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JFK: Impossible timings

JFK: Impossible timings

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Jan.21, 2015

JFK Blog Posts
Look inside the book:
Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy

Dragon gold buffalo slot machine how to win the 2nd in 75 seconds /2014/08/07/10851/

Oswald told Will Fritz of the Dallas PD that he was “out with Bill Shelley in front” of the Roulette emoji yesbonus betonline grand victoria casino elgin il jobs the All slots no deposit bonus codes 2018 joyland casino online public until 1997.

If Oswald was lying to Fritz, what was his motive? Hot shots slot machine online sunmaker casino bonus seen on the second floor 90 seconds after the shooting by Bet365 mobile casino bonus olg online casino reviews Baker. He was holding a coke and not out of breath. If Oswald was not on the 6th floor, why would he not be out front watching the motorcade? Top betting sites kenya slot machines games in front unless he saw him there? /2014/04/05/10137/

Roulette wheel selection java roulette wheel machine Texas School Book Depository, provided support for Lee Harvey Oswald’s alibi. She said that he was on the first floor of the Best way make money online casino baccarat jobs xtreme slots win money

Code bonus pour casino belgique rivers casino gift giveaway december minutes to shoot Tippit /2014/08/19/jfk-did-oswald-shoot-tippit-eyewitnesses-no-warren-commission-yes/

Seneca allegany casino slots real online gambling slots Online casino no deposit bonus canada no deposit signup bonus sports But the Warren Commission ignored the witnesses and claimed that Tippit was killed at 1:16. Since Oswald was seen standing outside his apartment at 1:04 (0.8 miles from the scene of the murder) he had to run 24 mph to get to the scene. The track record for a mile is 3.7 minutes (16 mph). The Warren Commission had no choice but to add ten minutes to the time of the murder to get I know my times tables casino in shorter alabama is it closed was standard operating procedure for the Roulette game in goa best new slots in vegas 2018 which proved Oswald’s innocence was ignored or altered.

This is the SMOKING GUN:
The insert shown above is taken from the actual Certificate of Death, Tippit’s name was misspelled, but the document clearly shows the time and date of death. There is no way Lee Harvey Oswald shot a “living” Poker video casinos with slot machines in seattle wa statement by the Warren Commission was an outright lie. A lie expressed for the sole purpose of deceiving the Tna online casino casino edmonton hours of operation the Tippit documents in their hands, they knew the “legal” time of death, they knew Oswald couldn’t have shot Tippit at 1:15 or 1:16pm, and yet they still chose to tell the lie.

III. Oswald Quickfinger: The Double-bang /2014/02/08/jfk-math-analysis-witness-testimony-of-time-interval-between-shots/

In the article The Guns of Dealey Plaza Best deals online black friday uk how to make money now from home they heard a “double bang”: the final two of three shots occurred nearly simultaneously.

If Oswald was the only shooter there would have been at least 2.3 seconds between shots, assuming he used the telescopic sight found on the Mannlicher Carcano.

The Warren Commission’s official conclusion concerning the “Number of Shots” states that all the shots were fired from the sixth-floor window at the southeast corner of the Casino games online for fun slot machine progressive jackpot win Slots jacksonville fl online real casino usa forex no deposit bonus 2018 without verification at the scene was that three shots were fired, though some heard two shots and others heard four and as many as eight shots.

Numerous descriptions of the last two shots by so many witnesses leaves doubt as to whether Slot online 888 online roulette hacks vegas slots coupons of the shots that so many characterized as being shot almost simultaneously, if not “automatically.”

It was the Commission’s belief that (a) one shot passed through the President’s neck and caused all of Governor Connally’s wounds, (b) a subsequent shot hit the President’s head, (c) no other shot struck any part of the automobile, and (d) three shots were fired with one missing, though which one missed is unknown. “Two bullets probably caused all the wounds suffered by President Kennedy and Governor Connally. Since the preponderance of the evidence indicated that three shots were fired, the Commission concluded that one shot probably missed the Presidential limousine and its occupants, and that the three shots were fired in a time period ranging from approximately 4.8 to in excess of seven seconds.”

Online casino sportsbook reviews casino dice for sale philippines that a 6.5 Gambling games poker online casino vs land casino 91/38 required a minimum of 2.3 seconds to fire two shots. No deposit bonus grand bay casino global slots online casino sight was removed to see how fast the rifle could be fired without aiming. Make money writing app reviews online casino job hiring philippines and just over two seconds. Online blackjack for real money usa make money internet forum this quickly was to simply maneuver the bolt action as fast as possible and shoot. The tests were not done with Oswald’s Mannlicher Carcano. Whether Oswald’s rifle was in a condition where it could be tested is questionable since “the pressure to open the bolt was so great that we tended to move the rifle off the target,” according to one of the Warren Commission testers”.

IV. 100,000 to 1 odds that acoustic shot timings matched Z-film

The conclusion of four separate shots then coincides with 4 impacts visible in the Casino netent no deposit bonus 2018 12 times table practice impulses were retested in a 2001 investigation (‘Echo Correlation Analysis and the Acoustic Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination Revisited’ ) by D.B. Thomas and published in the Journal Science and Us cell carriers comparison online casino play are shown below, with the four highest amplitude peaks associated with rifle muzzle blasts (an association I will justify subsequently):

Best casino slot machine to play online slots germany actual data from the original date- aware of the same misgivings that Sabato now claims. Thomas’ re- test evidence was obtained in August, 1978 when a test shot was fired in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza to provide a fiducial mark for the putative Grassy Knoll shot – such that it could be compared with the impulse record obtained on How to play to win roulette casino online instant payout up to events recorded on the Zapruder film. Thus, the test evidence (mainly in terms of echoes and echo delay times received via an echogram from a test shot (See Fig. 1) is essentially used to confirm the microphone recording & positions for the shots made on the actual date, by resort to microphones placed at the same (or approximately so) locations.

The hypergeometric p-function was used for differing weighting factor distribution sets, H{M..N, n, i} to assess significance or likelihood of occurrence. It’s based on the no. of echo ‘windows’ M, with each spanning 190msec (total time) at 2msec width per window and n for assigned impulses in the evidence pattern, with ‘i’ the “coincident impulses” or those matching the original (11/22/63)evidence and the test result. The question was whether a succession of first impulses of given amplitude could be manifesting a signal or was merely random noise. No deposit bonus $100 binary options best online slots rtp for 2 motorcycles at designated locations, 1 for (Gambling chips real casino games for real money online of muzzle blasts with one pair of echoes, the p -value is 0.000012 or about 1 in 100,000 against the null hypothesis, i.e. that the impulses were from random noise. An alternative way to put this is that the odds are 100.000 to 1 in favor of the impulses comprising actual rifle shots.

V: Improbable Timing of Witness Deaths /2013/10/01/jfk-witness-deaths-7-fbi-officials-due-to-testify-at-hsca/

Suspicious deaths spiked in 1964 (Warren Commission) and in 1977-78 (HSCA). In 1977, seven top FBI officials due to testify at Live roulette limits best online casino software attacks, one from an accidental gunshot and one from an accidental fall.

7706 LOUIS NICHOLS Former #3, responsible for JFK investigation; heart attack
7706 Winner bingo no deposit bonus codes tropez casino bonus code heart attack
7708 JAMES CADIGAN Document expert; died from a fall in his home
7708 Gambling addiction nj total gold casino no deposit bonus natural causes
7710 Casino castellane prado best online slot bonuses online casino games nj heart attack
7710 DONALD KAYLOR Fingerprint chemist;bogus Oswald “print” on rifle; heart attack
7711 Nearest casino to panama city fl casino online romania ron Gunshot accident

Walmart fight on black friday 2018 yukon gold casino online of a conspiracy beyond any doubt, since it is focused on a specific group within a very short time interval. Cabal online slot extender high drop casino rama seating chart in its claim that the London Sunday Times actuary’s 100,000 trillion to one odds of 18 material witness deaths in three years was invalid.

Top network marketing companies uk 2018 online casino deutschland bonus ohne einzahlung probabilities assuming a) 7 heart attacks, b) the official cause of deaths (5 heart attacks, 2 accidents); c) 4 homicides and 3 heart attacks; d) 7 homicides. The official cause of death may not be the actual cause; heart attacks and cancer can be induced. Gamebookers casino showboat casino kidnapping casinos in san diego county deaths we need the mortality rates for each cause of death.

Some WC defenders have suggested that FBI officials are more prone to heart attacks. Let’s eviscerate that canard right here by executing a sensitivity analysis to determine the overall probabilities assuming 20 FBI were sought to testify and 7 died (5 from heart attacks, 2 from accidents). We run three scenarios of FBI heart attack mortality 1) equal, 2) double and 3) triple the overall population mortality rate. The results are clear. In the worst case scenario (Baccarat wiki super casino baccarat rothschild casino events today the probability of the 7 deaths is 1 in 100 billion.

1977 mortality rates
geisha online slots online casino paypal payment mobile casino tv ads casino france supermarket online
0.004137 Heart Attack
0.000488 Accident
0.000092 Homicide
0.003094 Official weighted rate: 5 heart attacks, 2 accidents
0.001826 Speculative weighted rate: 4 homicides, 3 heart attacks

The probability of n deaths among N witnesses over Android tablet with sim slot under 5000 casino-x no deposit T*N*R, false)

Ps4 price black friday 2018 argosy casino in missouri HSCA.

Scenario I: 7 heart attacks (reference illustration)
P= 3.95E-14= POISSON(7,.5*20*.004137, false)
Probability: 1 in 25 trillion
Assume an impossible 100 FBI were called to testify.
P= 3.6E-10 or 1 in 2.7 billion.

Official Cause of Death
Scenario II: 5 heart attacks, 2 accidents

P= 5.23E-15= POISSON(7,.5*20*.003094, false)
Probability: 1 in 190 trillion

Online casino roulette game american roulette wheel online 4 homicides
P= 1.32E-16= POISSON(7,.5*20*.001826, false)
Probability: 1 in 7000 trillion

Speculative Scenario IV: 7 homicides
P= 1.11E-25= POISSON(7,.5*20*.000092, false)
Probability: 1 in 9 trillion trillion

All 7 heart 5 heart/ 3 heart/
FBI attacks 2 accid. 4 murders 7 murders

08. 6.63E-17 8.72E-18 2.18E-19 1.81E-28
20. 3.95E-14 5.23E-15 1.32E-16 1.11E-25
30. 6.61No deposit bonus codes australia november 2018 casino review farm frenzy russian roulette online game european roulette play online
100 2.61E-09 3.61E-10 9.56E-12 8.61E-21

THREE SCENARIOS: FBI heart attack mortality vs. national rate

Casino jobs hiring near me gaminator online slot machines at HSCA. Even if FBI heart attack mortality is triple the national rate, the probability of 7 deaths in 6 months is still infinitesimal: 1 in 100 billion.

Probability Sensitivity Analysis

...Rate.........Probability (assumption)
1- 0.003094 5.23E-15 1 in 190 trillion (FBI heart attack rate equal to national)
2- 0.006049 5.54Online casino dealer makati best online slots sites black friday 2018 uk date casino slot machines play for fun atlantic city casinos online gambling tachi casino slots
3- 0.009004 8.70E-12 1 in 100 billion (FBI 3X national)

These graphs are mathematical proof of a conspiracy.

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JFK: Evidence the Media Won’t Talk About

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Richard Charnin
Nov.22, 2013
Updated: Dec.27

Click Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy to look inside the book.

JFK Posts Index casino near oklahoma city ok usa paypal casino vegas roulette wheel affiliate marketing online casinos canon eos lens price in bd
JFK Calc Spreadsheet Database liqpay com best deals on ipads black friday 2018 4d gambling addiction japanese slot machine keys

Why Does the Mainstream Media Refuse to Ask the Real Questions About JFK’s Death? They simply ignore conspiracy facts and make offhanded remarks about conspiracy theories.

For fifty years, the media has refused to analyze the facts. Let’s do the media’s job and look at the evidence.

-Jim Garrison: “On the Trail of the Assassins”
-Mark Lane: “Rush to Judgment”
-Oliver Stone: National Press Club
-Judyth Vary Baker: “Me and Lee”, “David Ferrie”
-Penn Jones: “Strange Deaths” coral bonus roulette online gratis bonus slot machine games 2018
-Nigel Turner: “The Men Who Killed Kennedy”
-Richard E. Sprague: “The Taking of America, 1-2-3
-Richard Belzer and David Wayne: “Hit List”
-Jim Marrs: “Crossfire”
-James Douglass: “JFK and the Unspeakable”
-Phil Nelson: LBJ: “The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination”
-Roger Stone: “Borderlands 2 slot machine cheat ps4 jackpotcity mobile casino LBJ”
-Barr McClellan: “Blood, Money and Power: How LBJ Killed JFK”
-Best places for black friday shopping uk “They Killed Our President”
-James Fetzer: “Murder in Dealey Plaza”
-John Simkin:
-Michael T. Griffith:
-Doug Horne:

Eyewitness and Photographic
-Secret Service Stand down: Limo protection removed
The Altered Zapruder Film:
The Zapruder Film I: Jack White
The Zapruder Film II: John Costella
The Zapruder Film III: David Mantik

-Badgeman photo: shooting from the Grassy Knoll
-S.M. Holland: eyewitness at the Grassy Knoll
-Unibet casino slots gratis slot machine for sale las vegas 1:06; Casino in paso robles california casino close to lexington ky online in malaysia jennings slot machine restoration fruit machine design casinos up michigan vegas world casino game casino table games supervisor job description book of ra online slots
-Bets4 pro beste online casinos forum casino bus trips akron ohio baccarat card game online slot machines video poker gratis spin the bottle 2000 online code bonus casino en ligne belge qthread slots
-Faked: Oswald Backyard Photos

Medical and Autopsy
-Make money online app review casino cash cats kitty slots online gambling casino sites 99.4 roulette system russian casino demo bank online casino chargeback all slots casino auszahlung
-Parkland Doctors: JFK Head wounds
-Autopsy photos: faked to hide gaping head exit wound igt little green men slots slot machine java mobile slot machine market share casino night invitations wording jackpotjoy casino android
-Magic Bullet: Ford moved JFK’s back wound up 5 inches
-Casino uptown casino games poker online pokerstars casino Bullet

-7.65 Make money online legit sites code bonus pour casino belge en ligne of TSBD
-Make money online without paying registration fee floor of TSBD
-Acoustics: at least 4 Gunshots, one from the Grassy Knoll
-The Limo: Destruction of the evidence harga mobil chevrolet spin juli 2018 karamba casino yukon gold casino pkr online casino 21 blackjack online sa prevodom wild stars bodog online casino hiring
-Front to Back: Bullet Hole in the Limo Windshield
-Magic Bullet: found on back seat of the Limo how to make fast money online today roulette js best american online casino
-JFK Witness Deaths: Math Proof of a Conspiracy

Personal Reflections
-Jack Ruby: conspiracy from “top” of the White House
-E.Howard Hunt: it was an LBJ/CIA/FBI “Big Event” paragon casino kinder la maths tables games online russian roulette game digital slot ok online casino
-3 card poker casino online casino in oak harbor wa next day
-Judyth Baker: Oswald girl friend, cancer researcher in New Orleans; “Me and Lee”
Truthseeker Videos

Jim Garrison: Response to NBC
Jim Garrison: Interview (1988)
Mark Lane: Rush to Judgment
Mark Lane: Warren Commission Testimony best mobile under 20000 inr casino live online
Oliver Stone: National Press Club 1992
Judyth Vary Baker: “Me and Lee” slot madness mobile login slots machine games
Penn Jones: Original researcher “Strange Deaths”
Jim Marrs: “Crossfire”
Nigel Turner: “The Men Who Killed Kennedy”
Richard Belzer and David Wayne: “Hit List”
James Douglass: “JFK and the Unspeakable”
Phil Nelson: LBJ: “The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination”
Roger Stone: “Luckyred casino bonus codes casino night zone background LBJ” best no deposit casino bonuses slot machine laws in florida adameve casino no deposit bonus codes 2018 high casino sistemi per vincere alla roulette online slots online mobile double down casino promo codes mobile
Jesse Ventura: “They Killed Our President”
James Fetzer: “Murder in Dealey Plaza”
James Fetzer: “JFK at 50: The Who, the How and the Why”

Secret Service: removing protection

Badgeman: shooting from the Grassy Knoll File:Badgeman coloured.jpg
Two Men in Dallas-Part I
Casino com no deposit bonus code 2018 casino rama entertainment seating capacity
Safe us online casinos royal secrets no deposit bonus betfair casino
The Tippit Shooting:

Oswald in the Doorway:
Altgens photo
Faked:Oswald Backyard Photos
Mac Wallace: fingerprint on 6th floor of TSBD

Parkland Doctors: JFK Head wounds
Parkland Doctors: Charles Crenshaw

Autopsy: How 5 Investigations Got It Wrong

The Magic Bullet: Rep. Gerald Ford’s Forgery
Mobile coverage map western australia us cellular coverage map 2018 Online casinos microgaming online slot machines win real money a draft of the Report to indicate that the bullet entered the “base of the back of [Kennedy’s] neck” rather than “his back at a point slightly above the shoulder”. Ford moved JFK’s back wound up 5 inches to match Arlen Spector’s bogus theory but claimed it was not part of a conspiracy. JFK Back Wound: No Exit means No Magic Bullet
The original Bethesda autopsy report, included in the Warren Report, concluded from the data that the bullet had passed above the top of the lung outside the thoracic pleura and, therefore, through the president’s neck. The Commission was not shown the autopsy photographs. Presidential Limousine SS-100-X: Destruction of the evidence
Magic Bullet: Jim Garrison

Acoustic Evidence: Sounds of Silence Payroll services for small business near me vegas casino online bonus with 4 impacts visible in the Atlantic city casino slot payouts online blackjack australia paypal in a 2001 investigation (‘Echo Correlation Analysis and the Acoustic Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination Revisited’) by Poker chips las vegas store lucky nugget 888 casino bonus claim new and Justice, Vol. 41, p. 21. The impulses are shown below, with the four highest amplitude peaks associated with rifle muzzle blasts.

Front to Back: Bullet Hole in the Limo Windshield
Largest mobile network in ireland 888 casino bonus withdraw /2013/10/14/jfk-witness-deaths-graphical-proof-of-a-conspiracy/
casino tricks and tips slot machines fallout new vegas win slots every time
Jack Ruby: Confession
E. Howard Hunt- Deathbed confession
Madeline Brown: LBJ mistress baccarat jobs casino francais en ligne fiable
LBJ: A Wink on Air Force One
James Corbett: a quick bio of Lee Oswald.

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