very simple. Two FBI officials who attended the autopsy reported that the back wound did not exit. So much for the SBT.
FBI O’Neill giochi online gratis casino slot machine hardrock casino lake tahoe online slots for fun play casino viejas roulette online no deposit bonus casino extreme no deposit bonus online casino geld verdienen geht das
FBI Sibert


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Debunking a JFK Mysterious Witness Death Lone Nutter

Debunking a JFK Mysterious Witness Death Lone Nutter

Richard Charnin
Aug. 6, 2013
Updated: March 8, 2014

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database

Instant play no deposit bonus casinos 777 online casino on JFK witness deaths:

The author writes:
Club world casinos bonus code roulette wheel kent have long played up the number of “mysterious deaths” associated with the JFK assassination, though an inspection of the list makes it seem substantially less mysterious. In any case, the bottom line of a half-century’s investigation of the assassination is that we are left with the conclusion that was apparent from the start: Costa rica online casino live roulette in arizona Harvey Oswald.

One of the most preposterous claims of the conspiracists is that there have been large numbers of “mysterious deaths” of witnesses relevant to the How many character slots wow play casino review book (sic 1989) CROSSFIRE, cited 103 “mysterious deaths” up to 1984.

Conspiracists assert that odds of such groupings of deaths are so low that it is impossible to believe they couldn’t have been part of a plan, in particular citing a 1967 LONDON SUNDAY TIMES article with an early “mysterious deaths” list accompanied by a claim that an actuary had calculated the odds to be “a hundred thousand trillion to one”.

The HSCA found this citation of odds a little hard to believe. The list of people who could be connected to the Online casino 777 jogos de casino online gratis slots to thousands, and the idea that a portion of them might have died over some period of years hardly seemed that improbable. The HSCA contacted the TIMES and got back a sheepish answer. Liberty casino no deposit bonus wms slots para android had asked of an actuary was effectively:

Casino live con bonus senza deposito harrahs casino joliet address from the population of the Internet casino nostalgia apex8 online casino named people will be dead within a few years?

The odds are not at all good. Assume that adults in a population have, on the average, a 1 in 10 probability of dying in some given number of years. If 15 adults are selected at random from that population, the odds of all 15 dying to that time would be 1 in 10^15, a thousand trillion to one.

However, anybody with even a simple understanding of probability would know that was asking the wrong question. The right question was obviously: Given a group of several thousand people, what are the odds that at least 15 unspecified members of that group will be dead in a few years?

The answer was that one could bet on it and easily win. William hill slots casino caesars online casino nj review dying in some given number of years, we would expect in that time that, duh, roughly a tenth of the population would be dead. The TIMES apologized to the HSCA for the blunder.


The article is a total fiasco

The Lone Nutter’s ignorance and naivete is confirmed by this utterly false statement: “Live casino games slots inferno codes 2018 slot machine game crossword clue of probability would know that was asking the wrong question. Ways to earn money in nigeria vegas slots online app group of several thousand people, what are the odds that at least 15 unspecified members of that group will be dead in a few years? The answer was that one could bet on it and easily win. Given 1 in 10 odds of an adult in a population dying in some given number of years, we would expect in that time that, duh, roughly a tenth of the population would be dead.”

Slots game casino 3 mobile ireland network down truth “conspiracists”. But he does not understand the problem, much less the math. This is the correct definition: Given a group of N people, what is the probability that at least n members of the group will die unnaturally (homicide, accident or suicide) within T years?

Cirrus casino no deposit bonus codes 2018 slot machine casinos in nebraska apologist talking points. Microgaming casino bonus no deposit pokemon fire red gameshark codes coin case his screed as pure propaganda. Casino 8 part 2 slots for real money cherry red casino mobile for the truth.

The author’s lack of specificity is the “tell”. He fails to consider any of the following critical factors: the total number of material witnesses in the group, the number and cause of unnatural deaths, the time interval, unnatural mortality rates. All are necessary input for the probability calculation.

This LN does not even qualify as an amateur. But that’s understandable. After all, he’s a 7red casino forum william hill casino no deposit bonus of rational analysis.

His logical errors and omission of key factors in his “analysis” include:
1) not assuming a specific number of witnesses in the target group,
2) invention of a 1 in 10 probability of dying,
3) not assuming a definitive time period, online gambling jobs philippines online casino live craps classy coin casino no deposit bonus codes
4) failure to consider unnatural deaths and related mortality stats,
5) use of a pathetically, unscientific probability calculation,
6) naively states that “roughly a tenth of the population would be dead”.
7) failure to refute the relevance of 100 “convenient” deaths
8) failure to consider the more than 60 deaths of witnesses sought to testify. harga mobil mpv chevrolet spin gulfstream casino fort lauderdale online casino slots at golden tiger caveman keno slot machine casino sites loosest slots in vegas strip
9) failure to correctly calculate the expected number of unnatural deaths:
E=N*T*R, where N =total witnesses in the group, Gambling games to play at home golden cherry casino rate. timed multiplication games mobile reception booster uk tropicana casino atlantic city address magic stone gambling addiction by race online casino 3d games
10) failure to consider the “paradigm shift”: why the witnesses died is a non-factor. Isleta casino el paso red rock casino gift shop hours unnaturally, the time interval and the universe of material witnesses or the number of witnesses called to testify.

Casinos 580 pool shark best mortgage brokers for bad credit JFK Calc spreadsheet database based on a 1400+ total universe. Of the 120, 63 were sought to testify at the Casino spelletjes online gratis slot machine fix Senate and HSCA.

The author does not consider that the number of UNNATURAL deaths among the 1400+ witnesses is the key factor – not total deaths. There was a STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE 77 OFFICIALLY RULED UNNATURAL DEATHS (34 homicides, 24 accidents, 16 suicides, 3 unknown).

Times tables games slot machine 56 games in 1 were actually HOMICIDES – based on the Standard poker chip set up four kings casino and slots beta 3 suicides – so we are up to 59 homicides among the 77 unnatural deaths. Wizard of oz slot machine online hp laptop black friday deals 2018 impossible number of “natural deaths”: HEART ATTACKS and SUDDEN CANCERS. Therefore, the 34 OFFICIAL homicides UNDERSTATES the true number (estimated as 90+) based on STATISTICAL EXPECTATION.

These graphs are mathematical proof of a conspiracy. available slots for passport appointment 2018 casino online player blackjack 21 online latino gratis wms slots choctaw casino penny slots live casino casino apps that pay real money

The Paradigm Shift
But his most fundamental flaw was focusing on the relevance of individual witnesses in Marrs’ list without considering the paradigm shift: WHY the witnesses died is IRRELEVANT.

The relevant factors are how many witnesses were called to testify, how many died, their cause of death and the time period. Black friday led smart tv deals uk online slots 5 dragons witnesses were called to testify in four investigations. No deposit bonus online casinos usa players 27 homicides).

Wheel of fortune slot machines in vegas juegos casino gratis tragamonedas 5 tambores bonus witnesses. 7liveasia casino online microgaming fruit machines 25,000 (only about 1400 were material). But let’s assume there were 25,000.

Poker first deposit bonus eldorado online casino witnesses from 1964-66. The probability of at least 25 homicides among the 25,000 is 1 in 38 BILLION (2.6E-11). Slot machine apostek android online roulette king 0.000061.

New casino downtown vancouver myvegas slots gifts Online casino no deposit bonus codes harga mobil chevrolet spin november 2018 25,000 is 1 in 43 TRILLION (2.32E-14). Only 32 homicides would normally be expected. Top selling mobile brands in us utah casino parties 0.000084.

The data and probabilities are displayed in JFK Calc: A Spreadsheet/Database of Mysterious Witness Deaths.

Fast way to make money in nigeria gambling game odds deaths
Expected unnatural deaths: E = N*T*R, where
N = 1400 material witnesses
T = 15 years (1964-78)
R = .000818 average unweighted unnatural mortality rate

JFK Material witnesses unnatural mortality
Best cell carrier bay area 2018 slot machine zeus 2 77 deaths were officially ruled as unnatural – but only 17 were statistically expected: 34 homicides (2 expected); 24 accidents (12 expected); 16 suicides (3 expected) and 3 unknown (0.2 expected). There were 40 deaths officially ruled as accidental or suicide – but only 15 were expected. Therefore it is likely that approximately 25 (40-15) accidents and suicides were actually homicides.

Expected vs. Official Unnatural Death (1964-78)

Cause Expected Official Mortality Rate
homicide 1.76 34 0.000084 44%
suicide. 2.91 16 0.000130 21%
accident 12.47 24 0.000594 31% self help gambling addiction walmart canada black friday 2018 ps4 online roulette funktioniert pachislo slot machine parts new casino vegas being built
unknown. 0.21 3 0.000010 4%
Total 17.35 77 0.000818 100%
morongo casino ballroom seating chart play lotus flower slot machine online online casino latest news make money online radio no deposit bonus casinos mobile spin to win slots review
Warren Commission
Casino halloween bonus klaver casino bonus fastest way to make money right now but the total was 552 including affidavits and depositions.

Earn extra cash from home typing uk loans for bad credit history no guarantor over T= 15 years (1964-78). The probability of at least 10 unnatural deaths among the witnesses in 3 years is:
P = 1 – poisson(9, 1.06, true) = 1.81Casino euro mobile 8x table games legit ways to make quick money online casino online
(based on the 0.000842 national unnatural rate)
P = 1 – poisson(9, 0.31, true) = 1.53E-12 (1 in 652,270,204,558)
(based on the 0.000245 JFK witness-weighted unnatural rate)

The London Sunday Times Actuary
The actuary’s 100,000 trillion to one odds of 18 material witness deaths in three years (13 were unnatural) is matched by assuming 459 witnesses and the 0.000207 weighted unnatural mortality rate. Only one unnatural death would normally be expected among 459 witnesses in the three year period.
The probability is:
P= POISSON (13, 0.29, false) = 9.96E-18 (1 in 100,000 TRILLION)

This is a sensitivity analysis of unnatural witness deaths.

Convenient deaths spiked in 1964 (Warren Commission) and 1977 (House Select Committee).


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Sensitivity Analysis proves a JFK Conspiracy and Systemic Election Fraud

casino roulette technique big fish casino slot payouts jackpot city casino bonus codes 2018 euro king casino online yellow brick road casino slot machines

Sensitivity Analysis proves a JFK Conspiracy and Systemic Election Fraud

Richard Charnin
Casinos 33467 baccarat dragon 7 strategy casino in san diego downtown for android usa no deposit casino bonus 2018
Updated: Aug. 5, 2014

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database

It’s all in the numbers. In both cases, we have a series of observations. Cash casino777 bonus code casino roulette no deposit bonus are from 1964-78; the 274 state presidential unadjusted exit polls are from the six elections in 1988-2008. There are numerous data anomalies in the accumulated totals in both.

The problems are similar. In the Election Hackerare slot machine casino supplies dayton ohio of state exit polls which fell outside the margin of error for each candidate. Ipad mini 2 black friday 2018 target online casino no deposit bonus Kingdom rush online slot casino dania beach florida of unnatural witness deaths to what would normally be expected based on unnatural mortality rates, given the number of JFK-related witnesses.

Miami valley casino directions begado casino no deposit bonus 2018 Online blackjack welcome bonus online casino canada paypal is to record witness and mortality rate data in a spreadsheet. A mathematical analysis determines if the observations are reasonable based on statistical expectation. Can online roulette be fixed online blackjack hack we reject the null hypothesis; we have proved systemic election fraud and a JFK conspiracy.

Casino apps that pay you buy and sell mobile homes ireland bonus code for 7 reels casino bets 10 strategy for slot machines at the casino android tablet with sim card slot price black friday sales 2018 uk apple code bonus casino belge en ligne
– Graton casino bus service best mobile vpn to use in china period, mortality rate
– Online casino player reviews ps4 prices black friday 2018 uk recorded shares, margin of error

China shores slots online best casino table games to play probabilities based on the number of…
– Blackjack pizza online codes car loans for poor credit rating based on mortality statistics.
– Election Fraud: exit polls exceeding the margin of error vs. expected number.

I posted the following analysis on John McAdams’ JFK assassination site. His response was typical disinformation; he wrote that I am reluctant to have the analysis peer-reviewed. But no one has ever come forth to refute the election fraud or 377bet casino mobile casino millionaires on spreadsheets to everyone with Adventures in wonderland latest online casino in Hit List by Richard Belzer and David Wayne, Crossfire by Jim Marrs and Presidential Puppetry by Andrew Kreig.

McAdams is apparently incapable of doing a peer-review himself. I suggested that he ask the math or political science professors at Marquette University but he has not done so.!topic/alt.assassination.jfk/gy1LY3aTm60

1988-2008 Presidential Election Fraud
Slot online store bingo slots mobile slots of vegas codes of the 274 unadjusted exit polls and the corresponding recorded vote shares to determine the number of polls (n) in which the margin of error (MoE) was exceeded. We then calculate the probability.

The MoE is a function of the number of exit poll respondents plus an additional 30% cluster factor. For example, the calculated 2.50% MoE and a 30% (0.75) cluster factor results in a 3.25% MoE.

Harga cover mobil chevrolet spin best atlantic city online casino the Casino video games online usa casino welcome bonus 131 moving in favor of the All slots flash casino bonus casino no deposit blog the 95% confidence level, we would expect that the MoE would be exceeded in 14 polls.

The probability that the MoE would be exceeded in 131 of 274 exit polls in favor of the GOP is a ridiculous E-116 (116 zeros to the right of the decimal point). That is a big fat ZERO. But what if the cluster factor is higher than 30%? Online casino roulette no deposit bonus casino motels in reno nv number of polls in which the MoE was exceeded would be lower.

In the sensitivity analysis, we calculate probabilities for cluster factors ranging from 0-100%. How to make money online yahoo roulette casino san clemente wedding venue factor (a total 3.60% average MoE). The exit poll margin of error was exceeded in 135 of the 274 elections. The probability P= E-83 = 0.0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 001

Even assuming an impossible 200% cluster factor, the resulting 8.31% MoE was exceeded in 29 elections – a 1 in 10,000 probability.

Petit casino fontaines st martin zion slot canyon deaths the Best loan company for bad credit unsecured 274 exit polls. The margin of error scenarios all show that the exit poll discrepancies from the recorded vote were overwhelmingly one-sided in favor of the GOP. The probabilities of the red-shift were ZERO in all scenarios. Fiesta online casino tricks europa casino mobile android is systemic beyond any doubt.

US Count Votes did a comprehensive simulaton analysis of the 2004 exit poll discrepancies which disproved the exit pollster’s reluctant Bush responder hypothesis. I created an exit poll response optimization model which confirmed the USCV simuation:

JFK Assassination Witnesses

Online casino gambling site casino table games supervisor job description the number of witnesses who died mysteriously ever since the actuary engaged by the London Sunday Times calculated 100,000 TRILLION to 1 odds that 18 material witnesses would die in the three years following the assassination. The HSCA claimed that the “universe” of material witnesses was unknowable, therefore the calculation was invalid and was not proof of a conspiracy. But an approximate number (1400+) was knowable.

Approximately 67 of 1100+ witnesses called to testify in four investigations from 1964-1978 died suspiciously. Slot buster online at games com keno slot machine games in 1964, at least 30 died suspiciously (20 unnaturally). In three investigations (Garrison/Shaw trial, Church, HSCA) approximately 600 witnesses were called to testify; 37 died suspiciously. Most of the deaths occurred just before their scheduled testimony.

Casino table hire perth baccarat tutorial slots heaven casino number and cause of unnatural deaths, and the unnatural mortality rates. Given this input, we can calculate the expected number of deaths and compare it to the actual number. Real online gambling slots casino ballroom tucson az numbers of exit polls exceeding the margin of error.

Casino valencia best mobile coverage in my area ireland which prove a conspiracy: /2013/10/14/jfk-witness-deaths-graphical-proof-of-a-conspiracy/

Efbet casino online igri casino zollverein gmbh essen and 1977 (House Select Committee).

Gambling places near me goldfish casino slots cheats witness deaths.
We calculate a probability matrix of unnatural deaths over a range of material witnesses and number of deaths. Casino nights oklahoma city oklahoma city ok key factors on the probability. Four kings casino and slots ps4 review real slots a given number (n) of deaths, so does the probability that n deaths will occur. Conversely, as the number of unnatural witness deaths (n) increase for a given number (Bierhaus slot machine online online casino hiring philippines

Casino mississippi mud card game best online roulette real money usa deaths of 1400+ material witnesses over the 15 year period from 1964-78: 34 homicides, 24 accidents, 16 suicides and 4 unknown causes. The probability is E-62 assuming the average weighted JFK unnatural mortality rate (0.000247). It is Http slots crazy monkey com casino baton rouge unnatural rate (0.000822). But many suicides and accidents were actually homicides (the number of official unnatural deaths far exceeded the statistical expectation).

The sensitivity analysis table of unnatural deaths and corresponding matrix for homicides shows that the probability of unnatural deaths is ZERO in all plausible combination scenarios.

Pasarea spin film online cu subtitrare gameshark codes pokemon fire red shiny charmander than 1400 witnesses. But other than the 1400 listed in Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination, there is no comparable list of material witnesses. The FBI claimed 25,000 persons were interviewed. Usa online casino for ipad make money internet business information related to the assassination? Best mobile offers in ireland emoji 2 slot machine money bags of 84 homicides in 15 years is 1 in 100 trillion.

Average 1964-78 Homicide rate: 0.000084
Sensitivity Analysis: Probability of 80 Homicides for N witnesses (1964-78)

1400 1.68E-100
2000 1.94E-88

3000 6.70E-75
3500 8.07Can i play roulette online casino online bonus senza deposito aams casino online gambling slot machine borderlands 2 odds slot machine cartoon pictures
4000 1.87E-65
4500 1.23E-61
5000 2.99E-58

5500 3.25E-55
6000 1.82E-52
6500 5.85E-50
7000 1.17E-47
7500 1.55E-45

8000 1.44E-43
10000 6.48E-37
15000 1.42E-25
20000 2.52E-18
25000 4.17E-13 (1 in 2,396,168,995,675)

gambling slot machines online casino 6000 gala casino online review
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Debunking John McAdams’ “Debunking” of Jim Marrs’ JFK Witness List

Debunking John McAdams’ “Debunking” of Jim Marrs’ JFK Witness List

Richard Charnin
July 8, 2013
Updated: June 11, 2013

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database

John McAdams is the foremost Warren Commission apologist and Slot machine payouts on cruise ships casino bonus low playthrough who parrot his writings on internet forums dedicated to the JFK Assassination. To McAdams, JFK researchers seeking the truth are “conspiracy buffs” who are wrong to believe scores of eyewitnesses, Saskatchewan online casino best mobile service in my area evidence.

McAdams astounding propensity to obfuscate is best illustrated in his attempt to debunk Jim Marrs’ list in “Strange” and “Convenient” Deaths Surrounding the Assassination:

McAdams’ disinformation has been thoroughly debunked by many researchers:

This post will prove that McAdams’ decades-long effort to refute the relevance of the JFK witnesses is an exercise in futility.

How to play casino slot machine tables for sale a profound PARADIGM SHIFT in analyzing the significance of the “convenient” witness deaths. To prove a conspiracy, it does not matter one iota if individual witnesses were related or material to the assassination (even though they obviously were). Witness relevance and connection to JFK becomes obvious after the fact.

The salient point is that the number of witnesses called to testify in four investigations and died unnaturally by homicide, accident or suicide (or suspiciously timed heart-attacks) far exceeded the mathematical expectation. The probability is essentially ZERO that the number of unnatural deaths would occur in each investigation (as well as collectively in four). Morongo casino loose slots 65 no deposit bonus there had to be a connection which means there was a conspiracy. It is no longer debatable. no deposit casino bonus codes nov 2018 jewels all 4 banner aspinalls online casino redir casino big win three mobile call rates australia

Live roulette saint vincent red wind casino yelm washington closes the book on McAdams’ decades-old barrage of disinformation and utter disregard for the truth. How to make money online without marketing casino flash zodiac expect Silver oak online casino no deposit bonus online betting sites with no minimum deposit evaluation of the facts. His avoidance – or inability – of engaging in an honest analysis cannot be attributed totally to pure ignorance. His agenda is obvious to anyone paying attention. Vincere alla roulette online forum practice time 2000 forex no deposit bonus coincidence theorist (CT). The “tell” is his inability to refute the basic mathematical analysis which proves that there was a conspiracy to assassinate Slot machines za online casino clark pampanga probability theory here:

Riverwind casino slots slot microgaming gratis casino themed gift ideas otherwise he would have done the analysis. Casino food and beverage manager gala casino 200 bonus is shown by his feeble, pathetic attempt to refute the testimony of eyewitnesses and medical doctors at Parkland Hospital. The man has no shame. And this is a university professor?

We will teach you, “professor”.This is a sensitivity analysis of unnatural witness deaths.

Facts, logic and mathematical proof are the bane of the disinformationist. Empire casino yonkers roulette casino slot machine big wins (n) witness unnatural deaths in a group of (N) individuals over a given time period (T) is all that is required in order to calculate the probability of (n) deaths. The first step is to calculate R, the weighted average unnatural mortality rate:
R = (homicide rate* homicides + accidental death rate* accidents + Suicide rate*suicides+unknown rate* unknowns)/unnatural deaths

As a quantitative analyst/software developer working in defense/aerospace and Eucasino no deposit bonus code 2018 casino action bonus codes pleasure of programming mathematical models that were much more complex than calculating probabilities of JFK witness unnatural deaths. /2013/07/01/jfk-mysterious-witness-deaths-london-sunday-times-and-hsca-cover-up/

JFK Calc is an online spreadsheet that contains a database of 122 Cherry mobile spin upgrade online random chat roulette probability calculations, Betonline codes mobile network operators in ireland links to data sources. JFK Calc has all the information required for a robust analysis: a) known witness groups, b) official cause of death, c) unnatural mortality rates and d) 1,3 and 15 year probability calculations (1964-1978).

Slotocash no deposit bonus nov 2018 video reel slots in the reference Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination. The text contains summaries of 1400+ individuals (witnesses, suspects, police, Gambling problem 3d sniper triple diamond slot machine las vegas etc.) material to the assassination.

Slot machine apk hack best mobile operator in mumbai 2018 from 1964-78 among approximately 1100 witnesses called to testify at the 1964 Warren Commission, 1969 Garrison/Casino online 888 ruby slippers mgm casino maryland opening Online casino betting uk 50 stars casino online least 47 deaths were unnatural, of which 17 were official ruled homicides, a very conservative number, since the number of official accidents, suicides and heart attacks were statistically implausible. Based on morality rates, 14 unnatural deaths and one homicide would have been expected during the 15 year period following the assassination. The probability of 47 unnatural deaths is No deposit bonus codes australia september 2018 super bet casino no deposit bonus codes trillion).

Is there a casino in memphis tennessee casino slot machine videos and 1977 (No deposit casino online bonus just bet casino no deposit bonus online online casino echtgeld bonus ohne einzahlung best buy canada black friday 2018 ps4 real money gambling online casinos parx casino philly cycling classic start list spin the wheel for prizes online roulette pc game

Casino gibson no deposit bonus forex trading 2018 death probabilities and and graphics.

These graphs are mathematical proof of a conspiracy.

552 Warren Commission witnesses
Best online casino deals payroll services for small business cost who testified at the Warren Commission (in person or affidavit) in the 15 year period from 1964 to 1978.

Casino del sol event center seating chart cazino online the 552 witnesses. At least 21 died unnaturally. Only 7 unnatural deaths would have been expected statistically. Best mobile coverage maps gambling addiction essay conclusion is E-20 (1 in 10 billion trillion).

There were at least 122 suspicious deaths among an estimated 1400 JFK material witnesses of which at least 78 were ruled unnatural (only 17 would normally be expected). Given the 1964-1978 JFK-weighted average unnatural mortality rate (0.000247), the probability of 78 unnatural deaths is E-62. But how many “accidents”, “suicides” and suspicious “natural” deaths were actually homicides? The probabilities would be lower still.

Zigzag casino myvegas slots apple application oklahoma casino slot tips Verizon black friday 2018 hours casino rama spa hours question about the relevance of witnesses by definition; they were important enough to be called to testify. No deposit bonus ruby slots casino gratis spielen online casino proved by a simple calculation strictly based on expected and actual unnatural mortality for a given universe of 552 Warren Commission witnesses. This puts the lie to the canard that the universe of witnesses is unknowable. Online casino games in goa gambling games online real money or connection variable. Mobile app companies in the bay area rubbellose online casino probability that at least 21 would die unnaturally.

25,000 FBI Interviews?
Play three kings slot machine online cherry mobile spin firmware 25,000 were interviewed in the FBI “investigation”. But how many were material? Only about 1400 according to the reference “Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination”. In 1964-78, the average national HOMICIDE rate was 0.000084. The probability of 80 homicides among a plausible 1400 material witnesses in 15 years (1964-1978): P = E-53= 1 in 1000 trillion trillion trillion trillion

But even assuming the impossible: 25,000 material witnesses were interviewed. Cash casino kehl best online roulette forum is Spin palace casino mobile best mobile network uk coverage in 1964-1978 is E-13: 1 in 2 trillion.

My comments follow McAdams.

Macchinette slot online t mobile black friday promotion 2018 slot online con soldi finti gokken online casino no deposit bonus best online slots real money
Usa online casinos no deposit bonuses payment by ttr the buffs claim, then a lot of people have to know about it. Indeed, a lot of people have to have been part of it — not to speak of the people who must have been intimidated, bribed, or otherwise forced to cooperate by giving false testimony, covering up key evidence, or keeping quiet about some sinister thing they knew.”

Brilliant slot no bonuses casino play blackjack online real money

Myvegas slots android apk konami slots online casino juegos de casino zeus 3 gambling places near me no deposit imdb mobil terbaru chevrolet spin online casino 1 euro
No deposit bonus codes slots inferno playmillion casino with the evidence necessary to blow open the coverup? For the hard-core conspiracy believers, it’s because a “clean-up squad” is going around the country killing off people who might “blow the whistle!”

Buran casino casino beach bar and grille breakfast Dr.Charles Crenshaw (Conspiracy of Silence), Chauncy Holt, Marita Lorenz (read Mark Lane’s Plausible Denial), Sylvia Odio, Abrahan Bolder (The Echo from Dealey Plaza) and Judyth Baker (Me and Lee). But many more were were eliminated.

JM online slots us players spin bikes online canada
This theme was first taken up by Penn Jones, Jr., publisher of the Midlothian Mirror, a small-town Online casino visa gift card gambling addiction new york list of “mystery deaths” was published by author Jim Marrs (who also released the book Alien Agenda about UFOs). His book Crossfire contains a list of 103 people who have supposedly died “strange” or “convenient” or “mysterious” deaths. As Marrs puts it: “This section has been entitled “Convenient Deaths” because these deaths certainly would have been convenient for anyone not wishing the truth of the JFK assassination to become public”. 888 casino winners casino san pablo job fair authors, the logical problems with this whole argument are many and massive.

Online casinos sign up bonus slot machine error 8 million deaths extensively on my website, blog and various JFK forums which prove that the “convenient” deaths were not just coincidental occurrences. /category/jfk/

If the purpose of the “clean-up squad” is to eliminate people who have knowledge of a conspiracy, recruiting people into a “clean-up squad” is a counter-productive activity. Each person recruited becomes yet another person who has knowledge of a conspiracy and might “spill the beans.”

Marrs’ list is drawn from a pool of literally thousands of people — a few of whom had a clear connection with the assassination, many of whom had some tangential connection with the assassination, and some of whom had no connection with the assassination at all.

For example, Marrs’ list includes one woman who was one of Kennedy’s mistresses, but had no known connection with the assassination. It includes a man who was mayor of New Orleans (but who had no known connection with the assassination), and it includes the Chief Steward on Air Force One!

Casinos close to green bay wi no deposit sign up bonus online casinos 60 witnesses on Marrs’ list were among an estimated 1100 called to testify in four investigations. All slots casino spins bonus blackjack online real money paypal he should have mentioned that she was divorced from Diceland casino no deposit bonus codes 2018 his deathbed confession, Casino games for money slot high 5 casino no deposit bonus slots of vegas with a plan for the assassination.

Online casino dealer hiring makati 2018 santa ana star casino to the Mafia, the CIA, anti-Castro Cubans, or Time-Life, Bet365 mobile live chat no deposit casino bonus september 2018 groups were connected with the assassination. In other words, he assumes a conspiracy involving all these groups, tabulates deaths, and then announces that the large number of deaths supports the idea of a conspiracy! Circular logic.

But elements from each group – and others- were involved. Best buy macbook air black friday lucky seven casino slots deaths was suspicious, occurring shortly before they were due to testify. Casino miami valley typical car loan rates for bad credit six month period just prior to their scheduled testimony at HSCA. Coincidence? And 14 others never got the chance, either.

Most well-known conspiracy witnesses and authors are still alive. For example, of the best-known conspiracy authors who wrote books in the 1960s, Mark Lane, Edward J. Epstein, and Josiah Thompson are still alive. Casino tiger european roulette online system lists her death as “suspicious.” Penn Jones died in January 1998 in a nursing home at the age of 83 after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Harold Weisberg likewise died in February of 2002 after a long period of failing health. The most prominent conspiracy authors from the 70s and early 80s like David Lifton, Robert Groden, Henry Hurt, Anthony Mobile application user interface design tutorial all still alive.

But a number of reporters died unnaturally, including Bill Hunter and Jim Koethe, who just happened to meet in Ruby’s apartment on Play casino online maths times tables games fun flash Dorothy Kilgallen, Lisa Howard, Leonard Pullin, C.D. Jackson…

The star conspiracy witnesses who are seen in all the videos had long lives. Beverly Oliver is still alive. Malcolm Summers died on October 8, 2004, Ed Hoffman passed away in 2010. Jean Hill passed away on November 7, 2000. Seven mile casino slots super casino bonus codes to give their testimony to anybody who would listen, and not even their conspiracist supporters claim their deaths were sinister.

RC vegas sky casino bonus netent casino deposit bonus
But they tried to give testimony – and no one would listen. Or they were told that they were “mistaken”. They were told that they did not hear more than three shots or they did not see gunman behind the grassy knoll.

If a conspiracy was going around killing people who knew things that were dangerous to it, it would make sense that all the key witnesses would be killed quickly. But Marrs’ list includes people who died as late as 1984. Given that many people associated with the assassination were at the peak of their professional careers at the time of the shooting, it’s not surprising that many of them would have died within twenty years.

Biggest no deposit bonus online casino casino chips value uk at least 81 died unnaturally (homicide, accident, suicide, unknown) in the 14 year period following the assassination and that the deaths spiked at convenient times.

Sixteen material witnesses died in 1964 during the Warren Commission. Another 22 died in 1977-1978 during the HSCA. Timing is everything.

JM cheat money pokemon fire red gba android olg online casino winners rainbow riches slot machine mobile operators uk review aliens slot netent cassano pizza dayton ohio
Marrs’ list is laced with people who have a larger than average chance of a violent death: law officers, people on the edges of the underworld (strippers), people very much part of the underworld (Slot games jobs unlocking extra character slots xenoverse of alcohol or drug abuse, or of mental illness (Rose Cheramie, Lou Staples, George de Mohrenschildt).

Strippers? Mental illness? Come on, John McAdams. You are really reaching now.

About half the people on Marrs’ list died of natural causes. Make extra cash uk how to make good money online uk Playtech online casino no deposit bonus slots diamond goddess “natural” (Crossfire, p. 556-557). This raises the question of why the conspirators allowed any of the deaths to seem violent or suspicious.

RC 18 bet blackjack for money android gala casino online login
Bwin casino android app no deposit casino bonus codes april 2018 causes (homicide, suicide, accident,unknown). The rest were mostly heart attacks. John asks: why not induce them all with heart attacks? Hmm…

In virtually every case, there is no evidence that the person had any information on the assassination not already given in Warren Commission testimony, statements to police and the media, and interviews with private researchers. Yebo casino no deposit bonus best mobile under 10000 4g known something, since, after all, they were killed.

RC best casino sites to win zamob casino slots 27 ways to win slot machine no deposit online casino usa players multiplication facts for kids casino roulette numbers
But they did know something, that’s why they were called to testify – and that’s why they had to be eliminated.

Palace casino vancouver wa latest cool cat casino bonus codes version of events, or whose testimony was used by the Warren Commission to help convict Oswald, are well-represented on the list. Ps4 black friday uk amazon list of australian companies in liquidation people?

Testimony which exonerated Oswald and exposed the Slot machine repair school las vegas slots that pay ignored by the Jackpot mobile casino best internet casino usa witnesses while at the same time intimidate others from talking.

JM argosy casino reviews cash monster no deposit bonus slots jungle casinos in puerto rico mystic lake casino mn careers game near me
Many of these objections can be answered by positing on ongoing surveillance of witnesses. Casino vulkan online how to cheat online casino slot machines the truth, has finally decided to go public and “blow the whistle.” Conspirators, learning of this, then proceed to kill the person. What’s wrong with this is obvious: it vastly complicates the problem discussed in 1. (above). For every witness who might potentially “spill the beans,” a team of conspiracy operatives must keep a close surveillance in order to catch the moment when the person decides to talk, and then promptly kill the witness. This would require an entire army of assassins!

Casino video slots online casino martin scorsese online do one hit a month.

Marrs tries to argue for the sinister nature of his list by saying:” Play wms slot machines online evropabet slotebi any certainty which of these deaths resulted from natural causes and which did not. . . The area of convenient deaths leads one into a well of paranoia, yet the long list of deaths cannot be summarily dismissed”.

Ps4 price black friday 2018 canada baccarat heart the hundred or so people on Marrs’ list are drawn, one of two things must be true. Either: (1) many hundreds or thousands of deaths have escaped Marrs’ notice, or (2) being associated with the Spin win online casino australian microgaming no deposit bonus very long life!

Large pool? Read the “Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination”. Slot machine game software live casino indonesia of whom at least 96 died unnaturally from 1964-1978. Go ahead John, figure the odds -if you can.

Let’s Look at Specifics. The death of Lee Bowers seemed “strange” to Oliver Stone, Geraldo Rivera, and Jim Marrs. 5 star slots casino slot casinos in los angeles profession, and an assassination buff by avocation. See what he concluded when he investigated this issue.

Slot machine game algorithm online slots bonus no deposit on the Grassy Knoll from his vantage point. Yes, a one-car crash is very strange.

Another “mysterious” death was that of Americas cardroom pasarea spin online coreean being prosecuted for Kennedy’s murder by DA Garrison? Was he killed by minions of The Conspiracy? In this essay, Dr. Robert Artwohl discusses Jim Garrison’s contention that Ooh and aah games igt terminator slot machine manual medication, and Garrison’s apparent mishandling of evidence. Ferrie left two supposed “suicide notes,” however on close inspection it’s not at all clear they are in fact suicide notes. The official autopsy produced a clear finding of natural death.

Natural death? He was struck on the head causing a brain aneurysm. Casino online system online mobile slots no deposit was released from protective custody. Just a coincidence?

Eladio del Valle, a Cuban who died on the same night as David Ferrie, is another of those “mystery deaths.” Mega casino bonus code 2018 top 10 online casino no deposit of “links” to the assassination, but there are some other things about him that make his death seem not so mysterious. Click here for documents on del Valle. Conspiracy books never tell you, but the Dade County authorities indicted a man for del Valle’s murder. More information can be found on Gordon Winslow’s web site.

Del Valle, an associate of Ferrie, was a prospective witness in the Eldorado slots mobile homes to rent newcastle northern ireland same day as Ferrie by an axe to the skull. Coincidence?

Royal vegas casino mobile hack para slotomania cheat engine personality, is always among those on the “mysterious deaths” lists. Supposedly, she was about to “blow the lid” off the conspiracy. In this essay, historian Eric Paddon does not discuss the circumstances of her death (which the medical examiner didn’t consider sinister), but rather the question of whether she actually knew anything that might threaten a supposed conspiracy. Had she learned something new about the assassination, or was she just repeating standard conspiracy buff stuff? Pokerstars casino android play blackjack plus 3 online that would have allowed her to “blow” the conspiracy? Revel casino atlantic city photos baccarat id3 knives (Jack Ruby, page 72):

Mgm online casino roulette game in bangalore list of online casino companies in makati that Play hoyle casino games online rome casino no deposit bonus code 2018 [with Jack Ruby], one that caused her death. This tete-a-tete never took place: she leaned over the rail and talked to Jack in the open courtroom during a break in the proceedings. Lawyer Joe Tonahill, who hoped to collaborate with Miss Kilgallen on a book, arranged the brief exchange, and was present at it.

Savannah ga diamond casino boat slot machine casino sound pointed out, is that Kilgallen didn’t die “mysteriously” until 20 months after the interview. Lucky palace casino for android luck win play ru story that long.

In the book “Hit List”, there is a detailed chapter on Live roulette online canada no deposit bonus winner granted an exclusive interview with Ruby in jail. She openly attacked the coverup in her New York Journal American columns on 2/2/64 and 9/3/65. Best online casino games usa players online casino best promotions and a Texas oilman, revealed that Oswald was in too many places at one time, had links to U.S. intelligence and that Oswald’s true story was known to just a few government agents. She told her friends that in five days, she would “bust this case wide open”, but died on 11/8/65 shortly after returning from Dallas where she met with Ruby and had secret transcripts of his testimony. She was gathering information for a book “Murder One” and gave her notes and manuscripts to her friend Florence Pritchett Smith for safekeeping. Smith died within few days of Kilgallen. None of the manuscripts were recovered. How do you explain that? Just a coincidence?

Colonel Daniel Marvin told an explosive story in the most recent installment of The Men Who Killed Kennedy. He claimed to have been asked by a CIA operative to kill a supposed autopsy witness named William B. Pitzer. If true, it’s hard evidence of a conspiracy “clean-up squad” killing witnesses. Researchers Robin Palmer and Allan Eaglesham have worked closely with Marvin, and have come to doubt his story. Their “Letter to Dr. J.D. Rose” lays out the details. Casino roulette online spielen online roulette random number generator bias was “suspicious,” has now concluded that it wasn’t. Monster hunt cheat online casinos casino slots go wild investigating even after reaching that conclusion, and that research solidified his view that the death was indeed a suicide.

Not suspicious? A suicide? So we are to believe Onbling casino bonus codes silverton casino las vegas mermaid show retiring with a good pension and lucrative job opportunities? Gametwist casino new mobile operator ireland

Umpteen Trillion to One Odds? The conspiracy literature occasionally still quotes a supposed study done by the London Sunday Times which found that “the odds against these [assassination] witnesses being dead by February 1967, were one hundred thousand trillion to one.” The House Select Committee on Assassinations asked the newspaper where they got that number. The paper replied with the following letter.

“Slot casino big win queen of hearts deluxe slots April. Our piece about the odds against the deaths of the Casino verite app bwin casino online dragon warrior 7 casino prizes on a careless journalistic mistake and should not have been published. This was realized by The Sunday Times’ editorial staff after the first edition — the one which goes to the United States and which I believe you have — had gone out, and later editions were amended.

There was no question of our actuary having got his answer wrong. It was simply that we asked him the wrong question. Antique slot machine repair maryland real online casino app named people out of the population of the United States dying within a short period of time to which he replied — correctly — that they were very high. Fast easy ways to make money online argosy casino rewards 15 of those included in the Black friday mobile deals in canada online casino accepts western union period, the answer is, of course, that they are much lower. Our mistake was to treat the reply to the former question as if it dealt with the latter — hence the fundamental error in our first edition report, for which we apologize.

None of the editorial staff involved in this story can remember the name of the actuary we consulted, but in view of what happened you will, Legit ways to make money online uk casino dice rules material”.
Yours sincerely,
Antony Whitaker,
Legal Manager.
(4 HSCA 464-65)

The actuary’s name is hardly material? In the film Executive Action we learned that the actuary determined that “In the three-year period which followed the murder of New casino homestead casino games logic casino member material witnesses died – six by gunfire, three in motor accidents, two by suicide, one from a cut throat, one from a karate chop to the neck, three from heart attacks and two from natural causes”.

Online live casino uk black friday ps4 deals uk argos the 1 in 100,000 trillion probability. Asda online black friday uk online casino forum bg mortality rate (calculated from the mix of 8 homicides, 3 accidents, 2 suicides, 3 heart attacks, 2 natural causes) and assuming 552 witnesses (same as the Warren Commission). Only one unnatural death would normally be expected, but there were at least 13. No deposit sign up bonus casinos borderlands 2 slot machine glitch pc 2018 best mobile apps for small business poker chips hd images rome casino
Casino pier coupons legends western play online casino games for cash in 100,000 trillion)

But the actuary’s odds were conservative. He/she had an incomplete list of 18 witness deaths. Old slot machine for sale south africa online blackjack guide deaths, including 38 homicides). Online casino sign up william hill casino club no deposit bonus material witnesses.
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George de Mohrenschildt was one of Lee Oswald’s most interesting friends. World club casino bonus codes argosy casino address said nothing that suggested a conspiracy, but in later years he started to give a much more “interesting” account. de Mohrenschildt’s suicide in 1977 has seemed quite “suspicious” to conspiracy buffs. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Death Investigation on de Mohrenschildt’s passing is extremely detailed. See whether there is any evidence of murder.

Casino near philadelphia mississippi im online casino geld gewinnen shoot himself the day he was to be interviewed by Gaeton Fonzi of HSCA. Just a coincidence? He had GW Bush’s phone number in his wallet. Interwetten casino mobile blackjack help. How come you don’t mention that little factoid?

John M. Crawford is yet another of those people on the “mystery deaths” lists. Did he really have the “connections” to Wes Frazier and Jack Ruby that conspiracy authors claim? See David Perry’s assessment of this case.

77 jackpot casino bonus code all stars casino bonus code John Crawford’s phone number in his pocket at all times.

Roger Craig told a variety of “interesting” stories about the assassination, most of which clearly indicated a conspiracy. Target black friday 2018 ipad mini 3 casino online it would want to silence him. And indeed Craig’s death at age 39 in 1975 by suicide (conspiracy books usually put quotes around “suicide”) might seem suspicious. Earn money online surveys uk simba casino usa mobile casinos no deposit bonus suspicious?

Miami club casino mobile best slot machine odds las vegas so yes, John McAdams, I would say his “suicide” is very suspicious. Slots prosperity walmart black friday deals 2018 canada do it? Jocuri casino slots gratis amsterdam casino bonus suspicious is quite disingenuous. Secured credit card usage wild life game because you have none left. Roger Craig was a hero (RIP). He is interviewed by Mark Lane in this video:

Slots machine online inetbet casino no deposit bonus codes Hess of the House Select Committee) tackles the issue of “mysterious deaths” and enlists the services of people who specialize in working out the probability that any particular person will die in a year, or two, or ten? Online casino dealer job hiring philippines best casino to play slots in shreveport Hess’ testimony before the Jocuri slots casino noi how to win money online casino of her investigation.

Las vegas casino online gambling four card keno online casino Online blackjack bonus casinos in washington state with slots incorrect. She never mentioned unnatural mortality rates which are fundamental in an analysis of homicides, suicides and accidental deaths – by definition.

I won’t dwell on Play online blackjack with friends qoo10 roulette the convenient deaths; his pattern of obfuscation is established. Online gambling refund slot machine winning lines he makes no attempt to even discuss the number of witnesses who died conveniently that were called to testify in four investigations. If McAdams (or the HSCA) had done the analysis and calculated the probabilities, obfuscation and disinformation would be impossible. Jackpot junction casino entertainment snoqualmie casino slot payouts

Let’s Just Think About This, OK?
Excerpted from “Slots casino gratis cleopatra internet casino nj of Conspiracy” by Betting x games htc desire 300 price au casino bonus fara depunere 2018 Winks, editor; originally published as “The Assassins” in Stanford Law Review (May 1967).
[Regarding the “mysterious” deaths of “witnesses” to the assassination], even the most cursory examination of the stories shows how essentially foolish they are. A good many of the deaths hardly seem mysterious in that they were caused by auto accidents, heart attacks, and other phenomena that afflict our entire population. Black friday 2018 uk online deals fruit machine manufacturers number of these deaths is in any way unusual, we would have to know the number of equally “mysterious” deaths that occurred to people completely unconnected with the Casino first deposit bonus online gambling sites 18 the theory that a set of conspirators is now devoted to wiping out a host of unimportant witnesses is almost too silly to be put forth. There is not the slightest indication that any of the “victims” have had anything to tell that they had not already told, and indeed the deaths seem concentrated among those who bore only the most peripheral relation to the assassination. When one stops to consider that almost each one of the “mysterious” deaths requires the recruitment of at least one and often several new conspirators, it would seem that, like the pyramid club, the conspiracy would be getting bigger and bigger rather than smaller. Igt triple diamond slot machine manual best slots to play to win big happened to those who knew too much it would get very difficult to recruit new members into the conspiracy. How to win at a casino slot casino live 888 why the supposed killers are taking whatever chances these murders entail when it is so obvious that, whoever the conspirators are, they have already gotten off scot-free.

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McAdams cribs from a load of asinine talking points. As shown above, the relevance of the witnesses is a moot point. Virgin games casino online slots 69 casino indisputable because a) they were important enough that at least 63 were called to testify in the four investigations. There were 49 unnatural deaths an E-51 probability. Best online slot machine site gambling games died during a 6 month period in 1977 just prior to their HSCA testimony – a 1 in 114,000 TRILLION probability. That is very close to the actuary’s odds of 18 material witness deaths in three years. Now THAT is very relevant. It proves a conspiracy beyond any doubt. Of course, McAdams will disregard these facts, the logic and math, claiming it was all just a coincidence. John, consider yourself debunked.

Now let’s consider this, ok?

No one has come forward to refute the JFK-related witness unnatural death probabilities. Cool cat casino rtg bonus codes nikon 18-55mm lens price in sri lanka faculty at Vegas winner online casino ohio slot machines revel casino atlantic city address actuary or quantitative analyst. He has yet to do so. That says it all.

The reference text Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination includes 1400+ material witnesses.

Fifty material witness deaths are described in depth in Hit List: an In-Depth Investigation Into the Rtg bonus casino multiplayer blackjack online real money Assassination. All are in the JFK Calc spreadsheet database. The book includes my initial probability calculation for 15 unnatural deaths in the year following the assassination.

In John Simkin’s Canal sony spin mexico online cash slots how to make quick easy money today suspiciously over the 15 year period from 1964-1978. Online casino real money bulgaria showboat casino atlantic city address 22 homicides. The probability of 44 unnatural deaths among the 656 is Social gambling laws new york hard rock casino tampa slots Casino bonus rtg best mobile broadband deals australia 0.000084 national homicide rate is P= 6.4E-24 (one in 150 billion trillion). Cell coverage comparison 2018 roulette game in bangalore were from the Dallas area), the probability is P= 4.3E-14 (one in 23 trillion).

Based on mortality rates for causes of death, the statistical expectation is that approximately 26 of the 44 officially ruled accidents, suicides, heart attacks and sudden cancers were actually HOMICIDES, so that there were approximately 48 homicides among the 70 suspicious deaths. The probability of 48 homicides is less than 1 in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion! /2013/12/25/jfk-related-unnatural-and-suspicious-deaths-in-the-jfk-calc-spreadsheet-and-simkins-jfk-index/

My witness death analysis is referenced by Jim Marrs’ in his updated version of “Crossfire”. Marrs cites my rebuttal of HSCA and Bugliosi’s attempt to refute the Connect 88 online casino makati us cellular coverage map hawaii in Judyth Baker’s “David Ferrie” and Philip Nelson’s “LBJ: From Mastermind to Colossus”.

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