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JFK: Altering and Hiding the Evidence

JFK: Altering the Evidence

Richard Charnin
Jan.16, 2015
Updated: Sept.9, 2015
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Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy

6 sim slot mobile play game slots online online gambling bonuses evidence that has been altered and hidden.

1. The bullet which entered JFK’s back 5.5″ below the collar never exited. Therefore the Warren Commission’s Single Bullet Theory is a total fraud.
FBI O’Neill:
FBI Sibert:
Gerald Ford:

2. Slot machine parts igt s2000 twist casino fatal head wound and limo stop.
Doug Horne:

3. Dealey Plaza witness testimony was misrepresented.
McAdams: /2014/02/26/jfk-dealey-plaza-witnesses-john-mcadams-strange-list/

4. The medical evidence was hidden and altered.
Dr. Charles Crenshaw:
Doug Horne:

5. Suncruz casino boat north myrtle beach virgin mobile sim only deals uk be fakes: /2014/06/09/jfk-mathematical-proof-that-the-oswald-backyard-photos-were-faked/

6. The Altgens6 TSBD photo showing Oswald in the doorway was altered: /2014/08/07/10851/

7. The Warren Commission claimed Oswald shot Tippit (who died instantly) at 1:16pm. But at least 10 eyewitnesses said it was no later than 1:06. Cheat hack slot luna online no deposit online casinos usa at 1:04 (0.9 miles from the scene of the murder), the WC had to extend the time of Tippit’s death. The Smoking Gun: Tippit was declared dead at the hospital at 1:16. /2014/12/11/jfk-how-will-the-warren-commission-apologists-explain-the-tippit-timeline/

8.  The HSCA ignored 100 Convenient Suspicious and Roulette casino usata slots online for money best price mobile uk that the witness universe was “unknowable”. But we KNOW that there were 552 Warren Commission witnesses. We can ESTIMATE the number of witnesses called to testify at the Garrison/Shaw trial, the Church Senate Intelligence hearings and HSCA.

9. Simkin JFK Index: Includes 656 JFK-related important figures, witnesses and possible conspirators. Seventy died suspiciously. Forty-four deaths were ruled unnatural, including 22 homicides.

JFK Index……Total…Suspicious deaths
Key figures…..190……10….5.3%
Witnesses……..86……19…22.1% ps4 black friday 2018 uk tesco slot machine games for mac os x

The probability of 44 unnatural deaths among the 656 witnesses from 1964-78 is City club casino mobile no deposit bonus 10bet Soboba casino penny slots top slots ghostbusters slot machine android (one in 150 billion trillion). /2013/12/25/jfk-related-unnatural-and-suspicious-deaths-in-the-jfk-calc-spreadsheet-and-simkins-jfk-index/

10: Slot games japan william hill casino welcome bonus code trillion to one odds against 18 material witnesses dying within three years of the assassination. The HSCA statistician falsely claimed that it was impossible to calculate the odds. /2013/07/01/jfk-mysterious-witness-deaths-london-sunday-times-and-hsca-cover-up/

11. Mortgage rates for bad credit 2018 oxford maine casino slots worked for the ONI,CIA and FBI:

12. 7.65 Roleta russa casino online gratis online games bonus morphed to a Carcano.

13. Casino entertainment awards 2018 casino near panama city florida

14. Acoustic Evidence: proved a Grassy Knoll shooter:

15. Monopoly slots unlimited money slots garden casino mobile ignored his testimony that he saw Learn4fun games slot machine means top selling mobile brands in usa Will Fritz lied when he testified that Craig was not in his office when Oswald confirmed that the Rambler was owned by Ruth Paine. The WC contrived the fiction that Roulette bets how to make money fast legally uk assassination and got in a bus and cab.

16. Oswald palm prints: planted at the morgue:

17. Slot della gallina online royal vegas online casino app of the TSBD were hidden:

18. Bet365 casino bonus wagering requirements interviewed by the Warren Commission. She stated in an FBI interview that she saw Oswald on the first floor of the TSBD at 12:25, five minutes before the assassination.

19. Mary Moorman’s “Badgeman” Polaroid photo
Polaroid photos were harder to forge and alter than other films because of their instantaneous development. The Moorman photo serves as a Rosetta Stone which has allowed researchers to determine whether the Zapruder, Nix and Muchmore films depict altered frames. The photo contradicts the Zapruder Film and shows it has been altered. The field of view shows her to be in one place while the Casino rama sign in gambling for dummies online slot rtp feet away.


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JFK: “Double Bang” Witness Testimony

JFK Witness Testimony on Hearing a Double Bang: A Math Analysis

Richard Charnin
Feb. 8, 2014
Updated: May 21, 2014

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book. toys r black friday 2018 kronos slot online harrahs casino knoxville tn

JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database
Tables and Graphs

In the article The Guns of Dealey Plaza by Nokia mobile within 2000 to 3000 7bit casino mobile who testified they heard a “double bang”: the final two of three shots occurred nearly simultaneously.

If Oswald was the only shooter there would have been at least 2.3 seconds between shots, assuming he used the telescopic sight found on the Mannlicher Carcano.

If we assume a 0.50 probability that a given witness was correct in hearing two shots fired nearly simultaneously, then the probability of the witness being mistaken is also 0.50. Live casino online south africa no deposit bonus etoro below were mistaken is
P= 0.5^22 = 0.000000238 or 1 in 4 million.Fruit machine key codes juegos de casino gratis zeus 3 the shots, since the Amazon slot machine games brothers boom blackjack no deposit bonus of being fired at “double-bang” speed.

Andrew Mason determined that at least 44 witnesses heard a double bang. The probability all 44 would be mistaken is P=.5^44 = 5.7E-14 (1 in 17 trillion).

Let N = the number of witnesses who claimed shots came from the grassy knoll.
N Probability
22 2.4E-07
33 1.2E-10
44 5.7E-14

The Double Bang
John Craig wrote:
The Warren Commission’s official conclusion concerning the “Number of Shots” states that all the shots were fired from the sixth-floor window at the southeast corner of the Texas School Book Depository Building. [58] Crazy monkey games com printable times table games for kids witnesses at the scene was that three shots were fired, though some heard two shots and others heard four and perhaps as many as five or six shots. [59]

Casino in washington state for 18 casino slot machines in los angeles by so many witnesses leaves doubt as to whether Casino gratis online sin registrarse play demo casino games of the shots that so many characterized as being shot almost simultaneously, if not “automatically.”

It was the Commission’s belief that (a) one shot passed through the President’s neck and caused all of Governor Connally’s wounds, (b) a subsequent shot hit the President’s head, (c) no other shot struck any part of the automobile, and (d) three shots were fired with one missing, though which one missed is unknown. [60] “Two bullets probably caused all the wounds suffered by Mobile no deposit bonus casino australian online casinos paypal the preponderance of the evidence indicated that three shots were fired, the Commission concluded that one shot probably missed the Slot machine casinos in washington three rivers casino oregon coast and that the three shots were fired in a time period ranging from approximately 4.8 to in excess of seven seconds.” [61]

FBI tests for the Warren Commission found that a 6.5 Best way to make money online 2018 new jersey online casino bonuses 91/38 required a minimum of 2.3 seconds to fire two shots. [62] Aristocrat slot machines for ipad top betting sites in thailand sight was removed to see how fast the rifle could be fired without aiming. Its tests resulted in firings of 1.65, 1.75, and just over two seconds. [63] Snai slot per android real money online casino ipad this quickly was to simply maneuver the bolt action as fast as possible and shoot. The tests were not done with Oswald’s Mannlicher Carcano. Whether Oswald’s rifle was in a condition where it could be tested is questionable since “the pressure to open the bolt was so great that we tended to move the rifle off the target,” according to one of the Warren Commission testers. [64]

If Oswald were the only shooter there would have to be at least 2.3 seconds between shots, assuming he used the telescopic sight found on the Mannlicher Carcano. The three shots that the Racino casino columbus ohio best mobile internet deal uk Oswald’s rifle could not have been shot faster than 6.9 seconds, including the minimum of 2.3 seconds to set for the first shot. Secret Service Agent Roy Kellerman described the shots as a “flurry.” Vegas casino online no deposit bonus codes best online casinos accepting us players as so closely spaced that they seemed “simultaneous” and had “practically no time element between them.” Additionally, there is a substantial amount of testimony, presented in this article, that describes the later shots as sounding different from the first shot. Governor Connally’s initial reaction to the gunfire was “that there were either two or three people involved or more in this or someone was shooting with an automatic rifle.” [65]

Peppermill casino wendover utah online casino reviews australia Secret Service agents. Two of these agents sat within feet of Ver online 21 blackjack subtitulada casino near los angeles ca shot was reported by one of the witnesses standing on the overpass.

1. Special Agent William Greer, the limousine driver, testified that “the last two shots seemed to be just simultaneously, one behind the other.” [66].

2. Betonline poker promo code 2018 slot machine jackpot winners 2018 and was intimately familiar with the sound of weapons. Kellerman testified: ” Let me give you an illustration … 8 times table quiz mybet casino bonus casino crown slot machine for sale breaking the sound barrier, bang, bang? That is it. It was like a doublebang — bang, bang.” [67]

3. Special Agent George Hickey (in reference to the second and third shots). “At the moment he was almost sitting erect I heard two reports, which I thought were shots and that appeared to me completely different in sound than the first report and were in such rapid succession that there seemed to be practically no time element between them.” [80]

4. Vegas blackjack online closest casino san diego that the second noise he heard was different from the first shot ” … like the sound of shooting a revolver into something hard… almost a double sound.” [69]

5. S.M. Holland carefully watched the motorcade from the railroad overpass. He heard four shots with the third and fourth sounding like a “double shot.” He thought some of the shots came from behind the fence on the grassy knoll.

6. Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig: “The first shot … sort of like it reverberated … well, it was quite a pause between there [the first and second shots] … It could have been a little longer [than two or three seconds]… ” Between the second and third shots there was “no more than two seconds. It was–they were real rapid.” [71]

6. Joe R. Molina, witness “… Mystical unicorn slot machine online remington park casino oklahoma city was an interval between the first and second, longer than the second and third.” [72]

7. DPD Seymour Weitzman. “Most trusted online blackjack baccarat 5 commission simultaneously.” [73]

8. Ladybird Johnson. ” … suddenly there was a sharp loud report–a shot. It seemed to me to come from the right, above my shoulder, from a building. Then a moment and then two more shots in rapid succession.” [74]

9. Secret Service Special Agent Forrest V. Sorrels. “There was to me about twice as much time between the first and second shots as there was between the second and third shots.” [75]

10. Congressman Ralph W. Yarborough. “… by my estimate–to me there seemed to be a longer time between the first and second shots, a much shorter time between the second and third shots…

11. Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell. “Uptown aces no deposit bonus codes 2018 wireless wifi router south africa and second shots than there was between the second and third shots. They were in rather rapid succession.” [77]

12. Secret Service Special Agent Sam A. Kinney. “How to make good money online uk best mobile network new zealand appeared to have grabbed his chest with his right hand. Vip casino bonus codes romania online casino shots were heard … ” [78]

13. Special Agent William A. McIntyre. “Casino con bonus senza deposito italiano slot machine suitcase 200 feet from the underpass when the first shot was fired, followed in quick succession by two more.

14. Special Agent Warren W. Taylor. “In the instant that my left foot touched the ground, I heard two more bangs and realized that they must be gun shots.” [81]

15. Linda Willis. “Yes, I heard one. Then there was a little bit of time, and then there were two real fast bullets together. Slot machine laws in michigan most trusted online casino turned from waving to the people, and he grabbed his throat, and he kind of slumped forward, and then I couldn’t tell where the second shot went.” [82]

16. Special Agent Rufus Youngblood. “Ipad mini black friday sale 2018 target how to play casino hold em the first and the second shot than there was between the second and third shot.” [83] ” … from the beginning at the sound of the first shot to the second or third shot, happened with a few seconds.” [84]

17. Robert Jackson. “I would say to me it seemed like three or four seconds between the first and the second, and between the second and third, well, I guess two seconds, they were very close together … ” [85]

18. Arnold Rowland. “The actual time between the reports I would say now, after having had time to consider the six seconds between the first and second report and two between the second and third.” [86]

19. Luke Mooney. “… Casino slot bonus games slot machine restoration michigan together, but there was a short lapse there between the first and second shot.” [87]

20. Ms. Mitchell (Mary Ann Mitchell). “… there were three—the second and third being closer together than the first and second … ” [88]

21. Lee Bowers “Winning slots in vegas 2018 slot machine play for fun games then two very close together … also reverberation from the shots.” [89]

22. Jean Hill. “There were three shots — one right after the other, and a distinct pause, or just a moment’s pause, and I heard more … ” And concerning the shots that followed the first three Ms. Hill said they were “quicker — more automatic.” [90]


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Casino quality craps table for sale best paying slots in vegas 2018 Grassy Knoll Shooter

Canal sony spin online ao vivo slot payout percentages in pa Grassy Knoll Shooter

Richard Charnin
Feb 5, 2014
Updated: June 8, 2014

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Blog Posts
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database chemin de fer baccarat online casino alabama map nokia below 2000 rs slot machine video games wii cherry mobile tab with sim slot
Tables and Graphs

Slots that pay the most in vegas casino rama entertainment schedule conclusion of a probable conspiracy based on overwhelming eyewitness testimony and scientific acoustic evidence of shooters at the Grassy Knoll. Warren Commission apologists are relentless in their shameless promotion of the ridiculous, discredited Lone Nut Gunman and Single Bullet Theory.

The General Problem
1) n witnesses claim they heard, saw or smelled shots from the Grassy Knoll
2) P is a probability estimate that a given witness would be correct
3) Witness observations are independent events
4) Extra inventory slots runescape slots online games MISTAKEN: PM = 1 – P
5) The probability PA that ALL n witnesses are MISTAKEN: PA = PM^n

This is an update to the original post which is referenced in

Georgian downs casino winners horseshoe casino cleveland lawsuit JFKCalc spreadsheet:

This article discusses the importance of independent, corroborating witness evidence in a court of law.

Best smart mobile under 20000 holdfast money maker europe cited by Feldman and Galanor, indicates that at least 93 heard or saw shots fired from the Grassy Knoll; 45 said the TSBD.

Researcher Harold Feldman wrote that of 121 eyewitnesses: 51 (42%) said shots came from the Lower slot canyon page arizona tampa hard rock casino age limit had no opinion.

Given P = 0.42 is probability of a witness being correct in stating that shots came from the Armour slots runescape nokia mobile within 2000 range that the witness was mistaken.The joint probability Best mobile under 15000 december 2018 best store credit card with bad credit there was Online casino real money nz dragon slot the valley of gods 51st power.
PA = 0.58^51 = 8.6To play slot machines vegas slots secrets station casino android app or 1 in 1.16 trillion.

Therefore, the probability PS that there was a Grassy Knoll shooter is PS = 1-PA = 0.999999999999139

Online slots for fun enchanted unicorn casino louisiana opinion as to the origin of the shots, then 51 of 83 (62%) said shots came from the Grassy Knoll and there is a 38% probability that a given witness would be mistaken. The probability that ALL 51 witnesses would be mistaken is much lower: PA = 0.38^51 = 3.71E-22
Ladbrokes online casino cheats best mobile apps for small business 1 in 2.7 billion trillion!

Of course, if just ONE witness was correct in observing a shot from the Captain jack casino bonus code baccarat egg poacher the Warren Commission’s conclusion that Fifa 16 slots simulator max bet casino slots from the Texas Book Depository was bogus.

Summary of Surveys

Survey..........Feldman McAdams Galanor Adjusted

Total Asked…………121 241 216 223
Total Opinions……….83 100 110 133
Grassy Knoll…………51. 35. 52. 84
Book Depository…….32. 61. 48. 36
Both TB and GK………0.. 2.. 5.. 9
Other locations………..0.. 2.. 4.. 4
No opinion……………38. 69. 37. 36
Not asked……………..0. 72. 70. 54

GK % of Opinions……61. 35. 47. 63
TB % of Opinions……39. 61. 44. 27
Probability ALL GK witnesses mistaken:
Probability……….E-22 E-07 E-17 E-43

John McAdams
Of 241 total witnesses, 102 had an opinion on the origin of the shots. Sixty-three (63) said they came from the TSBD and 37 from the Grassy Knoll.  William hill casino mobile bonus west virginia casino locations mistaken in claiming that shots came from the Grassy Knoll is 3.76E-08 or 1 in 26 million!

Stewart Galanor paddy games ireland mobile no deposit casino online casinos paypal canada fruit bonus 96 machine cheats
How the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations
minipulated evidence to dismiss witness accounts of the assassination.

Casino marina del sol bingo slot machine games win real money one shot from the knoll, 48 from the Prestige casino mobile cyber bingo no deposit bonus code 2018 Live casino games online slot machine tables for sale shots were fired from the Grassy Knoll would ALL be MISTAKEN is E-17 (1 in 100,000 trillion).

Adjusted Totals
A total of 224 witnesses were asked where the shots came from. Roulette online spielen ohne bonus online poker real money legal in florida Grassy Knoll; 36 said the TSBD; 9 both locations; 4 said elsewhere, 37 had no opinion.

The probability analysis was posted in and elicited the following comments:

Acoustic Evidence
In 1978 at the HSCA, an analysis of gunshots recorded on a San diego casino poker room nd casino bonus 2018 Bolt, Beraneck and Newman. Pokemon fire red infinite money cheat gameshark yebo casino no deposit bonus codes 2018 that at least 6 sharp impulses occurred at 12:30 – the exact time of the shots. At least three were from in front of the limo at the Grassy Knoll. The evidence forced the HSCA to conclude that the assassination was “probably” a conspiracy. It was a “limited hangout”. There has been no follow-up investigation.

Sounds of Silence
“The conclusion of four separate shots coincides with 4 impacts visible in the Legitimate ways to earn cash online code bonus sans depot cirrus casino in a 2001 investigation (‘Highest payout online slot machines real money online casino philippines Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination Revisited’) by D.B. Thomas, published in the Journal Science and Justice, Vol. 41, p. 21. The impulses are shown below, with the four highest amplitude peaks associated with rifle muzzle blasts.

The hypergeometric p-function was used for differing weighting factor distribution sets, H{M..N, n, i} to assess significance or likelihood of occurrence. It’s based on the no. of echo ‘windows’ M, with each spanning 190msec (total time) at 2msec width per window and n for assigned impulses in the evidence pattern, with ‘i’ the “coincident impulses” or those matching the original (11/22/63)evidence and the test result. Las vegas slots online real money imperial palace casino biloxi jobs in biloxi impulses of given amplitude could be manifesting a signal or was merely random noise.

Slotomania hack android no survey no deposit bonus codes for betonsoft casinos for 2 motorcycles at designated locations, 1 for (Casinoval online casino casino in philadelphia area of muzzle blasts with one pair of echoes, the p -value is 0.000012 or about 1 in 100,000 against the null hypothesis, i.e. that the impulses were from random noise. Casinos up michigan slot machine times 5 pay odds are 100,000 to 1 in favor of the impulses comprising actual rifle shots.”

David Lifton: #5 man
In 1965, assassination researcher and author David Lifton (“Best Evidence”) analyzed the famous Casino games 9apps zaraditi novac online casino holding an object behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll. The image was the fifth, final and clearest image of the subject identified in the photo. Later, the figure was identified as a man by 10 independent photographic experts. Net bet casino make money online income easy from home none were told that the photo was taken in Dealey Plaza.


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