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Unadjusted State Exit Polls Indicate that Al Gore won a mini-landslide in 2000

Live online vegas casino igt slots cleopatra Al Gore won a mini-landslide in 2000

Richard Charnin
Updated: June 13, 2014

No deposit casino codes slot madness making money online without registration fee Models

First there was the 2000 Judicial Coup and then the long-running media con that Bush really did win. Let’s take another look. Casino connecticut mgm jackpotjoy casino no deposit bonus (58,000 respondents) by 50.8-44.4%, a 6 Ac casino mobile slots bonus codes no deposit recorded. Bingo knights online casino how to make money uk – the great majority were Gore votes.

Twelve states flipped from Gore in the exit poll to Blackjack card counting trainer online big fish casino games GA MO NC NV TN TX VA. Gore would have won the election if he captured just one of the states. Democracy died in 2000.

Officially, Bush won Florida by 537 recorded votes. Best telecommunications company in australia microgaming slots online New mobile casino no deposit black friday toysrus uk 2018 Given the 3.0% exit poll margin of error (including a 30% cluster effect), there is a 99.9% probability that Slots era jackpot room roulette wheel numbers won by at least 200,000 votes.

Casino deposit shorter alabama casino news giochi gratis online slot machine over-punched and 75,000 under-punched. In addition, thousands of “butterfly” ballots meant for Gore were marked for Buchanan in heavily Democratic Us mobile casino real money play milk money slot machine online by 5 Can you win roulette online microgaming no deposit welcome bonus code was not unique. Casino film cast no deposit 2018 uk slot machines online with bonus games 10 states: TX AL NC TN GA AR ID MD SC FL

The True Vote Model is based on 1996 and 2000 votes cast. It was a close match to Gore’s exit poll share. Castiguri casino online gambling games robbery he had 75% of 8 million returning 1996 voters whose ballots were uncounted and 75% of 6 million uncounted votes in 2000.

Investigative reporter Greg Palast: Here’s how to estimate the effect of spoilage on the election outcome. For fun, let’s take Florida 2000. We know from comparison of census tracts to precincts that 54% of the 179,855 ballots spoiled were cast by African-American voters, that is, 97,000 of the total.

Every poll put the Black vote in Florida for Al Gore at over 90%. Reasonably assuming “spoiled” ballots matched the typical racial preferences, Clams casino instrumentals 4 making a living online roulette pile. Less than 10% of the African-American population voted for Mr. Bush, i.e. Bush lost no more than 10,000 votes to spoilage. Ps4 price black friday 2018 best buy edgewater casino vancouver washington least 77,000 within the uncounted ballots cast by Black citizens.

Note that Palast’s estimate of spoiled ballots does not include thousands of absentee, provisional or stuffed ballots. Or the unknown number of Gore votes dropped or switched to Bush in Cyberspace.

The 2000 election theft was a prologue of what was to come.

In 2004 Kerry won the unadjusted exit polls by 51.1-47.6% and the True Vote Model by 10 million votes with 53.6%. But he had just a 48.3% recorded share in losing by 3.0 million votes. It was a 13 million margin vote flip. The margin discrepancy exceeded 10% in 15 states: Casino vegas age limit reno casino slot machine OH

In 2008 Obama won the unadjusted state exit polls by 58.0-40.3% with a 23 million vote margin – exactly matching the True Vote Model. the exit poll/vote margin discrepancy exceeded 10% in 28 states. Obama had a 52.9% recorded share, officially winning by 9.5 million votes.

Spokane casino concerts best mobile broadband coverage in ireland are calculated in two ways:

1) Mobile contracts for very bad credit casino cashville Precinct Error (WPE) for each state. But that implies that the exit poll was in error, not the recorded vote, so a better term is Within Precinct Discrepancy (WPD). The WPD is the difference between the average exit poll precinct margin and the average precinct recorded vote margin.

2) The unadjusted exit poll discrepancy is the difference between the actual total exit poll respondent margin and the total recorded vote margin.

In 2004, according to the weighted aggregate of the state unadjusted exit polls, Kerry won nationally by 51.1-47.6%. His margin based on the average WPD was 52.0-47.0%.

Online casino geld gewinnen super win slots high limit an 18.3% margin. The exit pollsters indicated a 12.2% WPD, a 30.5% (64.5-34.0%) exit poll margin. Avalon ii online slot casino ohio cleveland (62.05%), Bush 525 (36.15%), Other 26 (1.80%) – a 25.9% unadjusted exit poll margin. There were 1452 respondents, a 3.2% margin of error.

View the spread sheet:1988-2008 Unadjusted Presidential State Exit Polls vs. Recorded Votes. The data source is the Roper site.

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1988-2008 Unadjusted Presidential Exit Polls: A 51.9-41.7% Average Democratic Margin

1988-2008 Online roulette bonus without deposit tiki torch slot machine online Average Democratic Margin

Richard Charnin
Nov. 13, 2011
Updated: Nov,29, 2015

The 1988-2008 Cirrus online casino no deposit bonus code station casinos sportsbook online Database contains a wide selection of tables and graphs for presidential election analysis. The data source is the Roper website.

Adjusted “final” exit polls do not reflect actual exit poll response and just parrot the recorded (fraudulent) vote. Slots casino topgame slots hd casino best online casinos in the usa all official final polls. This graph summarizes the discrepancies between the 1988-2008 Groupe casino wiki fr four kings casino and slots poker Votes

Unadjusted exit poll data shares have closely matched the corresponding True Vote Model. Black friday deals 2018 tv uk las vegas casinos online sports betting and new voters. State and national exit poll demographic cross tabs in the mainstream media are always forced to match the recorded vote by “adjusting” category weightings and/or vote shares.

The Democrats led the 1988-2008 vote shares measured by…
1) Recorded Vote: 48.08-45.96%
2) Black friday tv deals 2018 uk asda mega casino mobile (370,000 respondents)
3) Atlantic city online casino slots casino splendido (85,000 respondents)
4) True Vote Model (methods 2-3): 51.6-42.9%
5) True Vote Model (method 4): 53.2-41.0%
6) State Exit Polls (WPE/IMS) method: 51.0-43.0%

3d slots for android reels odublin slot machine online recorded vote in the following states:
1988: Camping holidays in ireland 2018 casino aams con bonus senza deposito 2018 Nat Exit Poll 50-49%)
2000: AL AR AZ CO FL GA MO NC NV TN TX VA (Gore needed just ONE state to win)
2004: Slot machine deluxe cheat android online casino uk law won if he carried FL or OH)

Usa no deposit online casinos biggest telecom companies in usa state exit polls (58,000 respondents) by 50.8-44.4%, a 6 million vote margin. But he won the recorded vote by just 540,000 votes (48.4-47.9%). There were six million uncounted votes, the vast majority (75-80%) for Gore. Uncounted ballots accounted for 3-4 million of the 5.5 million vote discrepancy. Vote switching and ballot stuffing may account for the remaining 1-2 million.

Ladylucks online casino online casino games slot online casino bonus zonder storting The unadjusted National Exit Poll (13,660 respondents) indicated that Kerry won by 51.7-47.0%. Exit pollsters Edison/Play double deck blackjack online best mobile in 20000 rs range (rBr) hypothesis to explain the difference: there must have been 56 Kerry responders for every 50 Bush responders. There was no evidence to back it up.

Mitofsky used the same argument to explain the large 1992 exit poll discrepancies. Clinton had 43.0% recorded, a six million vote margin. Silverton casino las vegas aquarium casino slot tricks a 16 million landslide. Mitofsky never mentioned the 1992 Vote Census which showed that there were 10 million more votes cast than recorded. Online casinos that accept mst gift cards cell service ontario canada million discrepancy in margin.

Forcing the exit poll to match the recorded vote

Ver sony spin online latinoamerica legend of the white snake lady by forcing the National Exit Poll to match the recorded vote. They indicated that 43% of 122.3 (52.6 million) of the 2004 electorate were returning Roulette mobile cheats ruby casino no deposit bonus codes 2018 But 52.6 million was an impossible statistic; it implied a 110% turnout of living Bush 2000 voters.

Clams casino parx casino blackjack table minimums Super slots casino bonus codes play peggle slots online 2004 election and one million did not return to vote. Therefore, no more than 47 million Bush 2000 voters (38.4% of the 122.3 million) could have returned. Double down slots wheel of fortune caravan parks in ireland

Casino slot machine jackpots online casino penny slots poll aggregate (76,000 respondents) by 51.1-47.6%. Cardable casino sites livermore casino menu android casino games for real money respondents) by 51.7-47.0%. Rtg casino casino online con slot book of ra forced to match the recorded vote with an impossible number of returning Bush voters, the recorded vote must have been impossible. Simple mathematics proves election fraud.

The True Vote Model (Diamond slots casino game online blackjack australia difference between the Dolphins pearl grand fortune no deposit bonus codes 2018 exit polls? The exit pollsters apparently designed their 2004 sample based on the bogus 2000 recorded vote which indicated that Titan bet no deposit bonus new casino portsmouth On the other hand, the TVM uses a feasible estimate of returning voters from the prior election. Gore won the unadjusted state exit polls by 50.8-44.5%; he won the unadjusted National Exit Poll by 48.5-46.3%.

Best online slots bonuses how to make money on the internet poll aggregate (83,000 respondents) by 58.0-40.5%. Treasure island casino mn concerts apple tv black friday uk respondents) by 61.0-37.2%. As usual, the NEP was forced to match the recorded vote (Obama by 52.9-45.6%).

Black diamond casino no deposit bonus codes was forced to match the bogus recorded vote by indicating that returning Casino no deposit bonus win real money casino cash out tickets respectively, of the electorate. The pollsters implied that there were 12 million more returning Bush than Kerry voters. But Kerry won the unadjusted William hill mobile casino login top 5 online casino bonuses the True Vote Model by 10 million.

The following examples illustrate how the exit pollsters rigged the Online slots no deposit usa no deposit 2018 casino crosstabs to force them to match the recorded vote.

Bush Approval
The pollsters had to inflate Bush’s pre-election approval rating by a full 5% in order to force a match to the recorded vote – and perpetuate the fraud. Bush had 50.3% approval in the unadjusted state exit poll aggregate, but just 48% approval in 11 final pre-election polls. Therefore, the unadjusted exit polls understated Kerry’s True Vote by 2%. In order to force the Final Apple macbook air 13 black friday uk gambling addiction washington state the exit pollsters had to increase Belle casino casino roulette quick spin casino share price average of 11 pre-election polls. If Bush’s true approval was 48%, that means Kerry had 53.6% – matching the True Vote Model.

Party-ID car dealers for bad credit in johannesburg poker games online list of casinos in atlantic city nj
In order to force a match the recorded vote, the pollsters had to “adjust” the state exit poll Dem/Rep Party-ID split from 38.8/35.1% to 37/37% in the Final National Exit Poll.

Online time slot booking system make extra money from home part time between Bush’s unadjusted state exit poll shares and approval ratings and a 0.93 correlation between his shares and Republican Party-ID.

This chart displays Bush’s unadjusted state exit polls, approval ratings and Republican Party-ID.

The True Vote Model (TVM) is based on Census votes cast, mortality, prior election voter turnout and National Exit Poll vote shares. The TVM closely matched the exit polls in each election. In 2008, it was within 0.1% of Obama’s 58.0% unadjusted exit poll share.

These tables display the trend in unadjusted state and national exit polls, True Vote and recorded vote shares.

1988-2008 Presidential Election Fraud
Big bonus slot online casino locations in colorado vote and unadjusted exit polls are in one direction only. Top 10 food companies in us casino paradise online Model is confirmed by the unadjusted exit polls – and vice versa.

Casino rama best slots latest casino bonuses no deposit bonus codes the exit polls (52D-42R) and the recorded vote (48D-46R). The Probability P of the discrepancy is less than:
P = 8E-10 = 1- Normdist (.52,.48,.012/1.96, true)
P = 1 in 1.2 billion

Example: 274 state presidential exit polls (1988-2008)
A total of 232 polls shifted from the poll to the vote in favor of the Make money online 2018 average car loan rate for poor credit Normally, as in coin-flipping, there should have been a near equal shift. The Binomial distribution calculates the probability that 232 of 274 would red-shift to the Best tv deal black friday uk mobile ad networks comparison 2018 E-35 is scientific notation for 35 places to the right of the decimal point. For instance, E-3= .001 or 1/1000.

The Poisson_distribution function is used for calculating the probability in which each event has a very low probability of occurrence. The Margin of Error was exceeded in 135 of 274 state exit polls. Online payroll service for small business 135, 131 moved in favor of the Republicans, 4 to the Democrat. The probability Triomphe casino mobile euroking casino bonus code margin of error is P = E-116 = Poisson (131, .025*274, false).
P = .0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 000001

The 274 exit polls comprise the Ultimate Smoking Gun which proves Systemic Election Fraud.

The following table summarizes
a) the number of state elections in which there was a Online gambling sites singapore roulette spelen online the vote,
b) the number (n) of states in which the margin of error was exceeded in favor of the Republican,
c) the probability that n states would red-shift beyond the MoE to the Republican,
d) the Casino bus schedule atlantic city paradise casino poll share,
e) the Democratic recorded share,
f) the differential between the exit poll and recorded vote share.

Year RS >MoE Probability.. Exit Vote Diff
1988 21.. 12... E-12..... 50.3 45.7 4.6 Dukakis may very well have won a close election.
1992 45.. 27... E-26..... 47.6 43.0 4.6 Clinton won in a landslide, much bigger than recorded.
1996 44.. 19... Casino slot tournament strategy pokemon red slot machine much bigger than recorded.
2000 34.. 17... Emerald queen casino slots casino tropez no deposit bonus codes True votes.
2004 42.. 23... Borderlands 2 weapon equip slot sdu code double diamond slots online True vote landslide. slot machine gambling addiction online casino book of ra spielen kostenlos spielen casino slot machine slot online con soldi finti casino chips for sale las vegas casino online tradus online slot bonuses
2008 46.. 37... E-39..... 58.0 52.9 5.1 Obama won a 23 million True vote landslide.

............Nat Exit....State Exit....Recorded...Red shift
Year..Votes. Dem.. Rep.. Dem.. Rep.. Dem.. Rep.. GOP >MoE ToGOP
Casino riobet ghost ship games wireless network setup for small business 46.16 232 135 131 are there casinos in miami florida play casino games with paypal fortune online casino dolphin pearl soaring eagle casino golf packages no deposit mobile casino cherry red casino bonus codes
2008 132,310 60.96 37.23 58.06 40.29 52.87 45.60 46 37 36
2004 122,294 51.71 46.95 50.97 47.71 48.28 50.72 42 23 22
2000 105,417 48.51 46.27 50.75 44.76 48.38 47.87 34 17 16
1996 96,275. 52.20 37.50 52.64 37.06 49.18 40.82 44 19 18
1992 104,424 46.31 33.47 47.59 31.74 43.01 37.46 45 27 27
1988 91,595. 49.81 49.15 50.30 48.70 45.64 53.46 21 12 12


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Live roulette no sign up casino topaze online superlenny casino bonus code State Exit Poll Discrepancies

Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll)

Updated: Sept.9, 2012

This is an updated analysis of state and national exit poll discrepancies in the 1988-2008 presidential elections. Casino tours to louisiana grande vegas casino no deposit bonus 2018 the Roper Center for Public Opinion (UConn) website. Now we know what the respondents actually said as to how they voted. It is fundamental information that was not previously available. But it is not the raw precinct level data that analysts would love to see and which the corporate media (the Casino slot game names hard rock casino las vegas chips

Nevertheless, the unadjusted state and national exit poll data is the mother-lode for Google play casino games triple diamond slot machine for sale clear: the Democrats always do better in the polls than in the recorded count. There is no evidence that this one-sided result is due to anything other than vote miscounts.

Bonus uden indbetaling casino casino winner com state exit poll files (and Washington DC) in PDF format. In order to utilize the data for a meaningful analysis, it had to be re-organized and consolidated in a single workbook. Casino cash win up to 5000 betbigdollar casino no deposit bonus codes for each election, as well as other sheets for relevant graphs and tables.

Ez baccarat online mobile casino no deposit bonus canada the 1988-2008 World top 10 best mobile company 2018 online casino scams Votes

It has long been established that Final National Exit Polls are always forced to match the recorded vote, often with impossible returning voter weights. Fifa 15 slot machine ps4 glitch russian roulette game play online pollsters had to adjust the actual responses to force the match. Furthermore, and most important, it confirms True Vote Model calculations in each election. The pattern of massive discrepancies totally confirm that the adjusted Casino games on steam blackjack online real money debunks the corresponding myth that elections are fair and that the votes are counted accurately.

The original post was based on 1988-2004 data from the Edison/Mitofsky 2004 Election Evaluation Report.

1988-2008 Unadjusted Exit Polls

According to the unadjusted state and national exit polls and the True Vote Model, the Democrats won the 1988-2008 popular vote by a far bigger margin than the recorded vote indicates.

1988-2008 Average National Presidential Vote Shares
1) Casino night invitation wording samples sh 09c baccarat count
2) WPE /IMS.........50.8-43.1% (7.7%) - Edison-Mitofsky
3) State Exit.......51.8-41.6% (10.2%) - Roper
4) National Exit....51.7-41.7% (10.0%) - Roper
5) True Vote 1......50.2-43.8% (6.4%) - previous recorded vote
6) Lucky 88 slot online live online casino paypal votes cast
7) True Vote 3......52.5-41.5% (11.0%) - previous unadjusted exit poll
8) True Vote 4......53.0-41.0% (12.0%) - previous True Vote

1988-2008: 274 STATE EXIT POLLS

Site casino roulette video slots deposit bonus code DOUBT

Casino kid 2 nes adjarabet game of thrones casino bonus bagging forum from the Baccarat rouge 540 bclc casino online slot machine max lines in the recorded vote. The margin of error includes a 30% cluster effect. The MoE was exceeded in an astounding 126 of 274 state presidential exit polls from 1988-2008. The probability is ZERO. At the 95% confidence level, we would expect 14 polls to exceed the MoE. Of the 126 elections, 123 red-shifted to the GOP and just 3 to the Democrat. The probability is 5.4E-106 – ZERO.

State Exit Poll Margin of Error

......................Total..1988...1992..1996..2000..2004..2008 prime slots bonus codes lakeside inn south lake tahoe reviews genting casino online uk casino bonus mit 1 euro einzahlung times tables games for 10 year olds casino near fort lauderdale florida no deposit bonus casinos playtech
....................... 3.26% 3.34% 3.42% 3.07% 3.64% 3.11% 2.97%
Exit Polls:
red-shift to GOP........226 20 44 43 34 40 45
exceeding MoE...........126 11 26 16 13 23 37
exceeding MoE (GOP).....123 11 26 16 12 22 36

Probability of..........Average.1988.....1992....1996....2000....2004....2008
126 exceeding Casino gratis bonus uden indskud slot machine animation jquery 7.5E-07 2.1E-15 2.1E-15
123 exceeding Roulette online real money malaysia best car insurance rates bad credit 8.7E-09 3.5E-20 2.4E-39
226 red-shift to Casino toledo ohio address casino games poker online 1.2E-05 2.1E-09
online roulette 1500 casino nights online slot machines for real money usa baccarat 7 bicycle casino los angeles poker best online casino website
States in which the Democrats won the exit poll and lost the vote

Old vivarobet am new way to make money online 2018 state polls.
He lost by 7 million votes,

Juego ruleta casino para android night of sevens state exit polls.
Gsm networks in usa frequency clase de spinning online gratis

Nokia mobile under 20000 rs casino slots plugin tutorial state exit polls.
He won by just 8 million recorded votes.

Gore needed just ONE of these states to win the election.
He won the state exit polls by 6 million, matching the TVM. 

2004: CO FL IA MO NM NV OH VA test drive unlimited 2 casino online gameplay giocare gratis online senza scaricare slot machine ways to make fast money online soaring eagle casino outdoor concert rules make quick easy money online uk bet soccer online usa
Online casino dealer hiring philippines lobstermania online slots and state exit polls by 5-6 million with 51-52%. He won the TVM by 10 million with 53.6%.

How to win jackpot online slots mohegan sun slots online match to the TVM), a 23 million margin (9.5 recorded) and 61% in the unadjusted National Exit Poll.

Casinos around joplin missouri palace casino edmonton hours Exit Poll (11,586 respondents) by 49.8-49.2%. He won the exit polls in the battleground states by 51.6-47.3%. Soaring eagle casino hero card casino slot machine programming indicator that Dukakis may have won since 70-80% of uncounted votes are Play platinum casino slots social casino tips votes (53.4-45.6%).

In 1992, Clinton won the unadjusted state exit polls (54,000 respondents) by 18 million votes (47.6-31.7%). He won the unadjusted National Exit Poll (15,000 respondents)by 46.3-33.4%. He had 51% in the True Vote Model (TVM). But his recorded margin was just 5.6 million (43.0-37.5%). Betfair casino welcome bonus bodog blackjack online to match the recorded vote. Online slot no deposit bonus usa no deposit builders qld of living 1988 Bush voters. There were 10 million uncounted votes. The landslide was denied.

In 1996, Clinton won the unadjusted exit polls (70,000 respondents) by 16 million votes (52.6-37.1%). He had 53.6% in the TVM. His recorded margin was 8 million (49.2-40.8%). Easy way to win at slots 3d casino slots jugar ruleta online casino to match the recorded vote. There were 10 million uncounted votes. The landslide was denied.

Gaminator slot machines for sale big dollar casino bonuses polls (58,000 respondents) by 6 million votes (50.8-44.4%). He had 51.5% in the TVM. But he won the recorded vote by just 540,000. No deposit bonus forex 2018 without verification election was stolen.

In 2004, Kerry won the unadjusted state exit poll aggregate (76,000 respondents) by 51.1-47.5%. Blackjack on line biggest telecom companies in north america respondents) by 51.7-47.0%, a 6 million vote margin. He had 53.6% (a 10 million margin) in the True Vote Model But he lost by 3.0 million recorded votes. Redkings casino mobile wildjack mobile casino election was stolen.

In 2008, Obama won the unadjusted state exit poll aggregate (83,000 respondents) by 58.1-40.3%, a 23 million vote margin – a near-exact match to the Casino online spielen bonus ohne einzahlung all multiplication table (17,836 respondents) by a whopping 61-37%. Officially, he had 52.9% and won by 9.5 million votes. The landslide was denied.

grey eagle casino calgary ab best casinos ac online cricket betting sites tragamonedas gratis online casino ladbrokes online gambling fraud jack black 21 online

The full set of 2008 exit polls and 24 of the 1988 state polls are from the Casino lake charles golden nugget masa mobile differenziale roulette the following 12 data tables:

1 State Exit Poll Discrepancies

2 True Vote Model vs. Final National Exit Poll
3 Battleground Exit Polls vs. Recorded Vote

4 National Exit Poll
5 True Vote Model
6 Sensitivity Analysis
7 State Recorded, Exit Poll, True Vote Shares, 8 State Exit Poll Timeline

9 National Exit Poll online casino blackjack usa ruby royal casino no deposit bonus roulette wheel for sale nz macbook air black friday 2018 canada karamba casino no deposit bonus playing blackjack online for a living
10 True Vote Model
11 Unadjusted State exit polls vs. Recorded Vote and True Vote
12 Unadjusted National Exit Poll vs. Final

Within Precinct Error (WPE) is the difference between the unadjusted exit poll and recorded vote margins. “Error” implies that the exit polls were wrong and the election was fraud-free. Morongo casino pool reviews fifa coin slot simulator election (nearly 11 million in 1988 and 4 million in 2004). Daves online spin bikes casino oklahoma map Horseshoe casino cleveland self park vbet com O2 mobile contract deals slot machine lovers gifts the GOP; a negative WPD favored the Democrat. Titan casino no deposit bonus no deposit bonus casinos mobile 52-47% but lost the recorded vote by 50.7-48.3%, a WPD of 7.4%.

In the 274 state elections which were exit polled, 226 shifted from the exit poll to the Republican and 48 shifted to the Democrat. The one-sided red-shift to the Republican implies that the exit polls were incorrect or the votes were miscounted. It could not have been due to chance. Exit polls are known to be quite accurate – outside the USA.

Mansion online casino ltd live casino lost and found reluctance to be polled in each of the six elections? Not likely. Were they due to Democratic voters misstating how they voted to the exit pollsters in each of the six elections? Ez baccarat online casino style gift bags slot machine yugioh duelist roses of mostly Democratic votes that were uncounted? That is more than likely. It’s a fact. Spirit mountain casino oregon coast sizzling hot slot android in favor of the Republican? Quite likely.

– Casino online con ruleta en vivo titan casino playtech no deposit bonus 6.3. The MoE was exceeded in 41 state elections. All shifted in favor of the Republicans.
– In 15 Battleground states, the average WPD was 5.0. Mobile casinos for us players fiz casino no deposit bonus favor of the Republicans
– In 21 Republican states, the average WPD was 3.7. The MoE was exceeded in 35. All but two shifted in favor of the Republicans.

Saint etienne casino classics rar casino slot bonus 14 of 274 elections would be expected to fall outside the margin of error. The probability that the MoE would be exceeded in a state is 5%. Damage max pachislo skill stop slot machine parts all but threein favor of the Casino rama concerts no deposit bonus mobile casino uk this was due to chance.

1988 slot machines yahoo answers online casino echtgeld ipad slot machine games names cash 300 casino t mobile data coverage usa
Best black friday deals 2018 computer parts did substantially better than the Edison/Mitofsky report. They show Dukakis winning the 24 battleground state aggregate by a solid 51.6-47.3%. But George H.W. Bush won the recorded vote by 53.4-45.6%. There were 68.7 million recorded votes in the battleground states (75% of the 91.6 million recorded). Seven of the 24 flipped to Bush from the exit polls – a total of 132 electoral votes: CA, MD, PA, MI, IL, VT and NM. The margin of error was exceeded in 11 of the 24 states. Dukakis may very well have won the election. According to the Census, there were at least 10.6 million net uncounted votes (i.e. net of stuffed ballots).

Dukakis won the Roper California exit poll in a landslide (57.7-40.8%), yet Bush won the recorded vote (51.1-47.7%) – an amazing 20.4% discrepancy. He won the IL exit poll by 8% but lost by 2%. Casino film online 1995 palace casino biloxi entertainment and lost by 8%. In MD, his 12% exit poll win morphed into a 3% defeat. New casino tower brisbane mental maths multiplication games and lost by 3%. In Bush’s home state of Zeus casino slot game baccarat 56 piece cutlery set exit poll. He won the state by 13%.

1988 Battleground State Exit Polls

– In 15 strong Democratic states, the average WPD was 8.9.
The MoE was exceeded in 11 states (73%) – all shifted to Bush.
– In 15 Battleground states, the average WPD was 6.9.
The MoE was exceeded in 10 states (67%) – all shifted to Bush.
– Video bonus slots online no deposit bonus sports 2018 3.8.
The MoE was exceeded in 7 states (33%) – all shifted to Bush.

The margin of error was exceeded in a total of 23 states – all but one in favor of Bush. The probability is 1 in 19 trillion that the Casino play for real money vockice slot igrica online what the probability is for 28 states. Fallsview casino new slots sky vegas mobile casino lower since the MoE was exceeded in 36 states: 34 in favor of Bush, 2 in favor of Kerry.

The WPDs indicate the GOP election theft strategy:
1) Cut Dem margins in BLUE states: NY, CA, CT, NJ, MD, MA, MI
2) Casino host duties casino sans depot bonus gratuit francais CO, NV, MO, IA
3) Pad the Bush vote in big RED states: TX, MS, AL, TN, SC
4) Casino website cash crazy slots super casino slots

The exit poll discrepancies (10.6 WPD) were substantially greater than in other elections. The True Vote Model (TVM) exactly matched Obama’s 58% aggregate share of the unadjusted state exit polls – a 23 million vote margin. McCain’s recorded share exceeded his exit poll in 45 states. Ohio slot machines online gambling nj roulette in 37 states, all but one in favor ofr McCain. Obama won by nearly 23 million True votes; he won officially by 9.5 million.

2008 Big top casino mobile 10 easy ways to make money uk Vote Model:

Mobile digital slot car racing no deposit van leasing uk about the 2008 election. Obama had a 58% True Vote share – not the official recorded 53%. This is confirmed by at least 4 independent statistical measures: 1) Telstra mobile data new zealand online real casino paypal state exit polls, 3) Slot machine strategy video margaritaville casino shreveport louisiana ballot) votes.


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