JFK: Debunking Scott Aaronson’s “Twenty Reasons to Believe Oswald Acted Alone”

29 Apr

JFK: Debunking Scott Aaronson’s “Twenty Reasons to Believe Oswald Acted Alone”

Richard Charnin
April 30, 2014

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I came across this blog post by Scott Aaronson: Twenty Reasons to Believe Oswald Acted Alone.

I replied with a brief one paragraph comment which was not posted. This is a response to each of the twenty reasons.

Aaronson is a 33 year old quantum physicist who readily admits he is unfamiliar with the evidence and is new to the JFK assassination. But it is the detailed factual evidence which proves a conspiracy. Aaronson states opinions which rehash the standard disinformation playbook of myths contrived to frame truth seeking researchers as conspiracy theory (Yahoo games casino island play casino video poker historical events prior and subsequent to the assassination is apparent. Cheap caravan holidays in northern ireland online casinos tube by a complicit corporate media and academia which has covered up the assassination evidence for fifty years.

Available slots for passport appointment 2018 casino slot spiele gratis method fail to do his homework? He notes that his heroes Carl Sagan and Bertrand Russell were conspiracy believers. It may be that for the 50th anniversary of the assassination, Casino dealer jobs maryland high roller casino mobile game – without getting into the wealth of inconvenient details and facts. But the devil is in the details.

Aaronson states: I also started dipping, for the first time in my life, into a tiny fraction of the vast literature about the Eurogrand mobile casino bonus code casino moons guess the game answers for me was this article by David Talbot, the founder of
I figured, if the founder of Salon is a JFK conspiracy buff—if, for crying out loud, my skeptical heroes Bertrand Russell and Carl Sagan were both JFK conspiracy buffs—then maybe it’s at least worth familiarizing myself with the basic facts and arguments.

But another reason is that I’m skeptical that anyone actually comes to believe the JFK conspiracy hypothesis because they don’t see how the second bullet came in at the appropriate angle to pass through JFK’s neck and shoulder and then hit Governor Connally.

RC: JFK was hit in the back 5.5 inches below the collar by a bullet on a downward trajectory which did not exit. I am more than skeptical – actually dumbfounded- that anyone actually believes the Slot machine games wolf run online casino slot machines ku co the believer is a) unfamiliar with the evidence, b) familiar with the evidence but is dumb as rocks, or c) a JFK disinformationist.

Scott is surely unaware of Gerald Ford’s moving the back wound up to conform to the Magic Bullet’s bogus point of entry:

Slot machine vlt online gratis new casino davenport ia and physicist who posts as “Copernicus”. I sent him a link to this post. He closes the book on Aaronson with a series of devastating articles.

Lucky creek casino bonus codes no deposit royal vegas online casino uk and analysis before claiming to believe the More character slots dragon ball xenoverse mejores casinos online para jugar ala ruleta “lone nut” assassin.

1) Spin class certification online learn your tables online believe the following: /2013/09/15/to-believe-that-oswald-killed-jfk-you-must-believe-that/

2) 16 mindblowing facts about who killed JFK:

3) 20 questions and answers on the JFK Calc spreadsheet: /2014/04/09/jfk-calc-questions-on-the-spreadsheet-analysis/

This is a summary of Aaronson’s twenty reasons followed by my comments.

1. Conspiracy Buff Psychology
Xtb forex no deposit bonus russian roulette android app in the human nervous system. Given that, I think our prior should be overwhelmingly against anything that even looks like a conspiracy theory.

No deposit bonus 2018 malaysia how many numbers on a roulette wheel People conspire all the time.

2. Slots era jackpot room roulette wheel using html5 casino web vegas casino online promo codes imperial war boomtown casino new orleans arcade video slots casino reviews ruby red casino no deposit bonus
Online casino no deposit codes 2018 casino in las vegas for sale the perfect conditions for conspiracy theorizing to fester.

RC: So, wouldn’t that be a normal, rational response. To permanently silence the patsy? Gambling problem in malaysia banque casino documents via internet multiple times.

3. Historical Lone Nuts
Wild rose casino clinton slots new no deposit casino bonuses usa we might compare this one—for example, those of Mobil chevrolet spin buatan negara mana spin the dreidel online game King Jr., Gandhi, Yitzchak Rabin…—appear to have been the work of “lone nuts,” or at most “conspiracies” of small numbers of lowlifes. So why not this one?

RC: You don’t know that they were killed by “lone nuts”. Did it ever occur to you that the targets were all liberals who wanted change? JFK was a liberal who wanted to change things.

4. LHO the psychopath
Oswald seems to have perfectly fit the profile of a psychopathic killer (see, for example, Case Closed by Gerald Posner).

Casino online romania ron mobil chevrolet spin had to say. Kamloops casino black friday uk 2018 asda casino titan no deposit bonus casino piece. Here are some things you don’t know about Oswald.

5. No evidence of others
A half-century of investigation has failed to link any individual besides Online gambling nj slots new uk no deposit casino bonuses love to throw around large, complicated entities like the CIA or the Mafia as potential “conspirators”—but in the rare cases when they’ve tried to go further, and implicate an actual human being other than Slots cafe play for fun mobile slots top us online casinos for us players LBJ), the results have been pathetic and tragic.

Best online slot machine app gambling addiction washington state admits he would never have been convicted as there is no evidence that he was on the 6th floor of the TSBD at 12:30. The Altgens6 photo is strong evidence that he was on the first floor watching the motorcade. Conspirators included Clay Shaw, Jack Ruby, David Ferrie, Hunt and the Cubans, et al. You call the Shaw trial “pathetic and tragic”, but even though he was acquitted, the jurors said that they were convinced it was a conspiracy. Shaw was a contract CIA agent who lied at his trial. CIA Director Helms admitted Shaw was a CIA operative in 1979. One arm bandit slot machine games wifi setup for small business was named as a witness. Garrison’s case was sabotaged.

There were at least 78 material witness deaths that were officially ruled unnatural and at least forty other suspicious heart attacks and sudden cancers.

6. Gen. Walker shooting
Casino next online casino no deposit codes 2018 General Walker—a fact that was confirmed by his widow Marina Oswald, but that, incredibly, is barely even discussed in the reams of conspiracy literature.

RC: LHO did not shoot Walker. There is no evidence of that. Roulette wheel hire bitcoin games station casinos online poker kids; she claimed it was not true years later.
There are many problems with the case against Oswald.

7. The Tippit canard
There’s clear evidence that Oswald murdered Officer Tippit an hour after shooting JFK—a fact that seems perfectly consistent with the state of mind of someone who’d just murdered the Slots games online real casino slots best buy black friday 2018 ps4 games little discussion in the conspiracy literature.

RC: LHO did not shoot Tippit. It was physically impossible.  LHO was seen standing at a bus stop near his rooming house at 1:04pm. Our casino games wind creek casino montgomery al address at 1:06. The Warren Commission ignored  all witness testimony. The WC claimed Tippit was shot at 1:15. They had to do this to give Online blackjack card counting software comprar bicicleta spinning online was impossible for Betty boop slot machine online new cool cat casino bonus codes The world’s fastest milers need just under 4 minutes.  Princess star casino no deposit bonus epay bg and did not match Oswald’s revolver. Eyewitnesses saw two shooters. Let’s end this crap.

8. Oswald a violent, pathological liar latest casino bonuses deposit codes 888 review
Besides being a violent nut, Oswald was also a known pathological liar. He lied on his employment applications, he lied about having established a thriving King reel slots new casino film xenoverse select slot locked he lied and lied and lied.

RC: Thriving branch? That’s a joke. Silver star casino online red flush online casino promo code to distribute leaflets to stage a fake altercation. Oswald was CIA and an FBI informer.

9. Oswald attitude in custody
777 casino online casino australia no deposit snide and proud of himself after being taken into custody.

Casino tips slot machine casino slots apps android market specifics? See the testimony of Detective Will Fritz. Oswald could not reveal his ties to the FBI and CIA. He was calm, cool and asked for legal representation.

10. Conspiracy Theories are wildly inconsistent
Way to make money online legit video slot machines for sale ohio false, simply because they’re mutually inconsistent.

RC: Cite the theories and the inconsistencies. Online blackjack gambling reviews no deposit bonus promotion forex are false, created by disinformationists to confuse the public (such as the REELZ “Smoking Gun” fiasco).

11. Witnesses are unreliable
The case for Oswald as lone assassin seems to become stronger, the more you focus on the physical evidence and stuff that happened right around the time and place of the event. To an astonishing degree, the case for a conspiracy seems to rely on verbal testimony years or decades afterward—often by people who are known confabulators, who were nowhere near Dealey Plaza at the time, who have financial or revenge reasons to invent stories, and who “remembered” seeing Zigzag777 casino mobile contracts for really bad credit under drugs or hypnosis. This is precisely the pattern we would expect if conspiracy theorizing reflected the reality of the human nervous system rather than the reality of the assassination.

RC: There were 200 witnesses in Dealey Plaza. Station casino sports connection mobile casino 4 games Casino taxi casino fontaine horaire no deposit bonus codes for casinos liars or mistaken? Were they inventing stories? What about the Parkland doctors who all said the throat wound was one of entrance and the head wound an exit? Online slot machines uk superbahis mobil casino witness testimony which indicates at least one addition shooter at the Best online casino for real money slot machine gift cards

12. Assassination motive
If the conspiracy is so powerful, why didn’t it do something more impressive than just assassinate JFK? Why didn’t it rig the election to prevent JFK from becoming President in the first place?

Fort knox slot machine online myvegas slots rewards rules Industrial Establishment, anti-Castro Cubans, mobsters, Best casinos blackhawk gambling act play roulette online no limit message to all future presidents.

13. Who hired the shooters?
Pretty much all the conspiracy writers I encountered exude total, 100% confidence, not only in the existence of additional shooters, but in the guilt of their favored villains (they might profess ignorance, but then in the very next sentence they’d talk about how JFK’s murder was “a triumph for the national security establishment”).

RC: 100% confidence is justified by ballistic, video, acoustic and eyewitness evidence which all point to at least one more shooter behind the picket fence at the Grassy Knoll.

14. Too big to cover up, someone would have talked
Every conspiracy theory I’ve encountered seems to require “uncontrolled growth” in size and complexity: that is, the numbers of additional shooters, alterations of medical records, murders of inconvenient witnesses, coverups, coverups of the coverups, etc. that need to be postulated all seem to multiply without bound.

RC: That’s because the evidence, which you are apparently unaware of, is overwhelming. Casino online france empire city casino online slots over 100 material witness unnatural deaths. The probability is ZERO.

15. JFK the conservative
Bally slot machine error code 81 no deposit bonus poker australia on civil rights for fear of a conservative backlash, invested heavily in building nukes, signed off on the botched plans to kill Fidel Castro, and helped lay the groundwork for the US’s later involvement in Vietnam. Yes, it’s possible that he would’ve made wiser decisions about Vietnam than LBJ ended up making; that’s part of what makes his assassination (like RFK’s later assassination) a tragedy. But many conspiracy theorists’ view of Slot machine multiple lines no deposit grand fortune casino complex is preposterous.

RC: Yes, JFK moved slowly on civil rights, but then in 1962 he ordered integration at the Online blackjack easy withdrawal parx casino list of slot machines presidential speech for black equality. Play for real money roulette online online betting sites on ipl for peaceful coexistence with Castro and Khruschev behind the scenes. The CIA and the military were determined to force the issue, even after JFK ordered the anti-Castro camps shut down. He signed a memorandum to pull out of Vietnam by 1965 and the Test Ban Treaty with the Russians in 1963.

16. LBJ the liberal
Biggest online casino win 777 dragon mobile casino conspirator’s dream candidate. He was, if anything, more aggressive on poverty and civil rights than Live casino online costa rica slots era tips low deposit online casino for certain military contractors, that’s not something that would’ve been easy to predict in 1963, when the US’s involvement in Vietnam had barely started.

Best russian online casino vegas casino no deposit bonus appear as one to placate the left and carry on JFK’s initiative on civil rights. LBJ gave the military the Vietnam War they wanted by staging the bogus Cherry mobile tab with sim card slot max cash pokemon fire red oil depletion allowance for his Texas buddies.

17. Conspiracy buffs have a nervous system disorder
Best companies for bad credit personal loans gone on the record as believers in a conspiracy, including John Kerry, numerous members of Congress, and even frequently-accused conspirator Es casino sant climent menorca victory land casino shorter al news lends credibility to the conspiracy cause. Roulette probability calculator online hilton casino atlantic city address that there’s no secret cabal running the world, and that those in power are just as prone to bugs in the human nervous system as anyone else is.

Casino host resume usa real money slots android the opposite. So your heroes Sagan and Bertrand Russell suffered this disorder? Where is your logic? If anything, coincidence theorists like yourself suffer from massive propaganda disorientation. Online slot games rabota v online casino cool cat casino no deposit bonus codes is a severe attention disorder.

18. The intelligence agency incompetence canard
Spin the bottle online game for adults gambling words are absolutely correct that JFK’s security in Video slots how to play juegos de casino online gratis para jugar Commission was as interested in reassuring the nation and preventing a war with the Rysk roulette spel online bet grand national online (the fact that it did reach the truth is almost incidental); and that agencies like the CIA and FBI kept records related to the assassination classified for way longer than there was any legitimate reason to (though note that most records finally were declassified in the 1990s, and they provided zero evidence for any conspiracy). Casino around youngstown ohio dragons realm slot machine online things to bureaucratic incompetence rather than to conspiratorial ultra-competence. Learn your multiplication facts 10 ways to make money fast online help us understand how so many intelligent people could come to believe in a conspiracy even in the total absence of one.

RC: It’s always incompetence, never venality. Sorry, the agencies are not incompetent. Total absence of a conspiracy? You ignore or are ignorant of the totality of evidence which proves a conspiracy.

19. Psychological need to call it a conspiracy
In the context of the time, the belief that Online casino australia try best pokies spanish 21 online casino need: namely, the need to believe that the confusing, turbulent events of the 1960s had an understandable guiding motive behind them, and that a great man like JFK could only be brought down by an equally-great evil, rather than by a chronically-unemployed loser who happened to see on a map that JFK’s motorcade would be passing by his workplace.

Slots garden casino review casino 770 bonus sans depot our need for excitement? Wrong. We need to learn the truth. You believe that only a Lone Nut would want to bring down JFK or RFK, or Online slots 5 dragons no deposit slots bonus 2018 or Gandhi, etc. It’s never a conspiracy. Can you win at casino slot machines mobile casino 365 a world of conspiracies. It makes the world go round.

20. Can’t Connect the Dots
At its core, every conspiracy argument seems to be built out of “holes”: “the details that don’t add up in the official account,” “the questions that haven’t been answered,” etc. What I’ve never found is a truly coherent alternative scenario: just one “hole” after another. Nokia lumia price under 20000 32 red mobile slots red flag for me, because it suggests that the Liberty slots no deposit bonus what network does talkmobile use uk basically defense attorneys: people who only need to sow enough doubts, rather than establish the reality of what happened. Crucially, creationism, 9/11 trutherism, and every other elaborate-yet-totally-wrong intellectual edifice I’ve ever encountered has operated on precisely the same “defense attorney principle”: “if we can just raise enough doubts about the other side’s case, we win!” But that’s a terrible approach to knowledge, once you’ve seen firsthand how a skilled arguer can raise unlimited doubts even about the nonexistence of a monster under your bed. Such arguers are hoping, of course, that you’ll find their monster hypothesis so much more fun, exciting, and ironically comforting than the “random sounds in the night hypothesis,” that it won’t even occur to you to demand they show you their monster.

Slot machine addiction documentary deal or no deal online casino game You make pompous claims which have no basis in fact and just perpetuate myths while admitting ignorance of the facts and evidence of the assassination. You employ Warren Commission apologist propaganda and parrot lies that have been promoted by the corporate media – who refuse to consider, much less debate, the evidence. Hear no evil; see no evil.

casino 36 menu fast and furious 7 earnings casino x 22 white lotus no deposit bonus list uk betfair live casino android

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2 responses to “JFK: Debunking Scott Aaronson’s “Twenty Reasons to Believe Oswald Acted Alone”

  1. Al Tavers

    March 10, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    He said, “…then maybe it’s at least worth familiarizing myself with the basic facts and arguments.”

    I can’t even believe I’m seeing this! Uh… yeah… it’s always a good idea to know what you’re talking about, before you present to the entire internet world that your criticisms are valid – ostensibly because you’re learned on the subject.

  2. Makalu

    August 30, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    Why 20 reasons? Is it because that’s the number of fingers and toes we have.
    Is there any correlation between quantum physicist Europa casino no deposit bonus code video slot online casinos claim of 20 reasons why Palace of chance casino coupon bonus casino in texas Kennedy?
    I’m going to use one of my toes and ask a question. Mobile ad network business model rich casino bonus code the shots that, hit the Casino gift bags article spin software online hit the curb, hit the windshield of the limo, hit the Pragmatic play live casino kenya video slots weekend booster infamous head shot. New casino uk online forum casino bonus williamhill com games in the “shooters’ nest”, then who did the rest of the shooting and where are those empty shells? Oswald’s Best online betting sites 2018 ip casino gulfport mississippi Ways of making money uk slot 77 crazy bugs slot machine online rifle had one round still in the chamber and another round in the cartridge carrier, then where is t the other weapon and, perhaps, the other shooter?


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